The Anti 12 Steps

The Anti 12 Steps

by Michael Visger

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Since being created, the 12 Steps have been re-worded, and stretched to address the growing world of addiction needs and treatment approaches. In all that time, the steps have never been updated or expanded to account for the different types of addicts that are using them now. The original steps never focused on young or highly resistant addicts, and didn't have considerations for court ordered individuals being part of meetings and the AA community.

With the introduction of the Anti-12 Steps, the 12 Step process gets a whole new level of functioning, and a new set of tools for dealing with the changes in addiction support and treatment since the original creation of the steps. The Anti-Steps speak in a language addicts relate to directly, instead of "the way you're supposed to be". And, the Anti-Steps are flexible and varied in their use, to adapt to some of the more unusual components of addiction.

The Anti-12 Steps gives answers to questions usually dismissed as resistance. Questions like:

1. Why 12 steps? Why not 8? Why not 15?
2. How does this 12 steps stuff have anything to do with my life now?
3. What do I say to resistant addicts who challenge everything they hear?
4. What if I don't want to do the "god" stuff?
5. Do I have to work all the steps the same?
6. I know I'm not powerless, so what do I do about that?
7. How do I explain the Anti-12 Steps to others?

The book "The Anti-12 Steps" doesn't just explain the steps, it gives lessons, and discussions for groups to use. It's a collection of actual class work with actual young and old addicts in real and direct ways.

But what are the Anti-Steps? Simply, they are the 12 steps in reverse. That's all. A very simple concept - with a huge potential for use in recovery work, and helping young/resistant addicts. The Book helps turn the simple concept of the reverse steps into a whole program that goes further and deeper than ever imagined. It was obvious that it was something amazing when the first group of teenagers to ever try the program were active and engaged the entire time they were working on it (something you almost never see resistant teen addicts do). That rare event becomes common when groups start using the Anti-12 Steps as part of their recovery program.

You didn't fake addiction, Don't fake recovery.

Resistance to recovery has a power - and it's a power that you can harness and turn back on the addict to fight the addiction with less work and frustration than you ever imagined.

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About the Author

Michael Visger was born in Rockford, IL in 1970. After living in Rochester, NY, and Kingsport, TN, he moved to Knoxville, TN where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and in Sociology/Criminal Justice. He worked for the adolescent outdoor recovery programs at Peninsula Village and for a residential treatment program, now closed, in downtown Knoxville. It was here where he created the Anti-12 Steps in 1996. After the close of the program, he worked for DRD (Drug Research Development) treatment centers with opiate addicts through 2000. Moving to Seattle, WA, Michael began work for Good Samaritan Behavioral Health, where he further structured the Anti-12 Steps and created programs for his clients. Michael worked for the Washington State Free and Clear Smoking Cessation Program while also running a small counseling practice in Tacoma, WA, where he has further brought the Anti-12 Steps to those in need and hoping for support other than that provided by the traditional 12 Steps method. Michael is currently a certified counselor in Washington State. He is continuing his efforts to take over the world.

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