The Age of Metapreneurship: A Journey into the Future of Entrepreneurship

The Age of Metapreneurship: A Journey into the Future of Entrepreneurship

by CJ Cornell


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Entrepreneurship is in chaos. The past and the outdated rules are holding you back.

Learn what's different about entrepreneurship today.Master the New Rules of Modern Entrepreneurship

Learn how to thrive and succeed as a modern entrepreneur - a Metapreneur.

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Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur: they're the rock stars of the business world.

With 100,000 how-to books, dozens of entrepreneurship programs in every city and an expert on every website - it should be pretty easy to become a successful entrepreneur. But something's wrong.

Techniques and advice that were effective 5 or 10 years ago, today they may make you an amateur. The more you study, the worse it gets.

Subtly, the world changed. Technology and people changed. Yet the field of entrepreneurship hasn't changed all that much. The old rules and the old mindsets are holding you back. In fact, the more experienced you are, the worse it can get.

The Age of Metapreneurship is about the future of entrepreneurship - a future that is just emerging now. It's about a new kind of entrepreneurship, and a new kind of entrepreneur.

Reading this book will give you new ideas, new strategies for being successful, and help remove some of the frustrations that come from using knowledge and techniques from the past. It will help you reinvent yourself in the form of a modern entrepreneur: A Metapreneur.

The Age of Metapreneurship takes a step back - providing a 10,000-foot view so you can see patterns, avoid minefields, and understand the new terrain. Inside we'll explore:
  • Chaos - How entrepreneurship is so broadly defined today that we have no idea anymore who is and isn't.
  • Cults - How the institutions, programs, and leaders designed to help entrepreneurs, are failing them.
  • Dots - Entire industries are ripe for disruption (by entrepreneurs) because the old business models are disintegrating. Direct, straight lines, are being replaced by 'connecting the dots.'
  • Abundance vs Scarcity - and how 'every abundance creates a new scarcity' is the new business mantra.
  • Scale - is now a required strategy for every startup - otherwise you risk irrelevance: but scaling now can be far, wide, or deep.
  • Crowds change everything - crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and collective intelligence.
  • Sharing - is not just a fad - it's the new economy.
  • Movements - the waves of the network: Join them, start them, leverage them - or risk being left out.
All of these trends converge and change us - from customers, employees to vendors and companies - and this leads to a new kind of leadership, and a new style of entrepreneurship Metapreneurship.

This book is a not checklist on 'how to become an entrepreneur," nor is it a manual on 'how to launch a company.' The Age of Metapreneurship contains raw materials, ideas, paradigms, and ammunition so that savvy entrepreneurs and advisors can create unique strategies, and avoid using old ones.
  • If you've been advising new ventures and guiding them through a bootcamp-like experience - only to see them sputter, and fade away, this book is for you.
  • If you see entrepreneurship in your region brimming, brewing, and percolating -but never seeming to gain critical mass, this book is for you.
  • If you're an highly experienced entrepreneur embarking on a new venture, this book is for you.

Success is no longer about being a rock star; it's about playing jazz in an ensemble. Entrepreneurship has changed. You are no longer an entrepreneur; you're a Metapreneur - playing in The Age of Metapreneurship.

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ISBN-13: 9780692877241
Publisher: Venture Point Press
Publication date: 04/11/2017
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

CJ Cornell spent more than twenty five years as an entrepreneur, investor, author, mentor, advisor and board member. As a serial entrepreneur, Cornell was a founder or senior management at more than a dozen startup ventures that collectively attracted over $250 million in private funding; created nearly a thousand new jobs; and launched more than 25 innovative consumer, media and communications products, exceeding $3 billion in revenues.

Ten years ago, CJ Cornell made the transition to the academic world, where he established 3 university entrepreneurship programs; developed and taught new accredited courses in entrepreneurship, and authored over 30 papers and articles on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

Table of Contents

What's Ahead

The Age of Metapreneurship is a journey, traveling from old terrain to the new. Together, we'll explore entrepreneurship's recent past, and how the past is starting to hold us back. We'll look at the major forces shaping business, culture, customers and technology, and see how they converge to create a new style of entrepreneurship: Metapreneurship.

Part 1

Is about: What's wrong with entrepreneurship; a plethora of formulas how-to books, memoirs; the tools, techniques and leaders - are fighting the "last war" from the past and are not as effective today. They are failing today's entrepreneurs.

  • Chaos: Entrepreneurship in chaos.
  • Cults: Entrepreneurship's institutions and tools - once powerful, are now becoming ineffective.
  • Dots: Business models and mindsets in chaos, and in transition.

Part 2

How a series of cultural, technology and business changes converged - changed entrepreneurship. What are the new priorities and the new techniques:

  • The foundations of Metapreneurship.
  • Converging forces. The familiar combines into something new.
  • The New Terrain: Metapreneurship.
  • Chain reactions and movements.

Part 3

When it all comes together - these converging forces - what does new entrepreneurship look like. And how does it affect experts - the experienced:

  • Emerging new behaviors: New customers, new employees, new companies.
  • The Greatest Generation: Seasoned entrepreneurs and their role in the Age of Metapreneurship.
  • The new entrepreneurs: The Metapreneurs.

(for more ... read The Age of Metapreneurship)

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