The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records

by Dr Douglas Baker

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We are concerned here with one of the many phenomena associated with Man’s astral body; that extraordinary structure made of emotional matter that enables us to become creative individuals in the world.
We are not concerned with the physical body; but rather with Man’s astral nature, his emotional body which fits loosely into his physical structure. We are also concerned with manifestations of the astral world in which our astral bodies live. The astral world interpenetrates our Earth and forms a massive globe many thousands of times larger than the Earth, extending almost to the moon.
You and I are emotional beings, we give off an emotional aura constantly. The quality of the effluent that we give off depends on the nature of our feelings. Sometimes they are of a very low order and therefore find themselves in the lower depths of the astral world near the surface of the Earth. Sometimes we watch a concert, and the emotional vibrations we give off reach right out into the periphery of the astral world.
I have written elsewhere about the nature of the out of body experience, when the astral body leaves the physical, and under its own impetus of desire will leave the physical body behind, in bed usually, and move around in the astral world, endeavouring to reach persons, places and things that it has desired to be with during the day.
The astral world is thrown into compartments, and in there somewhere there is a compartment that vibrates, and is in resonance with us. So we tend to find our way out of the body passively, and into our own compartments, where we expect to meet friends and relatives, and the kind of scenarios that we live in on the Earth.
Today to talk about subtle matters, or subtle substance is nothing unusual. Science is involved in quantum theory and the discovery of astral substance, and all this is really old hat to those of us who teach ancient wisdom.
The astral world has been formed through the mass effluence of emotional beings on the planet. Through the many millions of years on the Earth that Man has been emotional he has contributed constantly from his emotional nature, from his emotional experiences towards the making of this astral world.
The astral world contains the emotional memory of mankind. When we have been involved at any stage of our many lives on the Earth in emotional experiences, they have gone out accompanied by visual experience and they tend to move outwards from the surface of the Earth to the periphery of the astral world.
Here the records are contained on this immense globe and in those records there is every emotional occurrence, (especially when it involves groups of emotional beings), that the world has ever known.
We call these the Akashic Records. Somehow or the other they are registered in an astral light that interpenetrates the astral world and is well known for its ability to record emotional experiences.
Sometimes these emotional experiences go out from us into the astral world and sometimes we pick up emotional experiences from others, especially if we are related to them, or we are in resonance with them. Akashic Records are historic, because they have occurred over millions of years of emotional experience.

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