The Antichrist Revealed In Revelation 12

The Antichrist Revealed In Revelation 12

by Gladys Scaife


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The book The Antichrist Revealed in Revelation 12 has been written as a teaching syllabus to inform mankind about a certain spirit being enemy.

This spirit being enemy has caused catastrophic events upon the earth and mankind for eons. The history of this spirit being enemy is written in the book called the Bible. Most people think of the Bible as a fairy tale, but it is the accurate account of all spirit beings in the universe. God, the angels, and man are all spirit beings. God the Creator, created the angels and man in His spirit image.

In the beginning, the God of heaven created the heaven and the earth, with all their spirit beings. Lucifer is a created being who lived in heaven as an archangel. Scripture passages of the bible reveal that the angel Lucifer, a servant of the God of heaven, was assigned as a covering for the spirit beings of mankind upon the earth.

During the course of his duty upon the earth, Lucifer desired a lifestyle outside the realm of the kingdom of God for himself and fulfilled it by way of trafficking. Trafficking became the sin of Lucifer's downfall from the status of an angel created perfectly in his ways by God, to an angel full of iniquity, rebellion, and violence, which lead to his outcast from heaven to the earth. Lucifer uses his state of iniquity, rebellion and violence to wreak havoc upon mankind with the intent to annihilate the man from the face of the earth by any means possible.

The God of heaven has revealed Lucifer to be the great dragon, the serpent called the Devil, and Satan. Satan means adversary, or enemy. Lucifer made himself an enemy to his Creator, the God of heaven. During the short time that the God of heaven has given the man to redeem himself through His Christ, Lucifer aka Satan will take this opportunity to deceive the whole world. Man must redeem himself from Lucifer, because Lucifer usurped control over the earth and Adam's posterity in the garden of Eden to cause his iniquity, rebellion and violence to prosper through the man.

The creation of man began in Iraq, in the garden of Eden (Genesis 2:7-14). Lucifer rules the earth and man from the invisible spirit realm and has set up his spiritual headquarters over the Media-Persian nations (Isaiah 14:13-14, Psalm 48:2). Lucifer aka Satan, the destroyer in the kingdom of God, is the Savior of mankind, and the man of God.

Lucifer will bring upon the earth his fourth catastrophe, the tribulation war of the seals, that will be certainly located in the Media-Persian nations. Lucifer will be fighting against the eviction from the earth realm and using men as arsenals of warfare for their own destruction. The stage for the tribulation war is being set imminently. This war will bring destruction and desolation to all nations upon the earth. The events of this catastrophe have been outlined from beginning to end in the scriptures.

Lucifer has been sentenced in the past as the destroyer of the earth and mankind by the God of heaven for his iniquities, rebellions and violence. The book "The Antichrist Revealed in Revelation 12" puts this generation of the world in the know about their foretold present and future upon the earth. The prophecies of God, or foretold present and future upon the earth. The prophecies of God, or foretold messages of God were sent to mankind through the prophets, to reveal the endtime for all nations.

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