The Amish Christmas Sleigh

The Amish Christmas Sleigh


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 “A wonderful anthology…a beautifully written book.”  –RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

Through the snowy night, silver bells ring cheerfully, heralding a season of secret gifts, unexpected chances, and love's sweetest journeys...

Kelly Long
For solitary toy-maker Sebastian Christner, hiring Kate Zook as his new housekeeper is simply the right thing to do. Now she can support her special-needs brother. But one taste of her independent spirit is showing him undreamed-of holiday joy—and making him long to give her a home for always. . .

Amy Lillard
Bernice Yoder has far too much to do to entertain holiday dreams. Even if she can help Jess Schmucker outwit his three mischievous young daughters, it's impossible to imagine the handsome widower can see her as anything but a scolding schoolteacher. He never guesses how a magical Christmas Eve will open his eyes to love or how Der Herr will awaken their faith and hope.

Molly Jebber
As much as Charity Lantz's children need a father, the young widow isn’t sure her new neighbor Luke Fisher can ever be the right choice. They’re having more disagreements than snowflakes in December. Besides, he's never given a sign he wants to be more than friends. Can Gott show them a way past their misunderstandings to a forever love?

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ISBN-13: 9781496700131
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 09/29/2015
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Kelly Long is the author of the acclaimed Amish Patch of Heaven series and has been a finalist for the coveted Carol Award from the American Christian Fiction Writers. Her novel Lily's Wedding Quilt was a Goodreads Favorite Book of the Year in 2011. Born and raised in the mountains of Northern Pennsylvania, she’s been married for 28 years. Please visit her on Facebook: Fans of Kelly Long.
Amy Lillard is an award-winning author of over forty novels and novellas ranging from Amish romance and mysteries to contemporary and historical romance. Since receiving a Carol Award for her debut novel, Saving Gideon (2012), she has become known for writing sweet stories filled with family values, honest characters, a hometown feel and close-knit communities. She is a member of RWA, ACFW, NINC, and the Author’s Guild. Born and bred in Mississippi, she now lives with her husband and son in Oklahoma. Please visit her online at
Molly Jebber enjoys writing stories about Amish history and their culture. She’s a Women’s Christian Connection motivational speaker and enjoys meeting new people. She loves God, her family and friends, sunshine, swimming and traveling to the Amish communities. Creating historical Amish characters and throwing them into difficult situations and joyous times has been challenging and fun for her. Readers can visit her website at

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The Amish Christmas Sleigh

By Kelly Long, Amy Lillard, Molly Jebber


Copyright © 2015 Kensington Publishing Corp.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4967-0015-5


Present Day, Ice Mountain, December

The mountain snow was dazzling to the eyes and the senses, and thirty-four-year-old Sebastian Christner still had child enough in his heart to enjoy the brisk intake of breath that filled his big lungs and made him dig his hands deeper into the pockets of his heavy black wool coat.

"Give us a push, Herr Christner!" one of the Mast buwes called to him in ringing tones from the top of the hill. Sebastian broke into a smile. Growing up, he'd been the eldest of a whole brood of children, and sledding held wonderful memories for him.

He waded through the knee-deep snow and started up the sledding path where many of the kinner were playing, rosy-cheeked, against the background of a bright blue sky. Sebastian caught hold of the back of the big runner sled loaded with three boys in all manner of bent elbows and knees and gave an easy push. The sled was off, and exultant whoops of joy echoed back up the hill. Sebastian swept his gaze across the tilt of the land for another sled. Then he saw a single child, a young buwe, sitting on a tree stump, cheering as wildly as his feeble limbs would allow as each sled took off.

Sebastian plowed through the snow to the child's side and sank down on his haunches. He searched the pale little face that turned to him with its gap-toothed smile.

"Hiya, Herr Christner." Nine-year-old Ben Zook's voice was high and thin, but his dark brown eyes were steady.

"Be you cold, child?" Sebastian asked, noticing the faint tremor of the boy's arms and mittened hands where he held his crutches.

"Only a bit. My sister brought me up here to watch the sledding while she does the wash. She said she'd be no more than an hour." Sebastian quickly unbuttoned his coat and slung it over the child's frail shoulders. "Sisters forget sometimes."

"Ach, nee," Ben replied, visibly luxuriating in the new warmth as he snuggled deeper into the folds of the coat. "Kate never forgets me. She says I'm in her heart."

Sebastian smiled and thought of the kind girl, though he couldn't seem to bring to mind her features at that moment. Rather, he had a mental impression of quick, able-bodied movement, a sturdy build, and dark brown hair. He half-shook his head — what Kate Zook did or did not look like was of no matter to him.

"Would you like a ride?" Sebastian asked, pushing aside his idle thoughts of little Ben's sister.

The child's face flushed a rosy red and his eyes shone. "Ach, jah. But Kate said not to go down with anyone. I might get hurt."

"I'm sure she meant the bigger buwes ... I'm an auld hand at sledding, and I'll make sure you're safe." Sebastian got to his feet and easily swept Ben and his crutches up into his arms.

"Kumme, we'll borrow the runner sled." Sebastian laughed, his heart full, as the child snuggled against his chest.

He hailed the Mast buwes, who gladly loaned their sled. With Ben still in his arms, he dropped down on the solid wooden slats and carefully positioned the child between his legs, minding the crutches, and grasping the lead rope.

"Ready?" he said to Ben.


Sebastian leaned his weight forward a bit and they were off, skimming down the path, until the trees became one big, thrilling blur.

Ben squealed in excitement, and Sebastian couldn't contain a hearty laugh as the sled dipped and flew. He held the lead rope easily but had to give a sudden tug to the right when a girl with her hands on her hips suddenly stepped into the path in front of them.

A spray of snow flew into the air as the runner blades cut hard. By sheer will Sebastian was able to keep the sled from tipping. Even so, he lost his black-brimmed hat in the process and was wiping snow from his eyes when a soft voice carried to him with vigor in the cold air.

"Benjamin Zook! Do you know you might have been hurt or worse? What were you thinking?"

Sebastian smiled upward as a flurry of skirt approached. "It was my fault, truly. I encouraged him to have a go."

"Jah, well ..."

Sebastian looked up as Kate Zook's voice suddenly trailed off. He froze, caught by the intensity of her jewel-blue eyes as she stared down at him.

At twenty-six, Kate Zook knew she was not only approaching spinsterhood by her community's standards, but that she had more worries to deal with than she could handle. Yet, at that moment, all she could think of was the fact that she'd never been this close to Sebastian Christner before. Sure, there'd been a time she'd served him lemonade at a summer picnic and his shoulder had accidentally grazed her breast ... her heart thumped now at the memory she'd nursed, spinning it into a fair yarn in which he'd turned, apologized, and asked her to marry him. But he'd done no such thing, and his shoulders were so broad and strong that he probably hadn't noticed the incidental touch in the first place. But I did ...

"Uh ... Kate?" Sebastian's deep voice cut into her thoughts. "I think Ben might be getting cold."

She moved with alacrity, feeling her face flush with remembrance as she bent to lift her younger bruder from the sled, the boy still clad in Sebastian's heavy black coat. She noticed the manly scent of pine soaping that clung to it, sending her senses into a slow simmer.

He rose to his feet to tower over her as she held Ben. Sebastian's auburn hair had a faint curl to it and his blue eyes seemed to glow with some secret merriment as he stood, coatless in the cold, his red shirt and black wool pants making him stand out with a cardinal's beauty against the white of the snow.

But she couldn't focus on Sebastian, although she wished she could let her gaze linger on his fine form a little longer. She needed to get Ben inside, and she gave Sebastian a brief nod as she turned to go, almost staggering in the snow under the additional weight of the man's coat that swallowed her brother's thin frame.

Sebastian stepped in front of her, his arms — strong arms, she noticed — outstretched. "Here, let me carry him inside, sei se gut."

She turned slowly as Sebastian reached out large hands to scoop Ben from her arms. It was a relief in more ways than one, she thought ruefully. She'd been both literally and figuratively carrying Ben since the buggy accident that took their parents' lives — leaving her unscathed but Ben permanently disabled at the age of two. She hadn't known what to do until her cousin Daniel and his wife had invited her to come and live on their property on Ice Mountain in a small abandoned cabin. But even now, with the community's help, she often found she had little money to plan for Ben's future ... Yet, still, surely Gott had a plan ...

"Your thoughts run deep this morning?"

Kate snapped her head up at the question from the tall man beside her who was moving easily through the snow.

"Kate's always thinking hard," Ben explained.

"Ben, I ..." She swallowed, unsure how to respond.

"Don't tease your sister," Sebastian whispered sotto voce with a sidelong glance at her that set her heart thumping.

"I wasn't." Ben smiled. "Kate's smart."

Sebastian nodded politely. "I'm sure she is."

Kate longed for some clever retort to come to her tongue or some flirting manner to suddenly enchant her, but she was what she was and she could only mumble a vague invitation for tea and cookies. To her immense surprise, Sebastian accepted.


He wondered vaguely why he'd agreed to sit at the small table and drink lukewarm tea, but then she served giant sugar cookies and the moment was redeemed for him. He loved cookies — plain and simple.

"Herr Christner, do you want to see my marble run?" Ben asked when they'd finished eating. Kate continued to putter about the tiny kitchen.

Sebastian glanced at her. He was probably interfering with her housework and should leave, but he couldn't resist a look at Ben's toy. Everyone on the mountain knew Sebastian was a renowned toy maker. Bishop Umble had even allowed him a computer and Internet access in a shed near his haus so that he might take orders from all over the region, not just locally on Ice Mountain. Sebastian had been surprised, but the bishop said that bringing joy to a child's face was worth a little bending of the Ordnung.

"Sure, Ben." He smiled. "I'll look for a minute. Then I've got to go."

Ben swung ably across the floor on his crutches and gestured to a carved wooden series of levels in a rectangular frame that sat in a place of honor on a small side table.

"Watch!" Ben called, then dropped a single marble into the top of the run. The marble made its way quickly down the simple slats and shoots, then shot out the bottom in seconds.

Sebastian crossed the room and picked up the simple toy. It was obviously inexpensive and meant to hold a younger child's interest but he held it with gentle hands. "Where did you get it, Ben? It's a beauty."

Ben pointed with his crutch across the room. "Kate got it for me a long time ago when we lived in Lancaster."

Sebastian glanced over at Kate as she was doing the dishes, then let his gaze sweep the corners of the neat but relatively bare room. "Then it's surely special, seeing as it was a gift from your schwester. Is it one of your favorite toys, Ben?"

The child shrugged matter-of-factly. "It's my only one."

Sebastian hid his surprise. Only one toy?

"But that's okay. I'm getting older now. I don't need another toy."

Sebastian nodded as he carefully replaced the marble run, making sure to keep his tone even, although his heart ached for the child. "True, you are growing up. But we never are too auld for toys, sohn."

"Please don't give him ideas, Herr Christner," Kate said, moving to stand nearby as she dried her hands on her apron. "I — uh — mean no disrespect to you, but Ben knows that money is short and we can't always afford — "

Sebastian held up a placating hand. "I understand. Please forgive me. I meant no harm."

She nodded, and he was about to leave when an idea came to him. He paused, and dismissed the thought. But it had hit him so hard, his head hurt. He looked at Ben's lone toy, at the clean but nearly empty cabin, and Kate's insistence on being independent. Could he walk out of this house and not extend help?

Yet to do so would put everything he'd built at risk ...

He shook his head. Nee, he couldn't do it. He turned to Ben and was about to tell him good-bye when different words came out of his mouth, words that nearly horrified him with their simple intensity. "I've been thinking lately that I'm in need of two people in my life — an apprentice for my toy making and a hauskeeper." Have I completely lost my mind? What is she going to think I want, and worse yet, how can I have someone nosing about the place on a regular basis? But even those doubts didn't stop him from uttering the question. "What would you and Ben say to helping fill those roles?"

He froze, wondering what he'd done. He looked from Ben's excited face to Kate's shocked one, and couldn't begin to understand how he'd gotten himself into such a painful predicament.

"Say jah, Kate! Sei se gut, Katie?" Ben was pulling at her skirt and balancing on one crutch while Sebastian stood, looking flushed and anxious, and still impossibly handsome, all at the same time.

She wet her lips. It's like a dream ... But then her practicality took over — there were no such things as dreams, not real ones anyway. Yet maybe Gott ...

"Ben, hold on. I need to talk with Herr Christner a moment about this. Will you go to our room and read for a bit — with the door closed, please."

She waited anxiously while her bruder hobbled away, casting one last pleading look over his shoulder before he went into the bedroom and closed the door.

She indicated the table with a quick gesture of her hand. "May we sit again?"

"Of course." He moved past her to resume the seat he had been in earlier.

Kate did the same, trying to think of what to say.

"You wonder how this came up so suddenly, maybe?" he asked.

She grabbed on to his words like a lifeline. "Jah — I — have you been thinking about it?"

She watched him exhale slowly, then he shrugged and gave her a quick smile, a flash of even, white teeth. He's so handsome ... She quickly refocused when he cleared his throat.

"I — um — you may not know it, but I fear I'm the object of ... talk ... in the community at times — among the womenfolk." He flushed a bit and she hid a smile.

Ach, do I know ... Sebastian Christner was one of the most eligible bachelors on Ice Mountain, and he was often the subject of giggling chatter by women both young and auld ... especially the single ones, but she was surprised that he knew of it.

"And?" she asked, wondering where he was headed with the conversation.

He bent his head a bit so that his thick lashes lay against his high cheekbones for a moment, and she shifted in her chair.

"I — I think, Kate Zook, that you might — keep the women at bay — as it were, especially now." He looked up and spread his hands helplessly. "The holiday season is very busy for a toy maker."

She felt her heart sink. So I'm a guard dog, a tough auld bird who will ...

He reached across the table and brushed at her hand with the whisper of a touch. She stilled her thoughts and looked at him.

"Forgive me," he said slowly. "I put that badly. I need help and perhaps you do, too. And Ben — he has a gut mind and could learn a trade despite his disability."

She nodded. "That's true — but the, um, hauskeeping ... how often would that be? Only for December?"

She told herself that she imagined the relief in his sky-blue eyes when he nodded his head. "Jah ... for December, say, every weekday and then maybe once a week after that. And Ben can kumme as often as school allows."

Then he named a sum for wages that made her eyebrows shoot up in surprise. I'd be able to save something for the first time in years and maybe get a few gifts for Ben for Second Christmas.

"When would I, er, we start?" she asked, trying to rein in her excitement at the possibility of actually being in his home on a brief, though regular basis.

"How about Monday?" he asked, and she thought he suddenly seemed restless. No doubt having made his decision, he wanted to be gone, so she got to her feet and extended her hand.

"Danki, Herr Christner. I accept."

He slid back his chair and got to his feet, his hand immediately engulfing hers. "Sebastian, sei se gut. Just call me Sebastian."

She nodded, secretly savoring the taste of his given name on the tip of her tongue while she watched him put on his coat and hat. Then she saw him to the door with a tentative smile. She realized she was watching the play of his lean hips beneath his long coat as he descended the snow-dusted steps, when he half-turned to wave a hand good-bye. She quickly closed the door and turned to press against it for a moment as she closed her eyes in a brief prayer of thanksgiving for the provision of work. Then she opened her eyes and set her chin. If she was going to be a good hauskeeper, she might as well start with keeping herself away from him, along with every other interested woman on the mountain ...


"No siree, I got plenty of time ta sit and listen 'bout how you're screwin' up yer life."

Sebastian sighed and leaned a hip against a workbench full of tools and wood shavings. He probably shouldn't have told his Englischer best friend, Tim Garland, about hiring Kate, but as he glanced around the workshop, he grimaced at the mess. He was a master toymaker, but lousy at cleaning up.

He frowned at his best friend and knew the older man wasn't likely to let the matter go easily. Tim Garland was as irascible as a timber rattler, but he was a gut man who saw that Sebastian's toys never failed to reach the post on time.

"She fed me cookies."

"Lord, have mercy ... I know yer weakness for cookies."

"Tim, kumme on. If you think this workshop is cluttered, you must not have seen inside my cabin lately — it's a mess, to say the least." Sebastian picked up a small lathe and ran a practiced finger down its length.

"The mess never bothered you before." Tim harrumphed. "You're woman-hungry, boy, that's what." He squared his spry shoulders. "I knows it when I see it."

Sebastian snorted. "You don't know a shirt from a skirt, my friend. I simply saw an opportunity to help a family, and I did it — that's what Gott expects of us."

"Aw, don't go gettin' all Amisch on me, Seb ... I've knowed you too long." Tim laughed, revealing a gap of missing front teeth, and Sebastian had to smile.

"All right — I'll admit she's got pretty eyes. She's also got a hurt buwe ... And a too-small house and not enough toys ... or happiness — I couldn't let it go."


Excerpted from The Amish Christmas Sleigh by Kelly Long, Amy Lillard, Molly Jebber. Copyright © 2015 Kensington Publishing Corp.. Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


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A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain,
A Mamm for Christmas,
An Unexpected Christmas Blessing,
An Unexpected Christmas Blessing Glossary,
The Amish Christmas Kitchen,

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The Amish Christmas Sleigh 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the first stories which were written by familiar writers Kelly Long and Amy Lillard. The third story was written by Molly Jebberd whose books I haven’t read before. It has a divorced Amish man and near the beginning the Bishop talks with him and let’s him know that his previous Bishop wrote a letter saying he was a good Amish man and that he was not at fault in the divorce. He then proceeds to encourage him to court the widow next door. Everything I have read about the Amish indicates that Amish are not allowed to remarry after a divorce regardless of the circumstances unless the previous spouse had died. The children and Charity and her mother also refer to Charity’s other suitor as Mr. Young which is another thing the Amish don’t do. It does not seem that the author did very much research on Amish or even read very many other Amish Novels
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
Through the snowy night, silver bells ring cheerfully, heralding a season of secret gifts, unexpected chances, and love's sweetest journeys . . . A SLEIGH RIDE ON ICE MOUNTAIN by Kelly Long For solitary toy-maker Sebastian Christner, hiring Kate Zook as his new housekeeper is simply the right thing to do. Now she can support her special-needs brother. But one taste of her independent spirit is showing him undreamed-of holiday joy—and making him long to give her a home for always . . . My thoughts: A SLEIGHT RIDE ON ICE MOUNTAIN is a cute well-written story. Ms. Long does get a lot more graphic than I am used to or comfortable with in Christian romance, but there is a good faith message and I loved the illusion to Santa even though she doesn't exactly come out and say it. I don't think I've ever seen a story about an Amish toy-maker before, yet it is a viable Amish career as I've seen them in Amish communities. A MAMM FOR CHRISTMAS by Amy Lillard Bernice Yoder has far too much to do to entertain holiday dreams. Even if she can help Jess Schmucker outwit his three mischievous young daughters, it's impossible to imagine the handsome widower can see her as anything but a scolding schoolteacher. He never guesses how a magical Christmas Eve will open his eyes to love or how Der Herr will awaken their faith and hope. My thoughts: A MAMM FOR CHRISTMAS is, I think, the first Amish book I've read by Amy Lillard although I have read and enjoyed some of her historical novellas. This was a very sweet read, slow, but engaging. I couldn't help but fall in love with Bernice and poor Jess was so confused and lost. His little girls were a delight. A good read. AN UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS BLESSING by Molly Jebber As much as Charity Lantz's children need a father, the young widow isn’t sure her new neighbor Luke Fisher can ever be the right choice. They’re having more disagreements than snowflakes in December. Besides, he's never given a sign he wants to be more than friends. Can Gott show them a way past their misunderstandings to a forever love? My thoughts: AN UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS BLESSING was a sweet story. I think this is the first one I read with a divorced hero. It rather surprised me, knowing the Amish views about marriage. But she made it realistic. I felt sorry for the little boy suffering an injury early on in the book. The characters weren't really well developed, but it was an interesting story. A friend, not any of the authors nor the publisher, gave me a copy of her book. I was not required to leave a review.
wfnren More than 1 year ago
I loved this book!!! Loved this book, three of my favorite authors, couldn't go wrong. I so enjoy the novellas, the short stories, and you have to enjoy Christmas stories with a sleigh involved. I can highly recommend this collection of Amish stories as very good Christmas reads. You won't disappointed.
Kathae More than 1 year ago
The Amish Christmas Sleigh is a three-novella collection of Amish Christmas stories, which feature a sleigh in celebration of Christmas and newfound love. The three stories were all well-developed, entertaining, and satisfying, in spite of the shortened length. I highly recommend this collection for those who like Amish fiction, or for anyone who wants some cozy Christmas stories. I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
This is a book of three novellas of Amish Christmas tales that all surround a Christmas sleigh. These stories are A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain by Kelly Long, A Mamm for Christmas by Amy Lillard and An Unexpected Christmas Blessing by Molly Jebber.. Each story is great. They all revolve around at least one of the two people being a widow or widower or divorced and some children. These are wonderful Christmas stories and yet could be read at any time. I received this book from Celebration Lit for a fair and honest opinion.
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
What a nice start to my Christmas reading. “The Amish Christmas Sleigh” is made up of three novellas, each of those short stories were written by a different author. Those Amish genre authors are Kelly Long, Amy Lillard, and Molly Jebber. I have been a fan of these authors for a long time and they did not disappoint! I found each to be a story of faith, family and love. I think Molly Jebber’s story was my favorite of the three. I was gifted a copy by Celebrate Lit for my honest opinion.
Heidi_Reads More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this collection of Christmas stories. There's something about the Christmas theme that brings a special spirit. The cold snowy setting is fascinating to me since I've never lived in snow before! The characters in A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain were multi-layered, there was more than meets the eye to Kate and Sebastian. A Mamm for Christmas featured some scheming children and their completely oblivious father. It was sweet how Bernice fell in love with the whole family. A similar plot was found in An Unexpected Christmas Blessing, but Luke is the one fighting the idea of marriage. This is a collection that fans of Amish fiction will want to read for the holiday season. (Thank you to CelebrateLit Publicity for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)
SeasonsofGrace More than 1 year ago
This is my first time I think reading a novella (or three). I enjoyed it because the stories were short and quick to read. They kind of flew by, and it didn't take long to get into the story. The characters were relatable (in-spite of the fact they were Amish). For the most part, the stories were predictable, but I would guess that to be common in a novella, since there is really not much time to build the plot to a conclusion. It does include the use of quite a few "Amish" words in it, which can be understood relatively well even if they are not English. My favorite story was Molly Jebber's Unexpected Christmas Blessing. Charity is a widow and having a hard time getting over her late husband. She has two young children who are polite and lovable kids, although a little outspoken at times, but what kids aren't. A single man, Luke, moves in next door and begins helping her with some needed handiwork as well as entertaining the children. Although he is kind, he is not very open, and seems to be hiding something from his past. Charity needs a husband and her children need a father, but she may have to settle for someone else who is interested in her, even if she has feelings for Luke. Will he open up and let her in? Or will he lose her forever? I guess my next favorite was Amy Lillard's, A Mamm for Christmas. It is a fun story of three girls whose mother passed away. They are in desperate need of a woman in their lives and they think their father is in need of a wife. So they set about to find him one concocting their own devious way of doing it. The plan somewhat backfires but not before interest is sparked and their father recognized he must move on to take care of his family. Hence Jess' process of looking for a wife begins. And although his daughters would like him to take interest in their school teacher Bernice, his interests seem to lie elsewhere. I think the readers will enjoy this sweet story and these conspiring little girls. Lastly, Kelly Long's book, A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain. Although I really liked the plot in the story, there were several things which I was not particularly pleased with. The plot consisted of a single toy maker with a secret past and his involvement in helping better the life of a young single woman who is taking care of her crippled brother. Her parents had been killed in an accident - the same one in which her brother was injured. Kate is doing her best to make ends meet, when Sebastian comes along and sweeps her off her feet. But when his secret comes out, will Kate still be able to love him? As I mentioned before, I enjoyed the story itself. Sebastian's kindness, the way he tried to help make her life better without making her a charity case, and how he took her younger brother under his wing. But I was a little bothered by all the sexual intimacy going on. Several times throughout the story there was some heated sensual scenes. It's not usually my preference to read that particular type of content in a book. I sort of got the impression this man had one thing on his mind. Of course, he was in love with Kate.... This content may not bother everyone, but I wouldn't recommend this book for a younger audience. Had the author been a little more discreet, I think I would have enjoyed her book more. All in all, I am giving this book four stars, because the other stories really were good clean stories. I received this book from author and Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest opinion.
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
The Amish Christmas Sleigh is a wonderful Christmas collection of three stories. The stories include: A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain by Kelly Long A Mamm for Christmas by Amy Lillard A Unexpected Christmas Blessing by Molly Jebber I enjoyed all three of these stories. If I had to pick one to be my favorite, it would be Molly Jebber's An Unexpected Christmas Blessing. I highly recommend this book for Christmas reading. 5+ stars
MrsTina42MR More than 1 year ago
The Amish Christmas Sleigh***** by Kelly Long, Amy Lillard and Molly Jebber -A Sleigh Ride on Ice**** mountain by Kelly Long I enjoyed reading Kate Zook, her crippled younger brother, Ben and Sebastian Christner's story. Sebastian has a secret from his past that holds him captive and alone. I could almost feel his despair whenever his thoughts took him back to that tragic day so long ago. Kate Zook is a good caregiver to her younger brother. Despite Ben having to use crutches and not being able to play as other children do, he is a happy child. I really liked his attitude, he captured my heart. Kate has sad memories from the past too. I liked how she gave all to care for her brother and was hoping she would find a special someone to love her—and Ben—and help carry her load. Will Sebastian and Kate allow God to heal the past? With Sebastian's past is there really any hope for someone like Kate to love him? There is a bit physical/sexual tension described between Sebastian and Kate that I wasn't expecting (and don't really care to read about) but it was done in a tasteful manner. This is a heartwarming, sweet story of forgiveness, hope, faith and love. -A Mamm for Christmas***** by Amy Lillard Jess Schmucker really has a difficult time caring for his three young daughters, his home and farm since his wife died. I could feel his struggles in trying to balance everything all on his own. I loved when his daughters school teacher, Bernice Yoder shows up at his door to talk to him about his daughters. Sparks flew between them—both Jess and Bernice had the wrong impression of what really was going on. I felt the girls longing for a mother and enjoyed the plans/antics they came up with to play matchmaker—which had me chuckling and even rooting for them. Each character had a different way of dealing with their grief and hopes for the future. I like the strong faith woven throughout the story. This is a fun story filled with hope, grief, joy, funny antics, faith and love. -An Unexpected Christmas Blessing***** Blessing by Molly Jebber Still mourning the death of her husband, Charity Lantz decides it is time to find a new father for her two young children, 8 year old Beth and 5 year old Josiah. There is one man who seems to be interested in her, but is he the right one for her and her family? Luke Fisher recently moved to the house next door to Charity and loves playing with Beth and Josiah. He enjoys the time spent with Charity but because of past hurts has decided to guard his heart. I really enjoyed Beth and Josiah's zest for life and soon fell in love with them. Josiah suffers a serious injury and I loved his attitude throughout his healing. Of the two men interested in Charity, I had my choice and hoped Charity would agree. I enjoyed the interaction between Charity and Luke—which wasn't always pleasant. Then Luke gets a surprise visit from his painful past, which had me holding my breath for the outcome. I like the way a strong faith is so much a part of their lives in all things. This is a fun story showing God's love and care, unexpected blessings, faith, joy, heartaches, grief, and love. ~I received an e-book copy of this book from Amy Lillard via NetGalley for my honest review~
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this collection of three Amish novellas. Each story has a sleigh incorporated into it somehow and all three stories are independent of each other. I have included a short review of each novella. A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain Kelly Long: I enjoyed the story line of this novella. Kate and Sebastian were interesting characters who each had burdens to bear. Seeing Kate finally get a chance for happiness was a good focus in this story. This novella does have a few adult/sensual moments that may be uncomfortable for some readers. A Mamm for Christmas by Amy Lillard: This was my favorite novella of the collection. The children in this story are fabulous! And the story line was very sweet. I was frustrated at times with Jess Schmucker’s inability to see the possibility of love that was right in front of him for most of the story. But that did build up a great anticipation for a very enjoyable ending. An Unexpected Christmas Blessing by Molly Jebber: This was also a sweet and enjoyable story in the collection. I really liked the way Charity, Luke, and the two children connected. There are also some good moments of tension in this novella. I wondered a bit at the view that the bishop had about divorce. It seemed opposite of what I have read is the norm in Amish communities, but worked well for this novella. An overall enjoyable collection with a snowy, Christmas setting throughout all of the novellas. I received a complimentary copy, through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
As you probably figured out a sleigh is each a focus in each of these novellas and that is the tie in of the stories. The first story by Kelly Long returns us to Ice Mountain, and familiar characters, that I have come to know in other books. This story focus on a young Amish woman Kate Zook whose parents had been killed in a buggy accident, and her young brother injured so he is unable to walk. She has the chance of a lifetime when Sebastian Christner, a handsome bachelor and woodworker, offers her a job of maid, and an apprenticeship to her brother. There are secrets here, and most are kept by Sebastian, how will Kate react when she finds out? Can there be a relationship between the two? An enjoyable quick read! I found the second book An Unexpected Christmas Blessing, a really cute and delightful read. They have been without a mother for three years and want their father to remarry, and wait until you see the lengths they go to. They decide whom they want and are rather upset when their Dad decides on someone else. You have to read this in one sitting, it is so cute and quite funny in places, and I wanted to keep on reading when it ended! The third book An Unexpected Christmas Blessing was one I really enjoyed, a man running from his past and shame, and a widow and children hurting from the lost of their husband and dad. What a blessing Luke immediately makes in their lives and is quickly accepted by the children, they are longing for a father. There is also another lonely widower with six children her longing for a new mom, and being without one is disastrous in their lives. I did have some questions about the community and their acceptance of divorce and remarriage, also the verbal praying. While questioning these practices, I did enjoy the story. You won’t regret picking up this delightful quick read! I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Kensington, and was not required to give a positive review.
Barb00 More than 1 year ago
The Amish Christmas Sleigh is a book that has three different fantastic novellas by three great authors. Each novella involves a Christmas Sleigh and has its own special message. A Sleigh Ride On Ice Mountain by Kelly Long shows an independent young woman caring for her special-needs brother. Also, there's a man that's a loner with a secret and both need each other. Can they overcome their personal problems to have a special love? A Mamm For Christmas by Amy Lillard is a precious story of three small girls looking for a Mamm and it would be a great Christmas gift. They believe the schoolteacher would be the right person. Will it work? An Unexpected Christmas Blessing by Molly Jebber is a story about a young widow and two small children that need a husband and father. A single man moves next door, but they have more disagreements than neighborly friendship. Can they overcome their differences? I love and thoroughly enjoyed reading each novella in this book. The Amish Christmas Sleigh is a fantastic book that is fun to read. Each novella is written by a great author and I definitely recommend reading this book. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. This review is one hundred percent my opinion.
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
The Amish Christmas Sleigh contains three romantic Christmas stories. The first story is A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain by Kelly Long. Kate Zook is raising her disabled brother, Ben. Money is tight for them. Sebastian C. Christner is a toymaker who needs a housekeeper. He also has a secret. Sebastian offers Kate the job as his housekeeper. Will Kate get past Sebastian’s gruff exterior? A Mamm for Christmas by Amy Lillard is the second book. Jess Schmucker’s wife has been deceased for one year. He has three small daughters to raise. The teacher, Bernice Yoder tries to assist (especially since the girls are coming to school filthy). Jess, though, is a little too stubborn to accept help. Then he realizes that it is time to marry and get a mother for his children. Will he make the right choice? Molly Jebber’s An Unexpected Christmas Blessing is the third and final story in the book. It takes place in Berlin, Ohio in 1910. Luke Fisher just moved to Berlin to get a fresh start. He wanted to get away where everyone knew his secret (and his shame). Charity Lantz’ husband has been gone for a year. She is left with raising two children: Beth and Josiah. They are thrilled when Luke moves in next door. Can romance bloom between Charity and Luke? What is Luke’s secret? The three stories are delightful and easy to read. This book can be enjoyed without having read the other books in the series (but it helps put things in context). I liked the characters in each book, great settings (especially Berlin, Ohio), and fun antics from the children. I liked that the stories are set at Christmas (just makes the stories more magical). I give The Amish Christmas Sleigh 4 out of 5 stars. I especially liked how the sleigh theme was incorporated into each story (especially in A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain). If you like Amish fiction, you will enjoy reading The Amish Christmas Sleigh. I received a complimentary copy of The Amish Christmas Sleigh from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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