The Araucanian Machi

The Araucanian Machi

by Oliver T. Spedding


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Ridiculed by his parents during his childhood, Nahuel Millaman, a seventeen-year-old Mapuche (indigenous Chilean citizen) boy living in Santiago, Chile is extremely shy and lacks self-confidence. When his girlfriend, Calfuray Cayancura, informs him that she is pregnant, the prospect of parenting a child is too daunting and he runs away hoping to regain his self-confidence and return before the child is born.
Nahuel travels to the Valdivian Forests in Araucania, south-central Chile to seek help from an old Mapuche Machi or Sharman, Sayen Melilan. The wise old woman explains what Nahuel needs to do to restore his self-confidence and devises a formula that he needs to follow to achieve success in his life. Nahuel returns to Santiago.
By using the formula Nahuel finds employment and steadily becomes more and more successful. He returns to Calfuray but she tells him that she miscarried and is now living with another man.
Nahuel and Calfuray move on, each engrossed in their own separate lives but still in love with each other. The man living with Calfuray turns out to be a woman beater and Calfuray deserts him and moves to the port city of Valparaiso.
Nahuel neglects Machi Sayen's formula and not only loses his job but fails in his own business enterprise. Realizing his mistake he applies the formula once again and success follows. He moves to Valparaiso where there are better opportunities.
To both Calfuray and Nahuel the possibility of being united seems impossible but the future can contradict expectations and Fate is never far away.
What though, is the formula for success that Machi Sayen gave to Nahuel that led to his success?
If you're struggling to achieve your goals this book can help you succeed.

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