The Adventures of Mister Bony: Bones, Bones and More Bones, That's Me!

The Adventures of Mister Bony: Bones, Bones and More Bones, That's Me!

by Wanda Sauerland


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The Adventures of Mister Bony: Bones, Bones and More Bones, That's Me! by Wanda Sauerland

Children adore imaginary figures, and certainly they are fascinated with skeletons. Mister Bony is such a creation who, like most children, embarks on all kinds of playful and exciting adventures.
While Mister Bony is invisible to most people, dogs can smell him as he is ALL BONES (you see!).
One morning, when Mister Bony takes a ride on his miniature bike and performs all kinds of daring antics, he crashes into a large rock and assumes that his bones are seriously injured.
Remembering the office sign of Doc Ebo that he had seen earlier on his ride, he decides that medical advice and help is necessary. He drags himself to Doc Ebo?s clinic where he is ignored because he is invisible. In this predicament, Mister Bony lets down his guard and allows Doc Ebo to see him, so that he can get the medical attention that he needs.
Doc Ebo not only checks Mister Bony out and answers all his many questions, but he also teaches him valuable lessons and even presents him with a miniature safety helmet.
Mister Bony will continue to be Doc Ebo's companion, whether Doc Ebo likes it or not; and so the somewhat reluctant Doc Ebo becomes Mister Bony's mentor. Mister Bony will pop up at the most unexpected moments and continue to pester Doc Ebo with questions and more questions such as to why, when, where and how. Like a child, Mister Bony is inquisitive and playful. However, he can be stimulated, inspired, and taught . . . as long as it is exciting and fun on the way.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781479371501
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/20/2014
Pages: 38
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.10(d)

About the Author

THE SAUERLANDS have been a professional writing team for over two decades.
Wanda Sauerland is a writer and successful graphic medical illustrator. Wanda also enjoys creating poetry, reading, and creating paint like pictures from their collective array of photographs.
Eberhardt (Ebo) Sauerland, M.D., is a medical doctor as well as an author and professor at UNR, where he teaches medical students the art of medicine. He also is involved in photography, music and writing his memoir.
About Wanda Sauerland: Even at the early age of seven, Wanda invented children's stories for her younger sibling and their friends in the neighborhood. In that setting, she would create images of imaginary characters on her chalk drawing board while telling the unfolding story. Since then, her stories have never stopped. One day, while working on medical illustrations of the human skeleton, MISTER BONY simply "popped" into her head. The rest is history.
And now her own grandchildren and their many friends can enjoy her amusing stories.
About Ebo Sauerland ("Doc Ebo"): Some time ago, when he browsed through the children's section of a book store, a lady customer remarked, "My kids want books with at least one skeleton in it." This casually spoken sentence had a profound effect on the "Doc." He envisioned that his wife's creation, MISTER BONY, could come to him and learn (like medical students) all kinds of fascinating facts about the human body. And he knew that children would identify with the ever curious MISTER BONY and even learn with fun.

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