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The Age of Inequality: Corporate America's War on Working People by Jeremy Gantz

The stories behind the inequality crisis—a forty-year investigation by In These Times

With heart-wrenching reporting and incisive analysis, In These Times magazine has charted a staggering rise in inequality and the fall of the American middle class. Here, in a selection from four decades of articles by investigative reporters and progressive thinkers, is the story of our age. It is a tale of shockingly successful corporate takeovers stretching from Reagan to Trump, but also of brave attempts to turn the tide, from the Seattle global justice protests to Occupy to the Fight for 15.

Featuring contributions from Michelle Chen, Noam Chomsky, Tom Geoghegan, Juan González, David Moberg, Salim Muwakkil, Ralph Nader, Frances Fox Piven, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Slavoj Žižek, and many others, The Age of Inequality is the definitive account of a defining issue of our time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781786631145
Publisher: Verso Books
Publication date: 04/18/2017
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 550,231
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Jeremy Gantz is a contributing editor with In These Times. He lives in Chicago.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Editor's Introduction Jeremy Gantz 1

Part 1 Growing Apart

1 Trading Away the Working Class: Introduction Kari Lydersen 7

"Youngstown Steel Plant Deliberately Abandoned" Daniel Marschall (1977) 10

"U.S. Multinationals Make Labor Put on Its Fighting Shoes" John Judis (1977) 12

"Fear and Loathing on the Chrysler Assembly Line" W. P. Norton (1988) 15

"Run for the Border" David Moberg (1993) 17

"Train in Vain" John Judis (1994) 19

"Factory Collapse in Bangladesh Exposes Cracks in the System" Michelle Chen (2013) 20

"This Small Town Shows Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership Could Be a Disaster for American Workers" Peter Cole (2015) 22

"Our Choices Aren't Only Xenophobic Nationalism or Neoliberal Globalization" Leon Fink (2016) 24

2 The Rich Change the Rules: Introduction Rick Perlstein 27

"The Business of the U.S. Is…" John Judis (1978) 29

"Dems Are Becoming Governing Wing of the GOP" Manning Marable (1979)

"Whose Side Are Tax Cutters On?" John Judis (1981) 31

"Reaganomics: One Down, Three to Go" Richard B. Du Boff (1982) 33

"The Poor Still Getting Poorer" David Moberg (1984) 34

"Women's Common Ground" Frances Fox Piven (1984) 35

"Stuck in the Middle With You" David Futrelle (1993) 37

"Welcome to New Orleans" David Sirota (2005) 39

"We Are All Waiters Now" Thomas Geoghegan (2006) 43

"The Failed Prophet" Sen. Bernie Sanders (2009) 45

"Oligarchy in the U.S.A." Jeffrey A. Winters (2012) 48

"Who Is John Galt? Now We Know!" Slavoj Zizek (2013) 50

3 Busted: The Decline of Unions: Introduction Nelson Liechtenstein 53

"Labor Movement: Stuck but Stirring" David Moberg (1976) 56

"Equal Time for Union-Busting Firms" Richard Kazis (1980) 58

"As PATCO Goes, So Go the Unions" David Moberg (1981) 61

"Labors Problems Are the Nations Problems" Nicholas von Hoffman (1981) 61

"To Concede or Not to Concede" David Moberg (1982) 62

"Striking People in a Sticky Situation" David Moberg (1986) 64

"Working It Out" David Moberg (1993) 66

"Lexus and the Right to Pee" Barbara Ehrenreich (1999) 67

"Southern Bellwether" Ian Urbina (2002) 69

All Apart Now" David Moberg (2005) 70

"Symbol of the System" Christopher Hayes (2005) 71

"Not Your Parents' Labor Movement" David Moberg (2009) 74

"Capitol Offensive" David Moberg (2011) 76

4 Blowing Bubbles: The Rise of Finance: Introduction Dean Baker 79

"Bank Deregulation Threatens Stability" David M. Kotz (1986) 81

"Bush's S&L Plan Would Make Us Pay Twice" James Weinstein (1989) 83

"Easy Money" Ralph Nader (1996) 83

"Easy Money and the Rest of Us" Juan González (1998) 85

"Enronomics 101" David Moberg (2002) 87

"Bursting Bubbles: Why the Economy Will Go From Bad to Worse" Dean Baker (2003) 88

"The Subprime Bait and Switch" Alexander Gourse (2007) 90

"Killer Credit" Adam Doster (2008) 91

"The Only Road Out of Crisis" Joseph M. Schwartz (2009) 94

A New Strategy to Make the Banks Pay" Laura Gottesdiener (2014) 95

5 Public Goods, Private Hands: Introduction Thomas Geoghegan 99

"Central American Refugees for Profit" Dennis Bernstein Connie Blitt (1986) 101

"Corporate Caseworkers" Adam Fifield (1997) 103

"War Profiteering and You" Christopher Hayes (2004) 105

"Publicopoly Exposed" Beau Hodai (2011) 107

"Privatizing Government Services Doesn't Only Hurt Public Workers" David Moberg (2014) 110

"How to Sell Off a City" Rick Perlstein (2015) 112

6 Welcome to the Precariat: Introduction Rebecca Burns 115

"Cab Companies Use Leasing to Boost Profits" David Moberg (1976) 117

"Marginal Work Is on the Rise as Traditional Jobs Evaporate" Robert B. Carson (1977) 119

"Immigrants Sweat It Out in Illegal Garment Factories" Doug Turetsky (1990) 120

"Life of Leisure Evading the American Worker?" David Moberg (1992) 121

"Temp Slave Revolt" David Moberg (2000) 123

"Hey Miliennials, Debt Becomes You" Mischa Gaus (2006) 125

"For Disgruntled Young Workers, Lawsuits May Spark Intern Insurrection" Michelle Chen (2013) 127

"The Wage-Theft Epidemic" Spencer Woodman (2013) 128

"Forever Temp?" Sarah Jaffe (2014) 131

"An Udderly Bad Job" Joseph Sorrentino (2014) 134

"Domestic Workers Emerging From the Shadows" Stephen Franklin (2014) 136

"The Adjunct's Lament" Rebecca Burns (2014) 137

Interlude: "In Search of Solidarity" Christopher Hayes (2006) 141

Part 2 Pushback

7 Solidarity Without Borders: Introduction Michelle Chen 147

"Time Bombs" Noam Chomsky (1994) 150

"Making History" David Bacon (2000) 151

"Wall Done" David Graeber (2001) 153

"Take It to the Streets" Naomi Klein (2001) 154

"Another World Is Possible" Ben Ehrenreich (2003) 156

"People vs. Empire" Arundhati Roy (2005) 157

"Freedom of Movement" Michelle Chen (2009) 159

"This Land Is Our Land" Micah Uetricht (2010) 160

"All Over the World, Migrants Demand the Right to Stay at Home" David Bacon (2013) 162

"No Papers, No Fear" Michelle Chen (2013) 165

"The Immigration Movement's Left Turn" Michelle Chen (2014) 166

"Are Open Borders the Solution to the Refugee Crisis?" Michelle Chen (2015) 167

8 The Black Freedom Struggle, at the Ballot and Beyond: Introduction Salim Muwakkil 171

"Washington Still Has a Hard Row to Hoe" David Moberg (1983) 173

"Jackson's Ascent and the Dynamic of Racism" Salim Muwakkil (1988) 175

"Advocating Drug Decriminalization a Tough Stand in Black Community" Salim Muwakkil (1990) 177

"Being Black in America: The Quiet Riot Continues" Donell Alexander (1992) 178

"Proud of Obama … for Now" Salim Muwakkil (2008) 180

"The 'Post-Racial' President" Salim Muwakkil (2009) 182

"From Hope to Disposability" Martha Biondi (2013) 184

"In Baltimore and Across the Country, Black Faces in High Places Haven't Helped Average Black People" Keeanga-Yamabtta Taylor (2015) 187

9 Labor's Fate: New Solutions to Old Problems, Old Solutions to New Problems: Introduction Micah Uetricht 189

"Cleaning House" Zack Nauth (1995) 191

"Face-off at UPS" Jane Slaughter (1997) 193

"Too Cruel for School" David Moberg (2002) 194

"Doing It for Themselves" Mischa Gaus (2007) 196

"Democratic to the CORE" Micah Uetricht Jasson Perez (2012) 197

"Even Without Unions, Walmart Warehouse Employees Win Change" David Moberg (2013) 201

"Is Fight for 15 for Real?" Micab Uetricht (2013) 202

"Big Business Aims to Crush Worker Centers" Micah Uetricht (2013) 205

"A Co-op State of Mind" Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo (2014) 207

"Bringing Back the Strike May Be Our Only Hope" Shaun Richman (2016) 209

10 After the Crash: Searching for Alternatives: Introduction Frances Fox Piven 211

"Take the Fight to the Streets" Stephen Lerner (2011) 213

"An Occupy Road Trip" Aran Gupta (2011) 215

"Voices From the Occupation" Jeremy Gantz (2011) 217

"The Violent Silence of a New Beginning" Slavoj Zizek (2011) 219

"No Vacancies: Squatters Move In" Rebecca Burns (2012) 220

"Anti-Foreclosure Activists Put BlackRock in a Hard Place" Sarah Jaffe (2013) 222

"Can Socialists Win Elections in the U.S.?" Bhaskar Sunkara Micah Uetricht (2013) 223

"Bringing Socialism Back" Joseph M. Schwartz (2015) 225

"From Hashing to Strategy: The Growing Pains of Black Lives Matter" Bill Fletcher, Jr. (2015) 227

"Black Lives Matter Puts Prosecutors on Trial" Jennifer Ball (2016) 229

"The Radicalism of Black Lives Matter" Martha Biondi (2016) 230

Contributors 235

Index 241

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