The Architect of Love: Sufi Poems by Niyazi Misri: Sufi Poems by Niyazi Misri

The Architect of Love: Sufi Poems by Niyazi Misri: Sufi Poems by Niyazi Misri

by Niyasi Misri, Ersin Balci




True spiritual Masters are like rivers, each with their own uniquely pure, sweet water, nourished by the highest peaks. Although one may see them flowing on the surface, mostly, they are underground rivers, making it hard to access them. But, if one finds a way to access a true spiritual Master, you will very soon realize that he is, amazingly, a door, a passageway to the deepest realities of existence, a healing for wounded hearts, and a secure harbor within the unending turmoil of life. With that encounter a vibrant, marvelous, and intoxicating dance of the heart begins which will take you to the unexpected beauties of your inner existence. The Architect of Love will open a way for readers to experience such an encounter with the mighty spiritual presence of Niyazi Misri, the great Turkish sufi Master, lived in the 17th century Ottoman period, who is well known for his beautiful, spiritually energizing sufi poems which have been widely read in Turkish sufi circles for centuries.

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Table of Contents

Preface 11

Introduction 13


1 Abandon, O Heart, all else, and follow Love 31

2 What a wonder is the Hidden Treasure 33

3 O Heart, come, do not cry and moan 39

4 O ascetic, observe not the outward form 41

5 Gazing at the Beauty of the Beloved, I call - Friend, O Friend! 43

6 Among the people of beauty, Your Beauty has ever been in demand 48

7 Once again my tongue Gives you praise, O Muhammad! 50

8 In the darkness of separation from You, I am sleepless, O Lord, please help 54

9 Of the secrets of God, To the Gnostics, I have tidings to tell 56

10 O forlorn Nightingale, where is your homeland? 58

11 Today, I attended a sermon meeting 60

12 I had been looking for a remedy for my heartache, found that my heartache is itself a remedy for me 62

13 The world is a copy of the knowledge of God - no other 65

14 What has befallen you? 67

15 My Heart desires to shun that which is other 72

16 O Heart, come, the Path to God may you find 74

17 Seeking worldly whim? Enough of it! 76

18 O King, my companion let Your Love be 78

19 Since eternity, it has been my custom To be upon some task each day; 80

20 For how long will there be deceptions and tricks? 85

21 O King of Omnipotence, Grace me with opening my way 87

22 As-sala! to him who comes To the Bazaar of Love, as-sala! 91

23 I am cognizant of the secrets Of the knowledge Adam has 93

24 Now, O Guide of the whole world, Tell me of the knowledge of God 96

25 Without abandoning your soul, For the Sweetheart you aspire 99

26 The ground of the palace of religion is Divine Law 101

27 Here comes the spring 107

28 Being annihilated in Sheer Essence, I have been delivered from my being, for ever 110

29 Wake up, open your eyes, stand not still 113

30 How, O Trusted Ones, Could I reveal the secret of God? 116

31 Going on pilgrimage with pilgrims, How pleasant, how pleasant! 119

32 You are the mine Of the manifestation of the universe 122

33 Poverty and Nothingness is the glory Of the Seal of all the Messengers 125

34 O friend! Come, be not seduced By the beauty of that perfidious woman, That is, the world 128

35 I swear, O Dajjal, To waste all your efforts do go 133

36 I had been thinking that, for me, Within the world, no beloved there remained 136

37 All things have been set in a manner 138

38 Being immersed in the Essence of God, He who is familiar with Gnosis Understands us 141

39 O heedless one, from heedlessness, awake! 144

40 Though I am just a drop in it, The Ocean marvels at me 146

41 The Guide to the Path of God Is the Breath of the Perfect Man 148

42 After having seen Your Face, Those who come to this abode Remained faithful to their covenant with You 151

43 Deem not this Retreat as vain 154

44 From the beginning of eternity, We have been ravaged by Love 157

45 For you, each portion Of the three kingdoms of nature Is a book within a book 161

46 Once more the world has been burnt by separation 165

47 Moan, O aching Heart, moan 167

48 O You Generous God, O You Rich Sultan 169

49 If you want to be noble with Gnosis, Lay your face upon the threshold Of the Men of Gnosis 171

50 Casting yourself upon the Fire of Love, Everything you sense through it, unify 175

Glossary Of Terms 177

References To Koranic And Prophetic Sayings 195

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