The Advocate's ExParte

The Advocate's ExParte

by Teresa Burrell


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Attorney Sabre Brown is summoned into Judge Lawrence Mitchell's chambers for an ex parte hearing. When the judge attempts to discuss one of her cases, Sabre refuses to listen without proper counsel present. Later that evening, Judge Mitchell is murdered.Sabre's shock at his death is only surpassed by the news of an attempt on the life of Dr. Carolina Heller, a psychologist she employs on a regular basis. Sabre now fears for her own life. Sabre enlists her private eye, JP, and they begin to scrutinize her cases, searching for connections between the two crimes. But Sabre's life is in danger from someone much closer to her. Sabre and JP's roads diverge. While JP infiltrates a twisted world of greed and corruption, Sabre is caught up in a domestic crisis fueled by obsession. As each is forced to fight their own battles, the question soon becomes, can they find a way to save one another?This is the fifth book in the legal suspense series by Teresa Burrell, though each book stands alone. If you like books by John Grisham you may want to try this up-and-coming author. She provides insight into a different justice system than most legal suspense writers on the market.

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ISBN-13: 9781938680083
Publisher: Silent Thunder Publishing
Publication date: 09/10/2013
Series: Advocate Series , #5
Pages: 358
Sales rank: 603,937
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Author, Attorney, Advocate

Teresa Burrell has dedicated her life to helping children and their families in both the courtroom and the classroom. As an attorney in San Diego, Burrell maintained a private law practice for twelve years, which specialized in juvenile court work where she focused on representing abused minors and juvenile delinquents. Burrell has also enjoyed a satisfying career as a teacher. She has taught children of all ages with diverse backgrounds and special needs.

She has received several awards for community service including Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Award two years in a row.

Now in semi-retirement in California, Burrell continues to educate groups about social issues impacting children and write novels, many of which are inspired by actual legal cases. Much as John Grisham and Lisa Scottoline, Burrell uses her experience in the legal field to provide an authentic, compelling, and stimulating look into the legal system.

Her Advocate Series includes five books: The Advocate, The Advocate's Betrayal, The Advocate's Conviction, The Advocate's Dilemma, and The Advocate's Ex Parte.

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The Advocate's ExParte 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jane Finch for Readers' Favorite The Advocate’s Ex Parte by Teresa Burrell is book five in The Advocate Series. The story develops around the murder of a judge and attempted murder of a court psychologist, and leads to attorney Sabre Brown joining forces with her Private Eye JP to investigate her current cases and see if there is some link to her cases and the murder and attempted murder. The story examines several cases Sabre is currently involved in and together they piece together possible suspects. Sabre also has a repressed attraction to JP, who in turn has someone from his past who still turns to him for protection. It soon becomes apparent that all is not as it first appears and the investigation takes unexpected turns as the truth unfolds. Teresa Burrell has created a mystery that has the reader examining the evidence and characters of the suspects and forming conclusions that are dashed as the story continues with unexpected twists and turns. The writing is fluid and the characters believable and well-developed. As the suspect cases are examined, each chapter has a summary of the characters and the crime, which is helpful as there is a lot of information to absorb. The cases are complex and involve quite a few characters, but as the story progresses they become familiar and are easier to follow. When the story takes an unexpected turn, it is a welcome surprise to the plot and piques one's interest to make this a great read. This book is full of surprises to the very end and will be avidly read by lovers of a good legal suspense.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Sherri Fulmer Moorer for Readers' Favorite Attorney Sabre Orin thought the judge's summons to his chambers was curious, until he turns up dead later that night in a hit and run accident. A suspicion of foul play seems natural, given his long history of tough sentencing on the bench, but when a psychologist is injured in a similar hit and run days later, it makes Sabre curious. Was the judge trying to warn her of a client with an ax to grind? It's not unusual, especially in child advocacy cases, but there are too many suspects to keep track of. When Sabre is doing a home visit where there's a drive by shooting, there are too many coincidences. She enlists the help of a private investigator she frequently works with, J.P. Thorn, who has his own demons to battle. The chase is on as Sabre and J.P. work through lists of potential victims, from a troubled teen accused of murdering two classmates, to an abusive gang member father, to a young Asian woman who is charged with child abandonment, but may be tied to a larger crime wave taking place in San Diego. The Advocate's Ex Parte, (The Advocate Series Book 5) by Teresa Burrell, takes readers on an amazing journey through a massive suspect list that just grows more complex as the novel progresses. I enjoyed this book in part because I typically read mysteries that focus on detectives and police officers, so having the perspective of an attorney and private investigator was a fresh perspective on crime and the legal system. It was a thrilling, fast paced read and, despite the complex plot, everything ties together in the end. Teresa Burrell uses her expertise to weave a wonderful tale without bogging the reader down in details or legal terminology they won't understand, creating a page turning thriller. The Advocate's Ex Parte (The Advocate Series Book Five) grabs readers from page one, and doesn't let go until the end. An excellent read!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Alyssa Elmore for Readers' Favorite An exhilarating adventure with a fascinating insight into the legal system, The Advocate's Ex Parte by Teresa Burrell is the thrilling fifth book in The Advocates series. Sabre Orin Brown is a smart, successful attorney specialising in defending juvenile delinquents. When Judge "Scary Larry" draws her into his chambers for an Ex Parte hearing, Sabre is concerned. Several of her cases are very touchy and she can't afford for them to be thrown out. Understanding that the judge has something important to say, she calls in a nearby deputy County Counsel, only for both of them to be thrown out of the chambers by the livid judge. The next day, Sabre is informed that "Scary Larry" has been murdered. Sabre is confused and afraid. Before throwing her out of his chambers, the murdered judge had indicated that the Ex Parte hearing concerned one of her clients. The last thing "Scary Larry" said was, "You are on your own!" Which of her clients had the judge been trying to warn her about? Possibly the alleged fourteen-year-old murderer, accused of beating two of his classmates to death with a baseball bat? Or maybe there is something far more sinister going on. Something that could endanger Sabre and everything important to her. When another one of Sabre's colleagues is nearly murdered, Sabre and JP must look more closely at her current cases. Maybe the judge's warning was more than him just being "Scary Larry." Filled with murder, suspense, betrayal, and red herrings, The Advocate's Ex Parte by Teresa Burrell is a spellbinding suspense novel worthy of Agatha Christie. With a killer plot that will keep you guessing "whodunit" to the very end and characters that are endearing, this book is a must-read! Although it is the fifth book, the author wrote this book as a spectacular stand-alone. Fans of Sabre Orin Brown and JP Torn will not be disappointed. The story takes the reader deep into the conflicted and sometimes confusing lives of a children's attorney and a private investigator to the attorney, giving the reader a well-rounded view of a children's defender and advocate. If you like John Grisham and Dan Brown, then you do not want to miss this book!
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Kim The Advocate’s Ex Parte starts out with Judge Lawrence Mitchell asking Sabre Brown into his office alone, to discuss one of their cases. Sabre fears having anything discussed about a case without another attorney being present. When Sabre calls in another attorney, the Judge gets furious and kicks them both out of his office. Later that evening, the Judge is killed in a hit and run, leaving Sabre to wonder what the judge wanted to talk about. Sabre brings in her private investigator, JP Torn, to help her go through her active cases that involved the judge. The result is multiple cases with persons who would all benefit from the judge’s death. What appears to be a random act turns out to be more when a psychologist Sabre uses often for her cases is also hit and left for dead. Sabre’s life is threatened when bullets start to fly. But this is just the beginning of what happens to Sabre. Teresa Burrell continues to draw on real life events, which unfortunately can be found in the juvenile court system. The Advocate’s Ex Parte involves arson, domestic violence, greed, and murder. With so much going on, trying to figure out where the ultimate crime lies is a little hard. Especially with all the dead ends Sabre and JP keep running into. I’ve read every book in the series and found this one to be lacking the “oh my God” shocking moment. That’s not to say that there aren't twists, turns, and surprising moments because there are. While The Advocate’s Ex Parte continues to be in your face with issues society prefers to not talk about or acknowledge exists, it also shows that friendship and love are very powerful things. Teresa Burrell is one of those authors who has the ability to draw the reader into the story and keep them glued to the book. Source: Personal Purchase
eheinlen More than 1 year ago
As with her other books, I simply LOVED this book. This entire series is wonderful. The author is a strong writer and writes strong, well-rounded characters and a story that makes you forget that you are reading a book. I highly recommend this book (as well as her other books)!