The Antisocial Manifesto: Manic Depression

The Antisocial Manifesto: Manic Depression

by The Unholy Believer


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The Antisocial Manifesto: Manic Depression by The Unholy Believer

The Antisocial Manifesto: Manic Depression is the philosophy, the belief, the doctrine, the prophecy, "The Spirit" of the Antisocial Manifesto. Accordingly, this volume was written by "The Unholy Believer." Although this name alludes to something magical, it is most certainly not, insofar as, he is not a magical person, he is not "Holy." Instead, he is just a man. He is the "spirit" of revolution. He is the persistence of Man's determination to Know. He is Omnipotent Man and there are no gods before Him. He created God and he created God in His image. As Man, he has held the answers to Mankind for millennia (as described in the book summary). His path to enlightenment began in the depths of depression and a strong desire to overcome. He struggles against his lingering faith in higher powers and, ultimately, by his own omnipotence he overcomes the antiquity of his ignorance and raises his self above all ancient mysticism and existentialism as he accepts the purposelessness and chaotic chance of the Universe in which he lives. While apparently dismal, the Unholy Believer wills himself towards Enlightenment as this becomes his purpose; making him "human, all too human." Thus, the Unholy Believer is the messenger of the very core of Mankind and its pursuit towards Truth.

The Antisocial Manifesto, wants the world to know all about him, and yet he chooses to remain anonymous-which paradoxically frees him to speak personally about his experience with mental illness. Within this radical philosophy, (at turns academic, witty, angry, and profane) the author shares not only the details of a violence-filled childhood, but also his innermost thoughts. His detached perspective may be unsettling to readers at times, but this look into his mind helps to explain the rough road he has traveled. While illuminating, such details can also be overdone, and the author's extended examinations of his many ideas can become overwhelming.

Intrepid readers will venture into philosophical arguments against religion and in favor of science, all supported by complex, logical arguments. The author provides plentiful documentation for his overarching "anti-theist" position and demonstrates his intelligence, knowledge, and persuasive powers with each new argument.

The intriguing question posed by this book is whether the author has been appropriately labeled with a mental illness when, in fact, he is really a radically creative thinker who chooses to go against the grain of society's moral codes. There is a good case made for both explanations, which is what keeps The Antisocial Manifesto interesting.

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ISBN-13: 9781482566017
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/02/2013
Pages: 246
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About the Author

In his own words: "I began this book in 2005 following legal issues, which directly influenced my current position in life. I slipped after all those years and was caught by "Society." Consequently, I began to think, "Who are these people to judge me?" After all, the legal system is composed of judges and magistrates elected within a community which has common standards of living for which they want upheld. These standards of living are founded upon both civil and moral codes from which they find comfort for themselves and their daily lives. Accordingly, these codes were passed down and modified from generation to generation, while always remaining deeply rooted in some fictitious higher being which they called "God." However, their standards, civil and moral, are not my own. So I will attack them!"

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