The American Lineman: Honoring the Evolution and Importance of One of the Nation's Toughest, Most Admired Professions

The American Lineman: Honoring the Evolution and Importance of One of the Nation's Toughest, Most Admired Professions


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The American Lineman: Honoring the Evolution and Importance of One of the Nation's Toughest, Most Admired Professions by Alan Drew

Electricity, perhaps the cornerstone of Western civilization in the 20th century and beyond, has a luminous history. The linemen who built the electric power systems stretching across the United States are the unsung heroes of the country's history and progress. Here, the lineman's story is illustrated in comprehensive, fascinating detail for the first time. They faced terrible bouts of weather, rigorously long hours, and dangerously energized power lines, and the job of a power lineman is still considered one of the most dangerous professions. With over 250,000 linemen employed in the U.S. today, their work is no less important now more than a hundred years after the spread of commercial electricity.

In a collaborative effort to bring the history of the lineman to the general public across the world, Alan Drew and the Northwest Lineman College (NLC) have created this beautiful depiction of the lineman’s footprint on America. It is a magnificent portrayal of an industry little known by the public, yet which has arguably been as instrumental to the course of U.S. history as the oil or railroading industries. With more than 500 photos and illustrations, The American Lineman: Honoring the Evolution and Importance of One of the Nation's Toughest, Most Admired Professions is the perfect book for anyone affiliated with or intrigued by the power delivery industry and its influence in America.

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ISBN-13: 9781937498849
Publisher: Elevate Publishing
Publication date: 10/06/2015
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 10.10(w) x 11.50(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

The son of a power company executive, and 2008 International Lineman Hall of Fame inductee, Alan Drew has been climbing poles since he was six years old. With a lifetime dedicated to the power delivery industry, he has become a leading historian in its rich American history. Northwest Lineman College gave Alan the opportunity to explore and write an in-depth chronicle of the American lineman in his upcoming book, The American Lineman: Honoring The Evolution and Importance of One of The Nation's Toughest, Most Admired Professions.

, for which he was awarded the Crystal Benchmark Award.

Referred to as the “Harvard” of lineman colleges, Northwest Lineman College is committed to providing the benchmark standard of education in the power delivery industry. Founded in 1993, NLC annually educates more trade professionals in the power delivery industry than any other educational institution in the United States. With campuses in Meridian, Idaho; Oroville, California; and Denton, Texas, Northwest Lineman College educates thousands of trainees each year. Its president, Aaron Howell, was recently inducted into the Lineman Hall of Fame.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: 1840-1870 | The Telegraph Era
Chapter 2: 1870-1900 | Telephone and Power Systems
Chapter 3: 1900-1920 | System Expansion
Chapter 4: 1925-1940 | Mechanization
Chapter 5: 1940-1955 | The War Years
Chapter 6: 1955-1970 | Underground Expansion
Chapter 7: 1970-1990 | OSHA
Chapter 8: 1990-2012 | Digital Age

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“The greatest historical collection about the history of linemen ever written.”

Andy Price
Executive VP of Global Sales, Buckingham Manufacturing Co.

"I was amazed to see how well the history of linemen was laid out. The vast amount of information – displayed in photos, illustrations, graphs and diagrams – and stories of everything from the blackout of 1965 to the role linemen played during the wars will keep anyone, not just linemen, turning the pages."

Jim Pennefeather
Executive VP of Global Sales, Buckingham Manufacturing Co.

It is an amazing book. It is, in itself, a piece of history that fills in all of the blanks one might have about the development of our trade up to this point. Alan has created a masterpiece that explains all aspects of our trade from the birth of telegraph lineman and development of the tools and methods including the art, language and culture of linework up to the in the modern day. Alan is the “Professor of Linework.” If you are a lineman, you really need to own this book… period.

Byron Dunn
Editor, Powerlineman Magazine

“The finest compilation of historical facts and pictures about the American Lineman. A must have for anyone associated with the industry or anyone who cherishes the history of our great country!”

Matthew Compher
Senior Vice President Safety, Health & Environmental, PLH Group

“A robust and epic documentary of the first order. Brim full of stunning facts and details commanding a previously neglected void in electrical technological history."

Doug G. Schema
Founder & Curator, The Electric Orphanage

The American Lineman , by famed Allen Drew is a must for every lineman universally. It is dedicated to all of us in the trade and those who paved the road before us. I myself am most grateful and humbled by this great read."

Michael Glueckert
Journeyman Lineman LU44 Butte MT

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