The Anxiety Shift - Mind Reset: Tackling The Mental Side of Anxiety by Changing The Way You Think

The Anxiety Shift - Mind Reset: Tackling The Mental Side of Anxiety by Changing The Way You Think

by Neil Gabriel


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Most people who suffer from anxiety can name several situations, places, or people that trigger their anxiety. But what they often don't realise is that it is not these places or situations that are causing their anxiety at all. It is in fact the thoughts that occur immediately after them that spark their anxiety. A thought process that takes place in under half a second, and one that they probably have no idea takes place. But it is there.

It is this unconscious thought process that makes your anxiety different to everybody else's, and can make it feel like you are stuck in an infinite loop of anxiety that you will never escape from.

It is also this unconscious thought process, though, that can be looked for, monitored, questioned, and changed, with the right help. If you know how to look for these thoughts, and start to change them, then you can change your response to the usual anxiety triggers. You can change your anxiety.

In The Anxiety Shift - Mind Reset, Neil Gabriel helps you recognise the unconscious negative thoughts that flit through your mind, and shows you how you can change them. He shows you how you can replace them with a better and more positive thought process that will lead to a calmer and happier life.

Using simple CBT-style techniques that you can use on your own, at your own pace, along with 18 printable worksheets and homework activities to guide you, you can change the way you think and beat your anxiety.

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ISBN-13: 9781976092039
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/21/2017
Pages: 164
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