The Altercation of Vira

The Altercation of Vira

by Kenechi Udogu

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The Altercation of Vira by Kenechi Udogu

The people of Vira have long awaited the arrival of their lost princess, Elve. Legend has foretold a season of great change in the dawn of her return. For the Maracans, she brings the promise of fortified control over their rival kindred. For the Cefans, a glimmer of hope in an existence filled with oppression.

The only problem is their princess is eighteen year old Ama Brown, an ordinary girl living an ordinary life, who has no idea that she is about to be drawn into a world where an age old battle is brewing and nothing is quite as it seems.

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BN ID: 2940033212149
Publisher: Kenechi Udogu
Publication date: 05/04/2012
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 276 KB
Age Range: 13 Years

About the Author

Kenechi lives in London and enjoys writing fantasy fiction and short stories (some of which she posts on her blog). She also hates the cold and hopes to one day figure out how to hibernate in winter.

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The Altercation of Vira 2.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Chrissy_W More than 1 year ago
Not recommended. Did I enjoy this book: I texted Chrissy three pages in to complain about the grammar.  The story wasn’t bad, though, so I kept reading.  I thought there’d be a payoff for ignoring the passive voice, improper semicolon use, misspelled words (UGH), and serious over-use of colloquialisms.   I thought wrong.  Mid-book things took a turn for the weird – like, trapping the main character in a room with her dead mother for three weeks weird – and I’m pretty sure I read the rest of the book with a horrified look on my face.  So yeah.   Would I recommend it: Nope. As reviewed by Melissa at Every Free Chance Book Reviews. (I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)
funsiized08 More than 1 year ago
I really don't think I would have handled this situation with as much grace as Ama did but then I'm glad I wasn't in her situation because freak out mode would've begun and never finish. To say that I enjoyed "The Other Slipper" much more than "The Altercation of Vira" would be an understatement. I liked parts of this book but as a whole it as ok for. The reason behind it might be because I felt it a bit bland. I mean the adventure was definitely there but Ama's voice didn't really get me hyped up or excited to see what else would happen. I read on because I was curious to see how she would fare after her mother left her. Ama for me seemed a bit older than her 18 years but at the same time while she is Vira she seems younger. I don't know if that makes sense to you guys or maybe it's just me but that's what I got from her. The fact that her very human friend, Mel, would have such a big part was a big thumbs up for me. That Mel could help her so much was great because humans may be weaker compared to others out there but we can definitely get ourselves out of these scrapes and even save others who are stronger, at the same times. So right on Mel! You want to hear a little secret? Ok come closer. *whispering* I think I might have liked Mel better then Ama. Don't tell anyone! So far I have not come upon a single book from Udogu where the beings in it are not unique. Who has even heard of the Maracans and the Cefans outside of this book and this world? I sure hadn't and I really want to meet them and see them myself especially the Maracans there strange limp. Ya'll know that with books rated 3 birds and under I always say read it yourself and make your own minds, well I'm going to say it again. Read it and make up your own mind and then come back and tell me if you think I'm going crazy.
AuthorMomCC More than 1 year ago
The Altercation of Vira by Kenechi Udogu is the story of Ama, whom I liked right away. Ama is on her way to a going-away party for her closest friend, Mel and his girlfriend Janet. She hasn't seen Mel in a few years since he moved to the big city and hooked up with Janet. Ama is driving to the city and thinking about her dislike for Janet when she nearly hits something that runs across the road. Her already ancient car gives up the ghost and she starts walking to find help. From there Ama ends up kidnapped (or so she thinks) and taken away from Earth realm to Vira which turns out to be her real home. But before she's whisked away, Ama manages to contact Mel because she thinks she's in danger. In search of Ama, Mel is taken to Vira also seemingly to help save a race who has been persecuted for generations. However, Ama and Mel find themselves on opposite sides in a brewing war. The world building in this book is imaginative and believable. Vira is a dark realm, remaining in "night" for most of the book. I had a hard time remembering this, but the author does remind the reader sufficiently. The characters do not seem to change as much as I would've liked. Mel is not tested and is really just a plot device, although he is a fleshed out plot device. Ama changes only slightly inwardly due to a shocking trial she endures. It was one of craziest things I've read that was completely plausible. I could see ancient earth peoples doing these rituals no matter how crazy they seem to us now. The book drags between maybe chapters 5 and 13. There is a lot of narrative and explanation that bogs it down, but it is cool history of Vira. But once it picks up, the story progresses and builds anticipation. I was up to 3 a.m. reading and only stopped because my phone battery died. The ending was a little quick. I kinda thought it should have been extended. I wasn't expecting what happens between Ama and Mel, especially after all the build up. I gave it 4 stars for the entertaining world building and interesting plot. I couldn't give it 5 because of the slow down in the beginning set up, and because the climax and ending, although satisfactory, left more to be desired. But I had to accept the ending no matter my or Mel's personal feelings on the matter. There were also several characters that I felt needed more purpose or could've been left out altogether. Overall a good read. Reviewed by Cherese Vines