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The Age of Lost Innocence

The Age of Lost Innocence

by Damian M. Salo
The Age of Lost Innocence

The Age of Lost Innocence

by Damian M. Salo



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In another time and place, Damyen, Kiaran, and Liviulé—the inseparable trio that bring along partying and mischief—leave behind their mundane lives and join Elder Emeral, their spiritual father, to embark on a fateful journey to the Holy Land. Along the way, Liviulé befriends Allessandra, the emperor’s daughter. As they fall for each other despite a foreboding prophecy and long to be each other’s “Passionate Will,” Damyen is revisited by his troubling past while Kiaran learns about a mysterious ritual to win the hand of the maiden. It is from their own unique experiences that their faith is challenged, ultimately leading them to find their purpose—all through the power of love.

Elder Emeral's pilgrimage with his spiritual sons is more than just educational, he is also Emperor Claudias Nuncio's loyal advisor. The emperor had recently taken desperate measures to enact a controversial decree to protect his kingdom against political upheaval all over a dismal vision he had received, foretelling grave consequences for mankind. Emeral is concerned that Claudias may have been deceived but his mission to help the emperor is not without consequence. Nico Donyan, commander of the emperor’s army, sees Emeral’s voice of reason as a threat to his own agenda. But when his plot to remove Emeral is in peril, he is confronted by someone who can make his desires a reality. If only he accepts a new creed—all through the power of fear.

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BN ID: 2940011169441
Publisher: Damian M. Salo
Publication date: 12/10/2010
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: eBook
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About the Author

1Scars/Kromar fall into agreement. He rallies the Imagians in the Temple and return to the wall. An arrow is shot at Brannstrom saying there is no deal. Ronan and Grolsch are told to stay back. However, Grolsh is to keep guard over the book, and Ronan to ring the bell upon signal. He explains they know how to defeat the secret army with the bell. 2Valorian Offensive - Scars' is able to hold off the soldiers, but when they see a second assault coming. Scar's sends out the calvary to chase soldiers down the hill, when the walls are cleared soldiers descend from ladders to roll large boulders down the hill. The Calvary chases down the hill but when the boulders bounce seemlessly through second round, it is revealed to be the Strigoli. The strigoli kill the Valorians just as Scars' has them retreat. 3Strigoli Offensive - The cavalry and soldiers retreat behind the walls where Scar's signals for Ronan to ring the bell wih his horn. When the bell does not ring he blows his horn again in secret code to alert Grolsch to tell Ronan. As they wait for it to ring the men prepare to war with the Strigoli as they begin to ascend the wall. When they find themselves inundated with the Strigoli they find themselves by the iron wall. Liviu says he will hurry to the temple to ring the bell, but suddenly they are rocked by a violent explosion sending Scars and Liviu flying. 4Blow up gate and Ballian is unleashed with Valorians against Imagians. Scars' taken out as Ballian marches on to the Temple. Just as of group infiltrates from secret entrance in the rear of horseshoe. 5Imagians retreat into tower just as Ballian is tossed into well. 6Brannstrom enters tower and fights Elder Emeral. 7Brannstrom is saved by Ballian 8Liviu/Ronan meet Elder Emeral and Hanan.

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