The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V

The Angel Chronicles: The Guardian Angels Books I-V


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ISBN-13: 9780738869636
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 01/28/2002
Pages: 380
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.00(d)

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The Existence of Angels

At the beginning, there was nothing in the vast space of time but the incandescent light by which it was illuminated, and a music which was without end. The light emanated from the one world in that beyondness, a world which had been since the forever time, a world inhabited by God The Everlasting, and the other eternal beings, The Members of the Angelic Order.

God was without beginning or end. He had existed for always as had the angels.

Human beings through the centuries came to call God's world Heaven. But God The Everlasting and The Members of the Angelic Order called it by its true name which was Elanthe.

Elanthe was the most splendid of all worlds, emanating a surround of incandescent light called The Illumina. It was the radiance of God and the angels that made the surround of light called The Illumina.

In the course of time God and the angels would create many different kinds of universes. Elanthe would be positioned at the center of each of them. The universe of which Earth would be a part was but one universe of the many.

At the beginning however, there was no universe. At the beginning only the world called Elanthe existed in the beyondness, orderly and magnificent, naturally beautiful, and fragrant with its exotic perfume. It lay in the iridescent white sky just under The Great Star. It lay beneath clouds tinged with rose and grey and shimmering mists of turquoise. It lay within The Illumina.

The clouds tinged with rose and grey, and the shimmering mists of turquoise filtered downward to rest on the land of Elanthe. Like soft falling snow, they fell on the variety of evergreen, on the juniper and gardenia, and on the holly trees with their bronze berries and dark green leaves growing in a way meant to frame The Great Star.

Everywhere in Elanthe was music. From beginning to end there was music. It was seamless.

The endless music sounding from Elanthe into the beyondness was made by the angels.

All of the angels were Members of the Angelic Order. God had organized the Angelic Order according to what He called The Hierarchy of Angels. It was a follows:

    The Hierarchy of Angels
    Sainte-Gloire also known as
    Cherubim and Seraphim

In The Hierarchy the most powerful angels were The Archangels who were directly responsible to God. The Archangel Michael was highest of this choir of angels. He was in charge of all angels everywhere. Michael would figure prominently in the workings of the Earth once it was created.

A choir of angels called The Thrones was next. They did not move about the heavens but merely stayed close to God, as if to keep His company.

The next lower choir of angels in The Hierarchy was composed of The Principalities. They were many in number, and of great power. They heard and recorded God's wisdom. The Principalities were dispatched to Earth only to create miracles, or to help in matters of great importance to God.

The most noble Principality was Auberon whom God had appointed to chronicle the history of all time. God would one day send Auberon to Earth to tell the story of angels in an effort to make human beings of the new era aware of angels and bring them under angel beneficence.

Next lower in The Hierarchy of Angels was an assembly originally known as The Sainte-Gloire angels. They became more popularly called Cherubim and Seraphim. The Cherubim and Seraphim were devoted to excellence. They had many wings, the feathers of which shone more brilliantly as they further refined their powers. Because of that it was easy to tell them apart from the lower angels whom they supervised.

Sancta was the next lower level of angels in The Hierarchy. These angels had come into being with a complex of skills and talents that were fascinating. God and the other angels admired them for their unique abilities.

The baby angels were next lower in The Hierarchy. They could be found anywhere in Elanthe as Michael the Archangel had not assigned them duties. The baby angels were called Elyphs.

Such was The Hierarchy of Angels for the millions of years before human beings were created. In the beginning there were no Guardian Angels. As there were no human beings, there was no need for angels to care for them.

Table of Contents

The Author I I
The Need for Angels 23
The Existence of Angels 29
God Creates the Earth 35
The Concept of Guardian Angels 41
Michael Defines the System of Guardiance 45
Silvond Names the Constellations 59
The Twin Angels 63
The Guardian Angels According to the Day of Birth 67
The Guardian Angels for Domestic Pets 157
The Mandala 161
Divina and Deara Send a Letter to Earth 165
Prayers and Inspirations 171
A Prayer and Inspiration A Day 175

Reading Group Guide

Question: In the beginning Auberon says, ". . . The angels . . . They give us their power . . .They grace our lives with their magic. . .They light the candles in our minds. . .They put us in the path of miracles . . ." Have you been inspired in these ways?
Question: Auberon left us with a wish that the time spent with our Guardian Angels through the reading of this book would bring a dimension of beauty and grace to our everyday life. Keep this thought in mind and every few days – as you read through this book - ask yourself if you agree.
Question: Auberon describes the angels as being male or female in nature. In ancient scriptures and in Mythology godlike beings were also characterized with gender. Do you agree? Why or why not?
Question: In The Angel Chronicles the Guardian Angels can bestow useful character traits upon human beings who need them. For instance Landis has the ability to impart clarity. The principal quality imparted by Evangeline is powerfulness. Which traits would you find useful in your life? Why?
Question: Prayer is said to be a means by which humans commune with a higher power for inspiration. What do you think?
Question: Can you assess the value or importance of the Ceremony of the Bells? What benefit did Divina and Deara hope humans would gain from this ritual? Do such rituals have a place in modern life? Why or why not?
Question: What questions would you ask in an interview with your Guardian Angel?
Question: How would you use the meditations? What parts or features of the meditations do you find most helpful?
Question: The Angle Chronicles also provides advice for enhancing human relationships. What specific references can you point to that give the reader sound psychological advice in this area?
Question: "Tears slipped from God’s eyes at the thought of losing even one human being." Would you attribute a human characteristic such a crying to God. Perhaps you can think of other human characteristics you think God has.
Question: Have you heard the music cd, Angel Music, the companion to the book and used it as part of your reading group? Is the Angel Music the sound that you imagine in the beyondness? Did you find the music created an atmosphere conducive to your deeper enjoyment of The Angel Chronicles?

—The White Notebook®


Book I
The Primary Angels
God decided that the time had come to create a universe of worlds. In it would be a planet called Earth. God sent the angels out from their home in the beyondness for He had decided that the Earth would be sung into existence by them.

Book II
Conversation with Angels
The Guardian Angels soon discovered that human beings were unable to form meaningful relationships with them. Michael called upon the twin angels, Divina and Deara were twins, they had experienced an unusual opportunity to develop skill at relating. Michael could not have made a better choice.

Book III
The Assisting Angels
As human life evolved, it became clear to Michael, and to Divina and Deara, that many more angels were needed to give human beings the guidance and support their lives warranted.

Book IV
The Enchantments and Spells
As creatures of magic and beauty, the angels would certainly have many ceremonies of pleasure in their repertoire which they had created for their own refreshment. The angels thought to bring balance to human life by offering some of their rituals to human beings. The angels selected from among their Enchantments the ones they wished to share, to comfort and to soothe those on Earth.

Book V
But, God reminded Michael, the work of the mighty angels was not complete. There was one thing more. That one thing was a message, and one of such importance that Michael himself was to bring it to those on Earth.

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