The African American Travel Guide to Hot, Exotic & Fun-Filled Places

The African American Travel Guide to Hot, Exotic & Fun-Filled Places

by Jon Haggins
The African American Travel Guide to Hot, Exotic & Fun-Filled Places

The African American Travel Guide to Hot, Exotic & Fun-Filled Places

by Jon Haggins


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After reading this Best-Selling Travel Guide, you'll feel as if you've personally been to each country and mingled with the locals. Haggins teaches you all about the cultures and traditions of the people in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and South Pacific. You will Explore the Flavor of Several Selected countries in the Intriguing Worlds of Africa, Brazil and other Exotic Destinations while Walking the Lush Beaches and Historical Paths in Gambia, Ghana, The Ivory Coast, Senegal, Brazil, Fiji and the Caribbean. You'll travel to Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, where everything is larger than life; Carnival with Jon in Baja, Dance the Samba in Rio de Janeiro, Shop at Midnight in Morocco, Cruise the Nile; Tour the Temples; Journey to the Valley of the Kings and Queens and Tour the Museum of Antiquities. Chapters include: Preparations for Travel / Tips for Finding Tour Operators / Travel Insurance, Inoculations, Health and Safety Tips / Special Interest Tours / Ivory Coast: Black and Proud / Dakar, Senegal: The Motherland / The Exotic Islands of Fiji / Adventures in Puerto Rico / Roots in the Gambia - A Land Filled With History and Art / Egypt: The Land of Pharaohs, Kings and Queens / The Magic and Mystery of Morocco / Adventures in South Africa / Black Heritage in Brazil / Uruguay: The Land of Dreams / Ecuador - Cosmopolitan Cities of Ecuador / with more than 200 Listings of Embassies and Consulates, Departments of Tourism, Airlines and Cruise lines, Hotels and Resorts and Convention Centers

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780970222404
Publisher: Amber Communications Group, Inc.
Publication date: 04/12/2007
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

Jon Haggins is the executive producer and host of Globetrotter Jon Haggins ™, a half-hour weekly television show. He has contributed several short inspirational stories to Eric Copage’s Soul Food book and is presently the food and travel editor for the New York Amsterdam News.

Table of Contents

Introduction: African/American Travel with Stylexvii
Part 11
Chapter 1.Preparations For Traveling3
Chapter 2.Tips For Finding Tour Operators7
Chapter 3.Travel Insurance, Inoculations, Health and Safety Tips9
What sort of insurance do you need?9
If an Innoculaton is Required10
Chapter 4.International Driver's License, Passport and Travel Visa Information13
International Driver's License13
How to Apply for a U.S. Passport15
Travel Visas18
Chapter 5.Travel Recommendations19
Chapter 6.How to Pack and Unpack21
The Key to Packing Well22
Unpacking Your Luggage24
Handy Items to Take24
Amortize Your Luggage25
Chapter 7.What to Expect When You Arrive at Your Destination27
Chapter 8.Where to Exchange Your Money31
Chapter 9.Bartering and Haggling in the Craft Markets33
Chapter 10.Special Interest Tours: Suggested Ideas37
Church Groups37
Black History Month Tours37
Big Gals Tours37
Business Conferences38
Musical Study Groups38
Economic groups39
Anthropology Groupse40
Chapter 11.Unusual Places for a Wedding/Honeymoon41
Suggested places for a wedding42
How to make your honeymoon sweet45
Get help to pay for your trip45
Chapter 12.Most Frequently Asked Travel Questions47
Part 257
Chapter 1.Ivory Coast: Black and Proud59
Chapter 2.Dakar, Senegal: The Motherland63
Chapter 3.Roots in the Gambia--A Land Filled with History and Art77
Chapter 4.Accra, Ghana83
The Gold Coast83
The Slave Castles84
Crafts and Markets86
Chapter 5.Egypt: The Land of Pharaohs, Kings and Queens89
Spiritual Healing and Nubian Heritage in Egypt97
Chapter 6.The Magic and Mystery of Morocco101
Chapter 7.Adventures in South Africa119
The Township Of Soweto121
The Adventures of Kruger Park122
The Rolling Hills of Umtata--Mr. Nelson Mandela's Hometown124
East London126
Cape Town--Miami's Sister City126
Following Mandela's Footsteps to Robben's Island128
Chapter 8.Black Heritage in Brazil131
Rio de Janeiro133
Salvador, Bahia Is Magical134
Sampling the Local Delicacies138
A Cultural Experience in Rio140
Rio is more than a Beach142
More to See143
Living Like the Locals144
Chapter 9.Uruguay the Land of Dreams147
Small Country with a Big Heart147
Montevideo--Many Personalities148
An Estancia Adventure150
Punta Del Este153
Soccer by the Seaside154
Chapter 10.Ecuador--Cosmopolitan Cities in Ecuador157
An Ecological Lodge at the Basin of the Amazon160
Preserving the Ecological Galapagos162
Chapter 11.The Exotic Islands of Fiji165
A Luxury Cruise in the Fiji Islands167
Chapter 12.Adventures in Puerto Rico171
Discovering the Cobblestone Streets of Old San Juan171
Adventures in Puerto Rico173
Heineken Jazz/Fest Jazz in Puerto Rico175
Chapter 13.Turks and Caicos179
Chapter 14.U.S. Virgin Islands: St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix185
Chapter 15.Jamaica--Family Run Inns195
Chapter 16.Grenada, A Spice To Savor203
Appendix A.Embassies and Consulates207
Appendix B.Departments of Tourism217
Appendix C.Airlines & Cruise Lines219
Appendix D.Hotels and Resorts221
Appendix E.Convention Centers223

What People are Saying About This

Robert Dahlin

Jon Haggins is America's premier African-American travel guide. He takes readers to many places of color. In The African-American Travel Guide to Hot, Exotic & Fun-Filled Places, Haggins points out sights of particular interest in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, even Fiji. Along with insights into historic relevance, Haggins provides practical information on what to take along, necessary shots to have in advance, restaurants, hotels, etc. (Robert Dahlin, Publisher's Weekly)

Eric Copage

In his one of a kind book The African American Travel Guide, travel guru Jon Haggins gives helpful tips such as how to prepare for your journey and how to have the most fun when you get there.  Jon is a veteran travel host with his own television show and nationally syndicated newspaper column.  He acts as the reader's personal guide through the palm dotted islands of Fiji, down the Nile pass the timeless temples, follow the rhythm of the African drum and aromas to Brazil, just to name a few of the fascinating locals offered up in his book.  In addition to the vivid descriptions and witty insights those familiar with Jon's work have come to expect, there is his unique practical information and advice. Do not miss shopping in Egypt and Morocco where Jon will show you how to become an experienced haggler and get the most for your dollar.  Before getting shots, applying for visas, or packing the first stitch of clothing, there is one item you must never forget to pack, "A sense of humor because it will help you get through the day."  In this informative and discerning book Jon shows you how to begin your trip - and how to end it - with a smile. (Eric Copage, best selling author of seven books published by Hyperion and William Morrow)

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