The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero

The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero

by Dawnette N. Brenner

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BN ID: 2940158762550
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 08/10/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 769,773
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About the Author

D. N. Brenner is a sixth-grade teacher as well as a mother of four adult children and grandmother of three. She’s been teaching for thirteen years and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, currently living in the California Central Valley. She’s an avid reader and enjoys mystery, fantasy, and CSI stories like those of James Patterson, Rick Riordan, and Patricia Cornwell. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching kids to code and has created a Makerspace with a 3-D printer in the past. Currently, she runs both robotics and coding clubs. She’s working on book 2 in this series. Stay tuned.

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The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Literary_Titan More than 1 year ago
The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birth of a Hero by author Dawnette N. Brenner is about a 12-year-old boy named Joshua who finds himself thrust into a magical land full of danger. This book made me really emotional. Not only does the book cover a tough but important topic, how kids deal with divorce, but the quotes from anonymous children talking about divorce were heartbreaking. It really is important to remember that kids can be affected in different ways and often see more than people think, and like Joshua, often feel guilt. And on top of that, the book is also dealing with mental illness as Joshua is a pre-teen dealing with bipolar disorder. Having a book that deals with subjects like this is very important, and I feel that Brenner handled the subjects really well. This is the kind of book that readers can definitely connect to, both in how you deal with struggles and watching the struggles of others. Brenner has done a fantastic job of entering into the mind of a child. The imaginative world that Joshua finds himself in is a great representation of the kind of imaginary places children make up to escape to. I loved how the land of Ice Plants and Norkels has not just a dreamlike quality but really captures how imaginary worlds are distorted versions of what we see and know. Things like Thragons that seem close to familiar but are a magic of their own. The imagery she uses really brings the fantastical world to life. The back and forth switch from the magical realm to the real world is disorienting, but it is clear that this was intentional as we watch Joshua dealing with the world around him. Joshua is an incredible character who is dealing with a great deal both internally and externally. This book is a magical way of showing and handling tough subjects for your adult readers. I found this book to be enchanting to read, even when it made me want to cry, and I would highly recommend it. I would definitely give this book 5 stars for its unique creativity, and the extraordinary way it deals with its subject matter. I look forward to reading book two!
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero by Dawnette Brenner is a strong children's fantasy novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. On the surface, the story seemed like the usual children's book, but once I started reading I realized that it was so much deeper than I initially thought it to be. With themes of mental illness running through the center of the story, the novel lightly addresses some serious issues that are plaguing young people's minds at the moment. This is the story of Joshua Creed, a twelve-year-old boy who suffers from bipolar disease. Finding it hard to adapt to his current condition, coming to terms with the situation in his family, and fighting to make friends and fit in, Joshua has no idea how he will survive. To make things worse, he is suddenly thrown into a magical new world where he discovers that he has powers he had no idea he possessed. Now he must use his powers, master them, and help the people or else they will suffer. Does he have what it takes to fight pure evil? Can he overcome his own struggles and become what he is needed to be? Fast-paced and craftily handled, the story is intense and had me wishing for more pages when I realized that I had reached the end. I wanted to know more about Joshua, I wanted to see what happened next, and I wanted to know how he felt. What really surprised me was how well the descriptions were written. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Dawnette Brenner gave Joshua a realistic appeal and gave him character. He was as mature as he should have been, yet still had the innocence that he should have had. Very enjoyable and entertaining. The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero is a real winner!
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero by Dawnette Brenner is an adventurous tale of a twelve-year-old boy. Joshua Creed is the youngest of four siblings. He doesn’t think they like him much; for that matter, he doesn’t feel that anyone really likes him. Joshua is socially awkward; he constantly gets into trouble at school and, to top it off, his parents are divorcing! He hates his life. To cope, Joshua escapes into his imagination. He enters a world where he is needed, a place where he is brave. In this bizarre fantasy realm, Joshua discovers his importance. He is the key to an ancient prophecy; his role is to save the world. Traveling between two worlds, Joshua learns the value of family and friends, and that deep within him is the spirit of a hero. Dawnette Brenner uses her real life as a platform to create the fantasy of The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero. The narrative is written in the first person, providing the point of view of the child protagonist. However, it doesn’t always sound like a child. The story portrays the difficulties of being a misunderstood child; several of the chapters begin with a quote from children of divorce. Brenner captures the imagination of a child by taking you into the world of make-believe, a realm filled with strange creatures and ancient powers. The setting traverses from fantasy and reality quickly, time lapses in leaps and bounds. Emotions peak and ebb as pain is the means to travel between worlds. Facing the conquest before him, “the edge of life and the edge of daydreams seemed to collide,” as the hero’s character develops and grows. This book is a great tool for a parent trying to understand a troubled child. As for the child reader, I hope the takeaway would be that you can handle any adversity in life with the help of your family.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero is a mythological adventure fantasy novel for children and young adults written by Dawnette Brenner. Joshua’s mom and dad were getting divorced. It was absolutely the worst news he could ever imagine receiving, and what made it even harder to bear was that he was convinced that it was his fault. His brother and sisters hadn’t seemed to notice how much their parents had been arguing lately, but Joshua, being the youngest, had, and he found escaping into fantasy worlds had helped him cope with the anger and anxiety he felt building up within him. Joshua had gotten more control over his anger lately, even if kids at school knew exactly which buttons to push, but Terrence was another matter entirely. The two of them seemed to set each other off without even doing anything. Joshua’s mom had helped him discover the causes for his anger. He was bipolar, like his dad. He could be happy and suddenly get set off in the opposite direction. Escaping into fantasy worlds helped a lot, but when he slipped in some ice plants on his way to school that morning, Joshua found himself in a world that only he could save. Dawnette Brenner’s mythological adventure fantasy novel for children and young adults, The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero, is a fast-paced and exciting story that deftly merges fantasy and reality. Joshua is the consummate hero; he has his flaws and foibles, but he has the courage and heroic inclinations that allow him to get past his own issues and work to save the inhabitants of the Land of the Ice Plants. Brenner’s plot also admirably addresses both the issue of divorce and its impact on children, and the difficulties kids with bipolar disorder face in coping with everyday life. The Ancient Sacred Tree has a grand plot, and it is beautifully written. Brenner’s characters are sharply delineated, and her fantasy world works very well indeed. The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero is most highly recommended.
Jillian12 More than 1 year ago
Dawnette Brenner captures perfectly the feelings that reside within each of us. The main character, Joshua Creed, is a young boy whose life is filled not only with the uncertainty of growing-up in today’s world but also with the daily challenges he must face because he is bi-polar. With an impending divorce in his family, Joshua feels more lost than ever. That is, until he finds himself thrown into a magical world full of creatures, both good and bad! He is expected to rise to the challenge of being a hero when he doesn’t even feel he can do anything right. He embarks on a magical journey to save a mystical realm and its inhabitants. While there, he discovers things about himself he never knew existed and finds strength within he did not know he possessed. The Ancient Sacred Tree embodies within its pages both a classic story of the battle between good and evil, and a modern, adventure-fantasy story that speaks to the hidden hero within each of us! It is a must read for all!
Joshua Creed-character More than 1 year ago
MENTAL ILLNESS IS DISABLING, SOMETIMES, BUT HOW ABOUT FOR JOSHUA CREED, WHEN IT COMES TO FAMILY, WILL HE PULL THROUGH IN TIME? Divorce isn’t the end of the world, sometimes it’s the entrance to a new one. —Darby Raju The author uses quotes at the beginning of the chapters for the first half of the book, which seems to be encouragement for the main character, as he struggles with the news of his mom and dad divorcing! It's not until he's able to make decisions and choices on his own that the quotes end, and that Joshua's gained his strength, confidence and develops as a young hero. The author moves the story line well with fantastic worlds, creatures and heinous villains, leaving the main character dashing for his life often. The adventures and journeys of Joshua Creed are full of danger, indecisiveness and new and exciting exciting characters, sure to entice young readers! The dialogue and ideas are relevant to this genre of readers and parents, you won't go wrong with this pick! Joshua has a love for his family but his condition hinders his ability to juggle the weight of the world! Will he come through for his family or will evil win? Full of action, magic, whimsical characters, you will be enthralled and engaged in page turning this book, all the way until the end! The journey, magic and evil are relevant to today's books and book readers/lovers alike! I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Caelena Sardothien! I'm sure they would all be friends someday! Get this book, it won't disappoint! Without a doubt, Caelena would support this young hero, taking him under her wing and kicking butt! Harry would probably take Joshua to the Dursley's, they could keep each other company and reminisce about sad times. Percy also suffers from ADHD, I'm sure they could relate on some level.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well strap on your seat belts baby, if you are looking for an escape than this is the book for you. In addition for you mother's out there, this is appropriate entertainment for your young impressionable teens. The underdog saves the day, once again! The characters are ripe with suitable topics that face most families, which makes it completely relevant and relatable. The imaginative use of scenery is both refreshing and hypnotic! There's multiple flavors akin to J.K. Rowling's unique storyline, as well as, the mysteries of Stephen King! Buy your copy now, you won't be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excited to be writing a review of my own book, what else would I give it? I wrote it! A personal story told from my heart, one that touches home. Joshua Creed a young boy who's advanced, adventurous and troubled and travels through a fantastic wild and imaginative journey, a huge undertaking to discover his value. Birthing this hero will have you turning pages, laughing and scratching your head. Strange exciting creatures, amazing new worlds are all wrapped up in this fantasy-filled story of great characters. This is just the first book in the series of The Ancient Sacred Tree Chronicles, another will be coming out next year. Definitely worth reading.