The Adventures of A Brownie As Told to My Child by Miss Mulock

The Adventures of A Brownie As Told to My Child by Miss Mulock

by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik


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The Adventures of A Brownie As Told to My Child by Miss Mulock by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

THERE was once a little Brownie, who lived-where do you think he lived? in a coal-cellar.
Now a coal-cellar may seem a most curious place to choose to live in; but then a Brownie is a curious creature-a fairy, and yet not one of that sort of fairies who fly about on gossamer wings, and dance in the moonlight, and so on. He never dances; and as to wings, what use would they be to him in a coal-cellar? He is a sober, stay-at-home, household elf-nothing much to look at, even if you did see him, which you are not likely to do-only a little old man, about a foot high, all dressed in brown, with a brown face and hands, and a brown peaked cap, just the color of a brown mouse. And, like a mouse, he hides in corners-especially kitchen corners, and only comes out after dark when nobody is about, and so sometimes people call him Mr. Nobody.
I said you were not likely to see him. I never did, certainly, and never knew any body that did; but still, if you were to go into Devonshire, you would hear many funny stories about Brownies in general, and so I may as well tell you the adventures of this particular Brownie, who belonged to a family there; which family he had followed from house to house, most faithfully, for years and years.

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