The Alien Transcripts - Creating God

The Alien Transcripts - Creating God

by James Kelly

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They came to our world seeking new resources. Earth was lush with both plant life and mineral deposits, and alive with a vast array of creatures, not unlike their past world where they had evolved over two million years ago. It took them over twenty thousand years to reach our solar system, and another twenty thousand to return home and report their findings. To their dismay, all that remained of their world was decaying cities and wandering souls. It would take them another twenty thousand years to return to Earth with the intent of creating a new oasis. During that time in space, they lost the ability to breed. Now they had a new mission, not only to settle Earth, but also to create a new life form to house their souls. By the time they had reached our world, only one man's seeds remained to create a new lifeform on Earth. From the fruit of his loins, new-man was created. In time, it was hoped that one of the species they had artificially inseminated would evolve to look like them. Theirs was a waiting game. To enter the Earth's atmosphere for a prolonged period would cause them to age and die before the transformation from primate to new-man was complete. They needed new-man to populate the Earth with shells for their souls. Time was running out. Could they intervene and create a new life form from Earth's primates in time to save their souls? More importantly, are we at that stage in our history now. Perhaps they already walk among us. The answers lie with Daniels story of abduction, as leaked to the press. This story is told through a series of six hypnotic sessions. Under hypnosis, Daniel reveals who the aliens are and why they are here. Now that the story of Daniel's abduction has been leaked to the press, there is no debate that we are a product of alien intervention. The question is - what is their next move?

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Publisher: James Kelly
Publication date: 08/18/2018
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About the Author

James Kelly is a Radio Talk Show Host and the producer of "Aspects of Writing", "Senior Aspects" and "The Common Thread". He has conducted over 200 author interviews from all over the world on the topic of writing and publishing. James self-published his first book, The Emblem, in 1995. His latest Sci-Fi novel, The Alien Transcripts is soon to be released. In addition, he is the co-author of Weird Combinations of Food Women Crave when Pregnant and More … Written by Two Men. Originally from the Mid-West, he lived in the South for twelve years. For the past twenty years, he has made Las Vegas, Nevada his home.

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