The Adventures of Gabby and Bella: The Magical Twinkle Twins

The Adventures of Gabby and Bella: The Magical Twinkle Twins

by Linda Gustoso


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There is no reason for anyone to be bullied by anyone because of their race, beliefs or choices. Every person deserves respect in what and how they choose to live. It is a personal matter and Bullying is no longer acceptable. When children/adults are intimidated, persecuted, and tormented for their beliefs, and choices it is time we say, "Enough"! This book hopes to convey to children that they do not have to be a victim and to feel free talk to their Mom and Dad, or Teacher, or any adult they may trust to tell them if they see someone getting bullied including themselves. Bullies do not have the right to hit, and beat anyone because they may be different or have different beliefs and choices. It is not their right to bring down and hurt these victims. This book is to educate and convey to children that there is strength in numbers. They can suggest a Bully Club for their schools with the safety of their teachers and adults, where the child will be anonymous. Enough is Enough ~ "Bye Bye Bullies, Bye Bye"! We are going to bring you down!

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ISBN-13: 9781481748162
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/10/2013
Pages: 36
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The Adventures of GABBY AND BELLA

The Magical Twinkle Twins

By Linda Yoccodine Gustoso


Copyright © 2013 Linda Gustoso
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-4816-2


First Day Back to School

After having a wonderful summer, Gabby and Bella were very excited to return to school! Mommy had their new outfits ready and they could not wait to see their friends and meet the new teacher. Bella shouted to Gabby, "Sistie", that's what they called each other, "I am so excited we are going into first grade and I can't wait to learn new things"!

Gabby could not wait to see her friends from Kindergarten!

As they went downstairs, mommy had new ribbons to put in their ponytails and daddy was making their lunch in their new lunch boxes. This was going to be a special day for the Twinkle Twins! They were getting ready to go to school!

The twins wanted to get there early so they could see their friends from Kindergarten, but they were running behind!

Bella and Gabby decided to use their magical powers to speed up things. They took a deep breath and blew pink stardust on their outfits and suddenly they were dressed! No one knew, except for Mommy and Daddy, that the twins had this Magical Power. Mommy and Daddy thought it best that they would keep it a secret and leave it between just the four of them! The only problem with the pink stardust is that you have to clean it off once you get it on something, either by brushing it off or washing it off. The twins took daddy's clothes brush and brushed hard and none of the pink stardust remained on their new dresses for school! The twins knew they had to promise Mommy and Daddy never ever to tell anyone. They also had to make sure no one saw them blow the pink stardust out of their mouths, for this is a very important secret only between them and their parents!

The twins were ready for school! When Gabby and Bella got out of the car with Mommy and Daddy, they noticed all the children standing in front of school. Then they heard their friends, Sophia, Morgan and Ava shouting, "Gabby, Bella we are over here"!

The twins ran to their friends with big smiles on their faces! Everyone was so happy to see each other. As the children stood in line, waiting anxiously, they heard a bell ring and all the teachers came out to get their new students. Who can it be? Then they saw their new teacher, Miss Pinkly, they were happy for she was nice.

Miss Pinkly was known in the school for always wearing a pink scarf around her neck for that was her favorite color.

No matter what she wore, she always had a pink scarf around her neck each day! She had many different ones, but all in pink! Gabby whispered to Bella, "maybe she wears pink all the time because her name is Miss Pinkly"!

They both started laughing, but immediately stopped when Miss Pinkly called their names to ask them what they did over the summer. Miss Pinkly always made the children feel comfortable the first day of school and wanted each student to feel happy and get to know each other.

Bella and Gabby stood up and told them what a great time they had in Wildwood with Mommy, Daddy and their Nana and Grandpa! They told the children they swam in the pool and went in the ocean and how they buried Daddy in the sand on the beach!

One day though, there was trouble at the pool! The twins were in the pool and Nana bought them a Beach Ball to play with. Bella loved to throw the ball to her sistie, and play catch. Mommy and Daddy asked the children if they would like to play a game of volleyball in the pool.

They agreed and they all had fun playing! When the game was over, Mommy and Daddy went upstairs to make lunch for the twins! The children kept playing and were having so much fun! Suddenly, two older boys that were swimming in the deep part of the pool, decided to take the beach ball away so the younger children could not play.

Gabby and Bella asked them to give them back their ball!

They started laughing and would not give it back. Then they were trying to hit one of the younger boys that the twins were playing with! They kept trying to hit the boy in the head with the beach ball, but kept missing! He started crying because the boys started pushing him and they were older and bigger.

The twins knew what to do!

They waited till no one was looking and they blew pink stardust towards both boys. All of a sudden the boy holding the beach ball saw that the ball just came out of his hands and looked like he threw it to the twins and then both boys fell into the water!

When they came out of the pool, they were all pink!

Nobody knew what happened and the bullies looked startled and said, "How did that happen, and why are we pink"? But only the twins knew the answer to that! Thank goodness that the pink stardust can be washed off and does not stay on, otherwise the boys would have been in worse trouble!

The twins then ran to the life guard and told him what was happening! The life guard realized that these boys were not even guests staying at the hotel. He went over and yelled, "Leave this pool immediately, there are no Bullies allowed"! All the children in the pool started clapping for they did not like Bullies either! The life guard cleaned the water where it was pink so the kids could play in the pool!

Miss Pinkly was so happy that the Twinkle twins shared their story, for Miss Pinkly told the children there will be no bullies in her class and if she ever hears that someone is bullying another child, they should report it to her or an adult! She said to her students, "Never be afraid to help someone who is being hurt by a Bully, even if it is you"!

Always tell your parents, or the Principal, your teacher or any adult that you know well, because together we can stop Bullying"! Bella raised her hand and asked, "Miss Pinkly, can we have a club called, "The Bye Bye Bully Club"?

Gabby said, "If we see someone getting picked on we can run and get help for the boy or girl that is being bullied"!

Miss Pinkly told the children that was such a great idea!

First day of school was so much fun and Bella and Gabby knew that tomorrow would be a day of learning. They could not wait to learn more each day, especially more about their new friends in class. Mommy invited Sophia, Morgan and Ava back to their house for some cupcakes and milk. What a fun day! Gabby and Bella agreed that School is Cool!

Bella and Gabby already knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Bella wanted to be a Veterinarian, a doctor who takes care of animals. Gabby wanted to be an Orthopedist, a bone doctor. She wanted to help people mend their bones. Although they were very young yet, they knew they had to work very hard, they knew that they had to study and be good students and they were ready! The twins could not wait to go back to school tomorrow to see what new subject they could learn and they also could not wait to see which pink scarf Miss Pinkly would be wearing!

What a great day for the Twinkle Twins!

"Where Did Gigi Go"?

It was a beautiful day and the Twinkle family was invited to their Aunt Patricia and Uncle Mikie's house for another get together. Bella and Gabby loved to go there for Aunt Patricia and uncle Mike always has a surprise for them and has lots of food! The best is that their cousins will be there too! Aunt Patricia was Nana's big sister and she was so pretty. Nana and Grandpa were always at their home, and everyone gathered there each Christmas! Aunt Patricia and Uncle Mikie made everyone feel welcomed all the time!

Today will be no different, and we will see all our cousins.

The twins were very excited to play and swim and have fun with all of them. McKenzie, the dancer, Sydnee, the soccer player, Gianna, the cowgirl, Nicky, the baseball player, Michael, the fisherman, Luca, the basketball player, Emma, the gymnast and Chloe, the cheerleader! Since Bella and Gabby were the youngest children in the family, all the cousins love to play with them and loved to hear all their stories. They were very good story tellers with vivid imaginations! Bella and Gabby were excited for Chloe because she just recently received her birthday present from her pretty mom Annie. It was a white furry adorable tiny Maltese puppy named GiGi, who was only 2 pounds!

Bella and Gabby could not wait to see her. They had met all the other dogs in the family, Gucci, Caesar, Maxine, Mikie, Lady and Zen.

But, when they saw GiGi, she was so tiny; she looked like a white furry snowball! They had to be gentle for she only weighed two pounds! Chloe told everyone to be very careful, for she was so small. Chloe told the twins they could hold GiGi sitting on the couch. She was so tiny and the twins were very gentle, petting her softly.

After a while, Chloe told all the cousins to leave GiGi in the living room in her bed, because she did not want her to go missing outside while they were going into the pool to swim. As Aunt Patricia, Aunt Annie, and Aunt Tracy started bringing out the lemonade and food, the day was already turning into a fun day! Even Caesar, Uncle Frankie and Aunt Tracy's dog, who is a big black Labrador, jumped into the pool to join in all the fun!

An hour had passed and Gabby and Bella were anxious to go back into the house to see how GiGi was doing. When they went into the living room they noticed that her tiny bed was empty. Gabby and Bella went outside yelling, "Chloe, Chloe, GiGi is not in her bed"! Everyone stopped what they were doing and ran upstairs to find GiGi! They looked in the dining room, they looked under the beds, and then they even looked in the bathroom! No GiGi! Where is GiGi?

Chloe started to get upset and so did everyone else! They decided since she was so tiny, maybe she got outside, so they all went hunting for GiGi outside. Under the bushes, under the porch and even in Uncle Mikie's Garden! They checked the neighbor's houses to see if she went over there as well.

Where is GiGi? Uncle Joe took his new caddy and Adina, and James, got into his car to drive around the block to see if GiGi might have gone around the corner, but no GiGi ! Where is GiGi? Although the twins had magical powers, they were unable to use them to find GiGi! They could only use them if they were able to see a problem, for they needed to blow the stardust towards the problem, but no GiGi was to be seen! So the twins continued to search like everyone else! Where is GiGi?

Michael, Luca and Nicky climbed over fences thinking that GiGi may have gotten thru the small holes in the fence for she was so tiny. Bella and Gabby along with their girl cousins, Chloe, Emma, Gianna, McKenzie, and Sydnee ran to the park, but no GiGi! Emma looked under the slides went by the swings and checked the sandbox. Where can GiGi be?


Excerpted from The Adventures of GABBY AND BELLA by Linda Yoccodine Gustoso. Copyright © 2013 Linda Gustoso. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Table of Contents


First Day Back to School....................     1     

"Where Did Gigi Go"?....................     5     

"Bye, Bye Bullies, Bye Bye"!....................     12     

"The Twinkle Twins Go Christmas Shopping"....................     20     

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