The AntiChrist: Satan Incarnate

The AntiChrist: Satan Incarnate

by Dr. Shaolin MB Abrams Sr PhD


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The AntiChrist: Satan Incarnate by Dr. Shaolin MB Abrams Sr PhD

Who Is He? According to the world, Satan; or as he is commonly known as the Devil is a Cartoon Character; a comic figure complete with horns, forked-tail and a red suit! He is the mythical caretaker of a mythical Hell; yet he is worshiped world-wide! In philosophy, Satan is merely an impersonal concept; intellectually regarded as the invention of a puritanical guilt-complex, and "enlightened thinkers" dismiss such a superstition as "unreasonable to the rational mind." In religion, Satan is a mystery. He is the object of both derision, and pity; he is either eulogized, or despised. Of evil, he is considered its Influence, and its victim. But Who Is He? His true identity is revealed only in the Holy Scriptures. He is the origin of all sin, the source of all misery, the center of all strife; he is the reason and sum of all sorrow, bitterness and grief.

He is Satan, and he is alive and well! His subtlety separated man from Eden's sublime estate and plunged him to the depths of despair; yet Satan conducts his business with scarcely a notice.

"The Devil"

Men don't believe in a devil now, as their fathers used to do. They've opened the door of the broadest creed to let his majesty through. There isn't a print of his cloven foot, or a fiery dart from his bow, to be found on earth or anywhere, for the world has voted it so. But who is mixing the fatal drought that kills both heart and brain, and loads the earth each year with ten hundred thousand slain? Who blights the bloom of the land today with the fiery breath of hell? If the devil isn't or never was, won't somebody please rise and tell?
Who dogs the steps of the toiling saint and digs the pit for his feet? Who sows the tares in the field of time when God is sowing pure wheat? But the devil is voted just not to be, and of course the thing is true... but who is doing the kind of work the devil is supposed to do? Won't somebody step to the front right now and immediately begin to Satan show, how the frauds and the crimes of the day spring up, for surely we want to know! The devil was fairly voted out, and of course the devil's gone... but simple folk would like to know... "Who carries his business on?"

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Publication date: 01/29/2016
Pages: 504
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