The Anomaly

The Anomaly

by Michael Rutger


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A rogue archaeologist is trapped in a Grand Canyon cave as a conspiracy theory comes to life in this "take no prisoners" survival thriller that's the first installment in the exciting Anomaly Files series. (Preston & Child).

Not all secrets are meant to be found.

Nolan Moore is a rogue archaeologist hosting a documentary series derisively dismissed by the "real" experts, but beloved of conspiracy theorists.

Nolan sets out to retrace the steps of an explorer from 1909 who claimed to have discovered a mysterious cavern high up in the ancient rock of the Grand Canyon. And, for once, he may have actually found what he seeks. Then the trip takes a nasty turn, and the cave begins turning against them in mysterious ways.

Nolan's story becomes one of survival against seemingly impossible odds. The only way out is to answer a series of intriguing questions: What is this strange cave? How has it remained hidden for so long? And what secret does it conceal that made its last visitors attempt to seal it forever?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781538761854
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 06/19/2018
Series: Anomaly Files Series , #1
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 154,151
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Michael Rutger is a screenwriter whose work has been optioned by major Hollywood studios. He lives in California with his wife and son.

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The Anomaly 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
WhisperingStories 4 months ago
The Anomaly tells the story of a television crew’s adventure into the Grand Canyon, on a quest to find ancient treasures hidden in a cave, whose existence dates back to articles written over a hundred years ago about explorer G E Kincaid. Nolan Moore is the leader of the expedition. He is a wannabe television/movie star, previously presenting online content about conspiracy theories, archaeology, mysteries etc; think low-budget X-Files and you won’t be far off. The team is made up of a reasonable cast alongside Nolan: the producer, assistant, camera man, financier representative and a journalist. The journey begins with the group setting off to the Grand Canyon, climbing down one of its paths into a restricted part area of the canyon, and travelling along the river. Having failed to find the entrance to “Kincaid’s Cave”, just as they are about to call time for the day, luck would have it that they catch glimpse of the entrance. When exploring the caves, a trap-trigger is set off, resulting in most of the team being trapped inside. That is when their troubles begin, as not only was the cave entrance sealed off, but an amazing sequence of events was triggered, leaving the team trying desperately to find an escape, before it is too late. It is suggested that this book would be a good match for fans of Dan Brown, which is what drew me to the title. The similarities are there to see. Rutger’s writing style is much like that of Dan Brown. The subject matter, being one of ancient mysteries offers a connection too. This book also contains decent, well-thought out subplots and twists, so I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I did feel at times that the story was a little too sci-fi at times, but I can’t say that this detracted much in my enjoyment of the book. I did find that after saying to myself, “just one more chapter”, I was still reading half a dozen chapters later! The book is an easy and enjoyable read, even if the end felt rushed a little, or perhaps things fell into place just a little too conveniently, but having said that, I enjoyed this book and can easily see Nolan Moore returning for another adventure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read!
onemused More than 1 year ago
"The Anomaly" is an interesting thriller that follows a team who is trekking into the Grand Canyon to find a cave previously found by an old explorer and never seen again. The television team films a show which is beloved by conspiracy theorists and considers the value and "truths" behind myths. As they travel into the Canyon and the cave, things take unexpected turns and soon the team is fighting for their lives. Not everyone will come out of this alive. The journey is harrowing, not just because of what they find, but also because of their inability to get out and needing to ration food/water. The book changes a lot throughout, and I was frequently surprised by what was happening. I don't want to say too much to avoid spoilers, but I found this engaging and kept reading for the curiosity. It certainly does have some horror elements, but I did not find it overwhelmingly scary. The ending brings things together nicely and is satisfying, while still leaving it a little open for future books. I did get a little lost in terms of locations within the cavern and found it hard to imagine based on the descriptions given, but this did not hinder my reading/overall understanding (though I would have liked some more clarity in there). Overall, this was an intriguing read which could easily be turned into a great movie! Please note that I received a copy through a goodreads giveaway. All opinions are my own.
Sensitivemuse More than 1 year ago
What was enjoyable about this book was it could be a movie. Imagery in the book was pictured clearly and the plot was good enough to make you think ‘This should be a movie’ The plot was all right. It’s enjoyable and makes for quick reading. It’s not overly complicated and the action scenes provide a good thrill here and there. It flowed and kept things interesting, however around the midway mark of the book things slow down and not much happens. Things do pick up quickly in the latter half. I didn’t expect the outcome to turn out as it is. I was looking forward to more of a plot like the movie “The Descent” with more thrills and horror. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. The characters on the other hand, don’t have much to them. They’re pretty much flat and are just there to keep the story going. Although I admit I rather liked Ken throughout the book. He was brash and hotheaded. Everything was either a complaint or an insult which made him stand out from the others. Although Nolan was the ‘leader’ in this group there really wasn’t much to him. There was a small background story to Nolan to give him more substance but it really isn’t much. There’s a lot of intrigue and some bits of thrilling scenes to enjoy, some mystery in the end but overall I can’t really say it’s something I would gush about. Perhaps because I was expecting this to be more of a horror than anything else. Which is too bad, it had potential to be better but it fell short. I’d say take it or leave it. There’s no regrets reading it but don’t expect it to be gripping and exciting. It’s...meh.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An excellent first effort for Michael Rutger. I look forward to many more tales about Nolan Moore and friends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read it in one sitting. Great sarcastic humor in places. Page turning thriller and I look forward to the next one.
Valerian70 More than 1 year ago
We meet the crew of the Anomaly Files as they meet up at a desert motel prior to filming at the Grand Canyon. The whole story is told from the point of view of the protagonist, Nolan, who presents the show and researches the coinspiracy theories that he prefers to think of as anomalies - hence the titel of the show, and the novel. He has his usual crew with him - the irascible Ken (producer and director), Pierre (cameraman), Molly (Girl Friday, production assistant and voice of reason much of the time) but now they are making the move from webcast to Cable TV they also have Feather (there on behalf of the sponsors) and Gemma (web journalist with a huge dose of scepticism) on board. As they set off for the Grand Canyon we already have a good fix on the characters and even though they are sketchily drawn on the page you do get a really good sense of who these people are. I found this rather unusual as somehow Nolan's viewpoint doesn't cloud the personalities of the people around him, he lets their interactions speak for themselves and the reader gets to make their own judgements despite Nolan's prejudices. The relationships are beautifully drawn - particularly between Nolan and Ken. It all starts off quite well with the scene set for the reader about the nature of the expedition (finding the Kincaid Canyon) and Nolan's belief that science doesn't always tell us the truth - just the truth scientists want us to know. You do want to feel really cynical about the whole thing but such is the verve of the writing you find yourself being sucked down Nolan's particular rabbit hole quite willingly. Couple this with tantalising details about Newspaper Rock and known details about Ancient Civilisations being used to bolster the story and you rapidly become immersed. The story soon becomes particularly preposterous and a huge suspension of belief is required by the reader. But I found that I really didn't care that the science had become muddy and the scenarios ever more far-fetched I just wanted to know what happened next. I had to turn that next page, start that new chapter and keep bowling on through until I got to the end. An end which doesn't disappoint but keeps on in the "Boys Own Adventure" vein right up until the very last. This book is a guilty pleasure. It shouldn't entertain, it should make you put it down in disgust at the sheer ridiculousness of events. Such is the joy of the writer in outdoing himself in each chapter and yet never losing the sense of character amongst the increasing absurdity you willingly take his hand and follow with a huge grin on your face. This is what a book should be - complete, pure escapism that makes you happy just to be along for the ride. You trust the author implicitly and he never lets you down. So, put your common sense and sceptism aside, grab a BIG glass of wine (and a cheeseburger), ring in sick to work and get reading - you are in for a bumpy, thrill filled ride that you will not want to put down. I RECEIVED A FREE COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM READERS FIRST IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW
Twink More than 1 year ago
The publisher's description of Michael Rutger's new novel, The Anomaly, instantly caught my eye. "If Indiana Jones lived in the X-Files era, he might bear at least a passing resemblance to Nolan Moore - a rogue archaeologist hosting a documentary series derisively dismissed by the "real" experts, but beloved of conspiracy theorists." Nolan and his crew find a lost cave deep in the Grand Canyon. But the cave holds more surprises than they could have imagined. What's not to love about this book? Great lead character - likeable, intelligent, curious, funny, loyal and more. His theories about many past events had me running to the computer to see if there was any truth to events referenced. And yes, there was. Rutger's plot is wildly imaginative, but that bit of reality gives the scenario that Rutger depicts deep down in that mysterious cave some credence. The supporting cast was just as well drawn. Sidekick Ken was my fave. The snappy dialogue between the two injects a note of humour along the way. Action? Oh yeah, lots of it. The book moves along very quickly and the tension never lets up 'til the final pages. Five stars for such a fun, entertaining read. This one was mostly finished in the hammock one summer's day. I can absolutely see The Anomaly as a movie. And those references to Indiana Jones and the X-Files? Spot on!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read can't wait for the next one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couldn't put it down!