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The African Caribbean Worldview and the Making of Caribbean Society: History, Biology, Culture by Horace Levy

This book brings together contributions from a broad spectrum of authors on the most challenging issue for the Caribbean: resisting the dominating efforts of European colonizers and their descendants and understanding the long-standing struggle of Caribbean people to fashion a culture and society that would give full space to the African heritage of the majority while accommodating their new and evolving circumstances.

The book presents contemporary readings of Caribbean religion, education, language, music, race, sexual behaviour in a time of the AIDS pandemic, and the economy. It grew out of a conference held in 2006 in honour of the scholarship of internationally acclaimed Alston Barrington Chevannes, professor of social anthropology at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. This collection is unique, therefore, in both the breadth of its focus and range of topics as well as the specific issues considered, most essays being useful case studies in particular fields. The geographical span includes Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, indeed the Caribbean as a whole. There is perhaps no other publication with such an aim, range and relevance. The theme of a Caribbean worldview makes this book a pioneering contribution to Caribbean studies. The Collection also contains an autobiographical essay by Barry Chevannes.

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Publisher: UWI Press
Publication date: 11/28/2008
Edition description: New Edition
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction Horace Levy 1

1 Jamaica, the Caribbean, Africa: Some Oppositions and Their Politics Diane Austin-Broos 10

2 Myal, Revival and Rastafari in the Making of Western Jamaica: Dialogues with Chevannes Jean Besson 26

3 Colonial Injustice: The Crown v. the Bedwardites, 27 April 1921 Veront M. Satchell 46

4 Education, Race and Respectability in Jamaica, circa the 1938 Labour Rebellion Khitanya Petgrave 68

5 No Space for Race? The Bleaching of the Nation in Postcolonial Jamaica Annie Paul 94

6 Museography and Places of Remembrance of Slavery in Martinique, or the Gaps in a Memory Difficult to Express Christine Chivallon 114

7 "Reflection" from the Margin: Jah Cure and Rastafari Celebrity in Contemporary Jamaica Jahlani Niaah Soniah Stanley Niaah 132

8 If Yuh Iron Good You Is King: Pan in 3-D Kim Johnson 151

9 Don Drummond: Just How Good Was He? Herbie Miller 170

10 "Black Up! Black Up!": Liturgical Compositions of Barry Chevannes Anna Kasafi Perkins 187

11 Creoles as Linguistic Markers of National Identity: Examples from Jamaica and Guyana Béatric Boufoy-Bastick 202

12 Understanding Sexual Behaviour in Jamaica J. Peter Figueroa 210

13 The Third Crisis: Jamaica in the Neoliberal Era Don Robotham 223

An Autobiographical Note Barry Chevannes 241

Contributors 247

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