The American Civil War: 50 Fascinating Facts For Kids

The American Civil War: 50 Fascinating Facts For Kids

by Kevin Ashmole


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The American Civil War: 50 Fascinating Facts For Kids by Kevin Ashmole

In the mid-19th century the United States of America was threatening to split itself in two over the issue of slavery, eventually leading to the American Civil War, the bloodiest war ever to be fought on American soil.

For decades, Black Africans had been transported across the Atlantic Ocean in their thousands and forced to work on the cotton and tobacco plantations of their American masters.

The south depended on slave labor for its economy and when an anti-slavery politician from the north, Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, the southern states separated from the north to form their own country.

The tensions between north and south came to a climax on April 12, 1861 when an attack on a northern fort began a civil war that was to claim 600,000 lives over the course of four long years.

In his book, Kevin Ashmole brings you the important events, battles and people from the American Civil War through a comprehensive list of important facts.

Often a history book might be overwhelming, but Ashmole trims it down into 50 easy to comprehend facts for a girl or boy to read.

We are sure that that you will be fascinated by the facts about the US Civil War in this book and that you will be motivated to learn more about this turning point in American History.

This book is suitable for the age of 8 and above.


* How the War Began
* Bull Run
* General McClellan
* Confederate Invasion
* Gettysburg
* The West
* The Siege of Vicksburg
* The Navy in the War
* The Siege of Petersburg
* March to the Sea
* Surrender & Lincoln's Death
* Conclusion

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