The Alphabet of Paradise: An A-Z of Spirituality for Everyday Life

The Alphabet of Paradise: An A-Z of Spirituality for Everyday Life

by Howard Cooper


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Paradise is not some far-off distant time or place, nor is it beyond death. It is here and now,according to Howard Cooper—one of the most eloquent new voices in spirituality.

The Alphabet of Paradise contains twenty-six chapters, A-Z, on such topics as:
Awe • Bodies • Creativity • Dreams • Emotions • Food • Humor • Illness • Justice • Kabbalah • Love • Money

Throughout each, Cooper uses the ancient Jewish mystical interpretive technique of PaRDeS, examining:

• The Plain or literal meaning of the subject • Reminders, hints, or allusions that the subject evokes • Deeper spiritual meanings • And the Secret or mystical meanings that are sometimes present

    Demonstrating a remarkable range of cultural understanding and spiritual insight—from Salman Rushdie to soccer to sauerkraut—The Alphabet of Paradise uncovers the mystical meaning of our everyday lives.

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    ISBN-13: 9781893361805
    Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
    Publication date: 12/01/2002
    Pages: 224
    Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

    About the Author

    Howard Cooper is widely recognized as one of the most eloquent and vital new voices of spirituality in the world today. He is a rabbi in London.

    Table of Contents

    Acknowledgements ix
    Introduction 1
    Awe 10
    Bodies 20
    Creativity 28
    Dreams 35
    Emotions 42
    Food 49
    God 56
    Humour 63
    Illness 70
    Justice 78
    Kabbalah 85
    Love 93
    Money 100
    Nothingness 107
    Orfices 116
    Pleasure 124
    Quiet 131
    Relationships 138
    Sports 145
    Truth 154
    Uncertainty 161
    Vanity 169
    Work 176
    Xenophobia 183
    You 191
    Zeno's Paradox 198
    Sources, References and Endnotes 206

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