The Aroma of Borigumma

The Aroma of Borigumma

by S.K. Pattnaik


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She walked to the warmth of the happy sun rays that had invaded a portion of the porch. Shazy's immeasurable happiness conquered every corner of the house. A whoop of delight broke out in the homely crowd.

Little Ryan had turned a soldier to fight with the dust in his classroom that day. He gleefully intoned one of the poems about cultivation being an awesome occupation, like his friends. A big broom in his little hand had caught a rhythmic movement favoring the reverberation of the utterance.

A big personality like Sanjay couldn't stop his tears while stating that he couldn't stay at home after he saw the dead body. The hauls and screams engulfed him with fear. He couldn't cry there and started running.

The ultimate smell of cooked chicken had already invaded Sohan's nostrils, causing his appetite to grow stronger. The boy was fond of non-vegetarian food. He was bold enough to explain to himself to not take anything from the menu that day—at least for that day—as the curry was made out of the flesh of his most beloved pet.

Milu's stomach was upset. It was quite difficult for him to ignore nature's call. He had to defecate urgently. But, the non-collegiate didn't wish to reveal the fact. He knew that the boys would laugh and the teacher might make fun of him, in front of the girls in the class.

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