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The Alleged Fantasy Project: Volume I Foundations

The Alleged Fantasy Project: Volume I Foundations

by J. Bartholomew Walker, Emma B Quadrakoff


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Volume I "Foundations," is concerned with the analysis of that which logically must be; and that which must then necessarily follow. Genesis 1:1, and the scientific "Big Bang," represent the very same event, but from different perspectives. God could not have resided in a realm prior to its existence; thus proving the existence of this other realm whence came the Universe.

The understanding of this other realm, and its effects on the material realm; is critical in order for man to perform his role as tsâbâ', in order to râdâh and kâbash the earth. These are God's own words and instructions in the original Hebrew.

Great efforts were undertaken to insure that only solipsism could be a reasonable argument against the presented facts, and these inescapable corollaries. The quantity of available information; and the reliability of information is much like a "see-saw." The 66 books of the Bible are agreed to as authentic, so reliability in using them is not an issue. Other "books" may have provided additional information, but at the price of reliability; as there is no clear consensus as to their authenticity, and thus their reliability is suspect. Had they been used, this would have opened the door to rational arguments in addition to solipsism; and thus these were neither "consulted" nor cited.

The title "Alleged Fantasy" is a suitable title, because it incorporates two potential groups of "allegers;" and two definitions of "fantasy." Thus, those who agree that a sufficient level of proof has been met for the facts and the necessary corollaries; will allege the original meaning of fantasy. And those who do not agree that a sufficient level of proof has been met for the facts and the necessary corollaries; for whatever reason(s); will allege the more modern meaning.

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Publication date: 01/01/2021
Series: MeekRaker
Pages: 606
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