The Archangel Guide to Ascension: 55 Steps to the Light

The Archangel Guide to Ascension: 55 Steps to the Light

by Diana Cooper, Tim Whild


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Two leading spiritual teachers share new, high-frequency ascending information—so that you can accelerate your journey to the light
Since 2012, the energy on this planet has changed considerably, with much more high-frequency energy coming in. In addition, many of the tools and techniques we have been using on the ascension path have moved to a new vibration with different geometric set-ups. Diana Cooper and Tim Whild have been working with the angels for many years and believe that people are ready to receive this higher-level information. The Archangels are stepping in to help you to ascend your frequency to the fifth dimension and beyond.
In The Archangel Guide to Ascension, they offer clear steps to accelerate your journey to the light. These steps are sequential so that your path will be smooth and clear. Each chapter offers guidance about the Archangels, information about the step you are on, and a visualization to assist you. Archangel Metatron, who vibrates with the number 55, is overlighting the whole book, and will be with you as you work with the guidance it offers.

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ISBN-13: 9781781804711
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 03/02/2015
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 513,180
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Diana Cooper received an angelic visitation which transformed her life many years ago. She is now the bestselling author of 25 books, which are available in 27 languages. Diana specializes in esoteric subjects including angels, unicorns, ascension and Atlantis. She teaches internationally and is the founder of The Diana Cooper Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that trains spiritual teachers worldwide.

Tim Whild is a new name in the field of Body, Mind, Spirit, and has a growing profile. He has a close connection with Archangel Metatron and Thoth and is a precise channel for both of them. Tim has clear memories of his past life as a high priest in the golden era of Atlantis and Egypt. He teaches workshops, writes a popular blog with ascension activations, and has a regular slot on Diana Cooper’s monthly newsletter.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Step 1 Lady Gaia and Your Soul Contract 1

Step 2 The Unicorns 5

Step 3 Prepare Your 12 Chakras and Activate Your Fifth-Dimensional Merkabah 12

Step 4 Archangel Metatron 18

Step 5 The Great Central Sun 24

Step 6 The Elemental Dragons 28

Step 7 The Elemental Kingdom 36

Step 8 The Intergalactic Council 41

Step 9 Petition the Intergalactic Council to Help the World 48

Step 10 The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame 53

Step 11 Access Stellar Wisdom 58

Step 12 Building Your Crystalline Light Body 66

Step 13 Light Dispensations 70

Step 14 The Law of Gratitude and Blessings 74

Step 15 The Ascension Path of Love and Kindness 80

Step 16 The Path of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Harmlessness 84

Step 17 Source Love Within 89

Step 18 The Lunar Influence 94

Step 19 Archangel Sandalphon 98

Step 20 Archangel Gabriel 102

Step 21 Archangel Uriel 107

Step 22 Opening the Heart with Archangel Chamuei 112

Step 23 Archangel Michael 118

Step 24 Archangel Raphael 123

Step 25 Archangel Jophiel 128

Step 26 Archangel Christiel 132

Step 27 Archangel Mariel 136

Step 28 Archangel Metatron's Retreat 140

Step 29 Archangel Zadkiel 145

Step 30 Archangel Joules 149

Step 31 Archangel Purlimiek, Angel of Nature 155

Step 32 Archangel Fhelyai, Angel of Animals 161

Step 33 Archangel Preminilek and the Insects 165

Step 34 Archangel Bhokpi, Angel of Birds 170

Step 35 Archangel Butyalil 175

Step 36 Archangel Azriel 180

Step 37 The Seraphim Seraphina 184

Step 38 The Atlantean Blue Star Seal Meditation 189

Step 39 Karmic Dispensation 193

Step 40 Receive the Archangel Cloaks 198

Step 41 The Higher Mahatma Energy for the 12 Chakras 204

Step 42 Co-create the Aquarian Ascension Pool 211

Step 43 The Mary Cloak 215

Step 44 Tools for Prosperity and Abundance 220

Step 45 Heart Healing from the Pleiades 225

Step 46 The Spiritual Laws to Activate Alchemy and Magic 230

Step 47 The Christ Consciousness Portals 234

Step 48 Carry the Pure White Light and Ascension Flame 238

Step 49 The Golden Flame of Atlantis 242

Step 50 The Gold Ray of Christ 247

Step 51 The Wisdom of Trees 252

Step 52 Expanding the Fifth-Dimensional Heart 257

Step 53 Discover Your Own Ascension Ray Energy 261

Step 54 Ascension Crystals and Crystal Skulls 265

Step 55 The Instant Sun 270

Afterword 275

About the Authors 277

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