The Andersons: Volume One: Enter Amelia

The Andersons: Volume One: Enter Amelia

by Paula Rae Wallace


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Newly married and with the sudden development of a baby on the way, can Mallory have the union she always dreamed of? Determined to avoid the fi ghting trap her parents were caught in, will she fi nd that "getting along is easier said than done"? Follow her and David as they adjust to marriage, changing business dynamics, and the challenges presented by pregnancy and parenthood! They each work to stay in tune with the Lord so that they can attune their hearts toward each other! They fi nd that the Lord is on their side, but they have an adversary determined to mar their picture of Christ's love for His church. Dangers oppose and Erik Bransom andDaniel Faulkner continue to work for their safety! As John Anderson and Steb Hanson seek to fi ght wickedness from the pulpit, Bransom fi ghts to put wicked people in prison! Follow theAndersons and their friends into a new and electrifying series!Danger threatens David and Mallory almost immediately as they take up part-time residence at their Arkansas ranch. After narrowly escaping that, new drama comes as Mallory's beautifulArabian mare, a wedding gift from David, shows genetic weakness! Trying to rebound from that heartache, she smacks face-fi rst into more grown-up reality! Can they both work together to see their dreams come true as they pull others along with them? Can they create wealth and jobs and remain unspoiled by it? And can they rear their beautiful infant daughter to be who theLord wants her to be?

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ISBN-13: 9781466947917
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 08/06/2012
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.97(d)

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You won't want to miss this compelling Christian fiction author, Paula Rae Wallace! A pastor's wife and mother, she shares the miracles, through the lives and experiences of captivating characters, of walking daily with Jesus! Combining plot with social critique, this Dallas-based author supplies absorbing and entertaining reading! With the ludicrous credential of a degree in Fashion from Colorado State University, Mrs. Wallace adds glamour and élan to elegant role-models! After all, God is elegant and extravagant, as is His creation of the heavens and the earth! Check out the description of the New Jerusalem!

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By Paula Rae Wallace

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Paula Rae Wallace
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-4791-7

Chapter One


Twenty-one year old David Anderson leaned back against a tree trunk, surveying his wife of a week with wonder. She was a beauty, with sculpted features and porcelain skin. Coppery hair glinted in the sunlight. Tall and slender, she was both athletic and graceful. Her features challenged him impishly as she sat astride her bike. "Let's race back to the house."

He laughed, his deep brown eyes meeting her gaze. "Maybe later, once I've had some nourishment."

She shook her head wonderingly. She couldn't figure out how he ate what he did, and stayed hungry. She shoved down the kickstand, and dropped down next to him in the fragrant blanket of earth, leaves, and pine needles. "Nourishment won't help you beat me!"

He pulled her near, giving her a lingering kiss. "I'm sure you could beat me," he assented. "But we aren't racing! For the same reason I won't let you ride Zakkar much right now."

She beamed at the mention of her Arabian, a beautiful little mare, technically a Gray, silvery white and beautiful. His wedding gift to her!

"Well, I wasn't sick at all this morning. I think I've been fighting a stomach bug. And stop kissing me; I can't think when you do."

"We're on our honeymoon, so you should take a break from thinking anyway."

Mallory Erin O'Shaughnessy Anderson was something else! Fabulously wealthy and president of a couple of corporations, and on the boards of others; she retained her equilibrium, and her Christian testimony. But, she was a tough competitor!

From David's first day transferring into second grade at Murfreesboro Elementary, Mallory had been his friend~and rival! Her first words to him: "Hi, I'm Mallory, and I can beat you at anything!" They had weathered some peaks and valleys since that day.

He remembered inviting her to Faith Baptist's Vacation Bible School where his dad was the new pastor, not because he cared about her getting saved, but because he couldn't bear a summer of separation. But, she got saved the first night, and turned into the most steadfast Christian he had ever known: aside from his dad and mom.

He twisted the lid off a Thermos® and poured it full of milk, offering it to her. Then he gulped thirstily from the remainder. Baloney sandwiches, chips, and cookies; he gobbled his and finished what she couldn't manage of hers. He tilted her face up and gazed into deep hazel eyes, turned cool green reflecting the forest tones. "Okay, Mrs. Anderson, we are not racing! We're just out together for a nice ride. Trust me; you don't have to prove anything to me."

* * *

Daniel Faulkner paused in the midst of a hectic morning at GeoHy to phone Diana. "Hi, any word?"

Diana laughed. "Nothing like coming straight to the point without formalities! I'm having a frustrating morning, although you forgot to ask."

He laughed in kind. "Sorry, Di! Things are crazier here than usual, so I'm calling on the run. What's frustrating about your morning? If the kids are disobeying, tell them I'll deal with them later."

"Well, that's only part of it; I'm trying to get some cooperation from the company that's doing the 'Fear Not' Sparrow Lamps. We have stacks of backorders we can't fill, and this new character is a jerk to deal with. I guess he doesn't take women in business seriously. Of course, Zave and Nadia's fighting in the background doesn't lend to my aura of professionalism. We should get a Nanny to help with them some of the time~"

"Okay, Honey, I gotta go. We can talk later." He escaped. He was glad for his wife's thriving business, but the deal had always been that they would rear their own children. The word Nanny didn't sit well with him. He raced to the conference room to preside over a meeting with his head Geologists.

* * *

Caramel Du Boise drove through the deep green Arkansas countryside. Before beginning her internship at Johns Hopkins, she was taking her first real vacation, ever. Her starting point was Pensacola, Florida, where she had purchased her first car. It was nothing fancy, but it was hers, and it was new and economical. Her first destination, Orlando, for Disney, and Mallory and David's wedding. From there, it was home to Arkansas for a visit with family. She amped up her music! Her mother and a cousin were meeting her in the resort town of Hot Springs: kind of a cool treat for all three of them. She was excited! God was good to her. When her cute ideas spring-boarded her toward her privately cherished dream, she had feared how it might affect family members. Surprisingly, they were proud of her; and rather than demanding that she support them, they were following her lead about pursuing worthwhile goals of their own. Not just amazing! Miraculous! She greeted her family members with tears and hugs.

With lunch finished, her cousin Denise started telling her about all that was happening in their small church in Glenwood. Then, suddenly, she was blasting David and Mallory, repeating the words of the Pastor, Graham Wilcox.

"What?" Caramel's voice was incredulous. "Girl, you know that's not true! You should have straightened him out!"

"Now, Hon, he's a man of God," her mother reproved.

"Yes'm, he is, but Mama, you know about David and Jeff, and Duke, and what all they're doing! You know how much we despaired of Duke!" Her eyes snapped indignantly. Her brother, Duke, had been in jail, and headed toward yet more serious trouble, until Agent Bransom helped him. Then, David took the chance of putting him to work. "And look at him! Look at scads of men who have turned their lives around since that property couldn't get approval as a camp for kids!"

"Yeah, but Anderson's real agenda is to bring these guys in for cheap labor~smacks of slavery to me~to turn what Mr. O'Shaughnessy designated as a kids' Bible Camp into a country show place for Mallory. Mr. O'Shaughnessy made sure Mallory had one mansion! How many does she need?"

Caramel frowned. "I don't know. Pretty sure she's got a big one going up in Heaven, too. If she gets ten mansions, it's none of our worry. I think David's done back-flips and jumpin' through hoops to satisfy our preacher's demands, and honor Mr. O'Shaughnessy's wishes."

They changed the subject, moving on; just gossip to them, but it weighed on Caramel.

* * *

Back on their bikes, David and Mallory rode deeper into the woods where it was cool and serene. It was fun; they hadn't ridden bikes together in years. "Well, we still have eight days of honeymoon time allotted to us." They paused to watch a stream, sparkling in the sunlight. "Do you want to go someplace else next week?"

Mallory rested on her handlebars. "Like where"?

He shrugged. "I'm not sure. I'm thinking if you keep having this sudden nausea, a flight might be miserable; that leaves us with someplace within driving distance. San Antonio is pretty cool, I think."

"Yeah, I've heard it's pretty romantic. I like being here, except, it's like you're still working some of the time."

"Well, I wanted the kitchen finished before the wedding, but the appliances got held up in freight. It's coming together, finally. I'm not working that hard; just yelling at people occasionally. Do you like it up here?"

Her eyes met his, glowing. "I love it up here!"

Let's go saddle up your horse and let you have a little ride. Then, you should take a nap. Maybe we can sneak a steak over at the Daisy Lodge later, without seeing anyone we know."

"Sounds like a great plan. Red Sox play later, too; don't forget."

To her amazement Jeff had already saddled El Capitan. She watched as David saddled Zakkar.

"Okay, now remember," he whispered as she swung herself up into the saddle, "you need to let her know who's boss." He handed her the reins and she felt the animal quiver.

"Whoa," David steadied the mare with a firm hand.

Tears of frustration filled Mallie's eyes. "I can do it. It's just~I spend my life proving to everyone that I'm the boss! I just want to be friends with her!"

He nodded understanding. "You're getting there; she isn't nearly as jittery as she was." He mounted Cap'n, leading Zakkar into the arena. After a couple of times around, he returned the reins. They rode side by side, then, allowed the pace to quicken to a trot! Mallory felt elated!

* * *

Erik Bransom checked his phone; his pastor, John Anderson. He smiled. Usually, he was thrilled to talk to him, but lately everyone was attempting to coax him to make the FBI look into where the honeymoon couple's destination. He had worked his way up the hierarchy, but evidently his friends gave him more credit than he deserved. The Bureau wasn't their personal detective agency.

He studied a report placed on his desk earlier; a report by a special task force looking into a rash of recent home-invasions in various cities across the country. He shook his head. Amazing! Suzanne's hunch seemed to be right-on! Most home-security-system companies were what they seemed to be: a way to help people safeguard their homes and possessions. But sadly, one had hit upon a scheme to stimulate business! Sad! It could give an entire industry a black eye, and lead to more regulations. He sighed. Another sad part of the scheme was that it targeted the poor and elderly. He couldn't figure out how people could operate that way and still sleep at night. And the home incursions; doing minimal property damage without taking anything, would be low on any DA's list to prosecute. But with the nationwide scope, a Federal DA would put an end to the racket. He doubted anyone would do any serious time, even if a link could be proven between a corporation's orchestrating such a plot, and the people carrying out the crimes in the neighborhoods.

His phone vibrated on his desk once more. Faulkner! He wished everyone would relax. He trusted David, but the others were getting on his nerves. Mallory was special.

* * *

Kerry Larson placed a call to his father-in-law-to-be, Pastor John Anderson. Larson, with the law firm Jacobson & Jacobson, was Mallory's chief corporate counsel.

"Good afternoon, Pastor. I heard from my client, and they seem to be doing fine."

"Well, okay, where are they?" The tidbit of information was a teaser; not solid information.

"Well, I'm really not at liberty to say anything further. I thought that information might relieve your worries."

It didn't! It made the pastor wonder why Mallory needed to contact her attorney when she wasn't contacting anyone else Maybe they were concocting documents for David to sign, after the fact, since he hadn't signed pre-nuptials. He was agonized! As much as he loved his son, he questioned if he could ever be a match for Mallory!

* * *

Mallory napped, then, watched part of a baseball game while she dressed for dinner. David brought her an apple, sliced and peeled.

"Ugh," she moaned. "We're on our way to eat." She took a nibble. "See, these are treats for horses."

He remembered a corporate meeting at Hal's lodge, over four years previously, and Mallory's affinity for Larson's Apples. "I thought you really liked apples," he apologized.

"Yeah, I did. Nothing seems too appealing right now."

Still, she didn't get sick again and the drive to Daisy and the dinner overlooking the lake were incredible. Diners gave the couple admiring glances, but they escaped without running into any acquaintances.

"It's a pretty night. Let's rent a boat and paddle around for a while; want to?" Her shining eyes made him want to. But as he studied the forest, lining one edge of the lake, he knew from a safety standpoint, it wasn't the best idea. Mallory's personal security personnel, usually in close proximity to her, had been left behind for honeymoon privacy. It doubled her new husband's anxiety for her safety. It was totally on him! Well, he relied on the Lord, but there was no sense in being foolish.

Week two was even better than week one; and the time flew by. They bicycled, rode horse back, and played pool. David began giving her archery lessons, and taught her some personal self-defense moves. The nausea recurred at sporadic times. They had attended church services from Hot Springs to Texarkana. Immensely proud of his new bride, David's plan had been to attend Faith Baptist. But then he had agreed with Mallory that two weeks away from other members of their group would be better. They all tended to be clingy.

On Saturday, while Mallory went to the stable to tell Zakkar good-bye, David issued orders to his foremen and gave warning to the men who were currently in the work camp.

The drive to Dallas was slow and agonizing, with Mallory's being the sickest yet. David was ready to pull into a hospital at Mt. Pleasant; she could dehydrate so easily. The gravity of being a husband, and being responsible for her well-being, was sinking in. Then, thankfully, the vomiting ceased as suddenly as it started and she fell asleep.

He carried her over the threshold of the Dallas mansion, ignoring the surprised fluttering of the household staff. "We didn't know you were coming~"

She gazed around her suite in disbelief as he placed her down on the bed. "What happened here?" Her snowy suite was remodeled! Seriously remodeled! "You did this?"

His eyes met hers guiltily. He couldn't tell from her tone if it was just a question, or an accusation. "Hey, I've been with you the whole time~"

She smiled weakly. "Oh, so I'm your alibi. Did you orchestrate the changes?"

"Unh, I confess to being in on it."

Tears escaped from the corners of her eyes, making him wish he hadn't touched the area. "Hey, we'll do whatever you want done. We should have run the drawings past you."

"No, I like it! You're really talented. I can't believe it; in two weeks."

"Well, two and a half actually, they were tearing out walls almost before you were down the drive on the way to Florida."

* * *

Kerry Larson arrived at the GeoHy offices in Tulsa fifteen minutes ahead of the appointment on Monday morning.

"What kind of papers are we signing here?" Daniel's question was tense.

"Well, we might as well wait for David and Mallory to get here, and we can all go over it together. She's basically handing the Candy Store over to him."

Daniel gave him a sharp glance. That didn't sound good. He felt a moment of acute panic! One of the elevators dinged, and Diana stepped off; followed immediately by the ding of the other one, announcing the newlyweds! Diana embraced them both warmly, then stepped back, concerned, as she took in Mallory's pallor and dark circles. Daniel swung open the glass door to the office suite.

"Hey, welcome back!" He shook David's hand and placed a peck on Diana's cheek. "Kerry's here already, so we might as well get started." He ushered them to the conference room.

David was nervous, too. He wasn't sure what he was here to sign. And he was worried by Diana's reaction to Mallory's appearance. Office staff offered coffee, juices, and assorted pastries. Mallory helped herself liberally; and strangely, he had no appetite.

Diana grasped the import of the paperwork before Daniel finished perusing it. Her bright blue eyes met Mallory's. "You must trust him."

Daniel was pretty much speechless.

Mallory shrugged nonchalantly. "If I didn't, I wouldn't have married him."

The Faulkners were amazed by the wisdom of her words. And, they had been accused of railroading Mallory into the marriage. Like anyone could railroad Mallory into anything she didn't want to do. She had married David because she loved him and trusted him. If she trusted him with her heart and her life; why would she not trust him as a business equal?

And Daniel nearly sagged with relief. None of the new structure affected his and Diana's positions and shares, whatsoever. David was co-everything with Mallory. They worked on paperwork for him to sign on all the accounts and obtain corporate credit cards. Stationery would feature David's name at the top, as well as Mallory's: Now Mallory Anderson, rather than O'Shaughnessy.

With that finished, Daniel turned to Mallory. "I'm meeting with all the Geologists in the Bistro at noon. I've wanted to invite you in in an advisory capacity. Are you interested?"

She was, but she shot David a questioning glance.

"If you're still feeling okay, and you want to," he acquiesced. "I brought along plenty to keep me busy. Is this room going to be in use?" His question directed toward Faulkner.

"No, it's free. Make yourself at home. We'll send lunch up to you." He smiled at Diana. "You want to join us down there for a bite? How long did your mother agree to watch the kids?"

She put her best smile on him. "Do you have time to call this guy for me?"

He tried to disguise his aggravation. "Di, just go in my office, and take care of it. The kids aren't here to cry and fight in the background."

"Well, just a masculine voice~"

David stepped in. "Is it something I can handle? You go down and enjoy lunch while the kids are taken care of."

Diana hesitated, but Mallory nodded enthusiastically

"Just try to be nice; it's really important." Mallory stressed.

Diana gave him the number and name, briefly describing the nature of the problem.


Excerpted from THE ANDERSONS by Paula Rae Wallace Copyright © 2012 by Paula Rae Wallace. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: AMAZEMENT....................1
Chapter 2: ACTION....................15
Chapter 3: ANGUISH....................34
Chapter 4: ANXIETY....................47
Chapter 5: ABILITY....................56
Chapter 6: ANTAGONISM....................69
Chapter 7: ASSOCIATES....................78
Chapter 8: ABOMINATIONS....................90
Chapter 9: ASSETS....................108
Chapter 10: ADULATION....................125
Chapter 11: APTITUDE....................133
Chapter 12: ATTITUDE....................147
Chapter 13: ALTITUDE....................163
Chapter 14: ACCUMULATION....................180
Chapter 15: AGREEMENTS....................190
Chapter 16: ADULTHOOD....................205
Chapter 17: ARTISTS....................220
Chapter 18: ACQUISITION....................234
Chapter 19: ANTICIPATION....................248
Chapter 20: ADORATION....................261
Chapter 21: ACCELERATION....................274
Chapter 22: ABDUCTION....................287
Chapter 23: ANTAGONISTS....................303
Chapter 24: ACTUALITY....................315
Chapter 25: ASSIMILATION....................326
Chapter 26: ARREST....................341
Chapter 27: AWARDS....................347
Chapter 28: AUCTION....................364
Chapter 29: ANALYSIS....................368
Chapter 30: ARRIVAL....................379
Chapter 31: ASSURANCE....................390
Chapter 32: APLOMB....................404
Chapter 33: AMELIA....................419
Chapter 34: ADMINISTRATION....................436
Chapter 35: ACCOMPLISHMENTS....................450
Chapter 36: AFTERWORD....................462

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