The Angel of Dreams : A Fable of Hope

The Angel of Dreams : A Fable of Hope

by Rikk Dunlap


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ISBN-13: 9780966440904
Publisher: Self Hope
Publication date: 08/01/1998
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 5.50(h) x (d)

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"No, Sheldon," she interrupted, "that's not what stopped you. You were on the edge; you said so yourself, all you had to do was lean forward, and whoever happened to be on the bridge could do nothing to prevent you from jumping. Your heart and your dreams together, they are what saved you; they just needed a chance to be heard."
"Dreams? I have no dreams, they died long ago."
"All people have dreams; they never die, they just need to be taken care of. Like you, dreams need to be loved and looked after. If your dreams get cold, wrap them in a warm blanket to get the chill out. If your dreams become too hot, lay them in the shade of a quiet tree. Dreams need never be kept in the dark or fear the light, but brought into the bright day to stretch and breathe, to run in open fields, soar over the highest mountains, swim in the deep oceans of your heart and imagination. Hold your dreams in your hands and show them your world, and in time, they will hold you in their hands and set you free in their world. So you see, your dreams are not dead; they still have life in them , and tonight proved that."
"Because you didn't jump. Those dreams of yours yelled out with a mighty voice and told you to run, run for your very life. And you listened. Now, answer me this: What are your dreams?"


I find it amazing how our lives can change course. One minute we're feeling lost and abandoned. We doubt everything about ourselves, our reasons for being, our purposes. We are like leaves. When a strong gust sends us on our journey, we are sometimes carried away from all that is familiar, left to go within and embrace our wholeness, those questions and yearnings that give us color and express our unique beauty. Sometimes, like leaves, we are blown into piles to help others answer their questions. Always, we are loved and protected by the one who directs the wind.
Suddenly a shimmer of light shines in the dark distance, calling us to follow a new path.
So it is with our dream. They're born in our hearts. We fed and nurture them with our souls. We might send them out into the world without hesitation. Or we may keep them closely guarded from the dangers we feel exist. Either way, dreams are always alive. No matter how deep they're buried, they never die.
This book is one of my dreams.
For years, I kept it hidden, protected from my self-doubt. Confined to darkness, however, this dream continued to grow. For me, that shimmering light of hope brought risk. The word itself sounds metallic, like the clashing swords of battle. Risk.
In time my dream of bringing this book to life became too big to contain, despite my great fear of setting it free.
Finally, I took a breath and risked letting go. My dreams took flight with wings I didn't know existed. Release never felt so good. So right.
My hope is that you free your dreams and let yourself fly.
My hope is that you take that risk and soar.

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