The Arrival

The Arrival

by J. W Brazier

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ISBN-13: 9780996275620
Publisher: Inkwell Publishing
Publication date: 05/05/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,021,723
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The Arrival 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
birdladyvm More than 1 year ago
The premise for this story was set in stone thousands of years ago; if you believe the Bible it is all laid out in precise order. This is a take on the end times with America being in the center; in today’s advanced times of medicine, research, and science anything is possible. This story begins in Palestine in 1948, Ian Taylor, archaeologist and Dr. Charles Wagner, scientist are hired to find a certain 2,000-year-old zealot Jewish body for Abram Solomon, CEO of Solomon Industries in the USA. I won’t tell you who they are hunting as this would be a spoiler. From there we are taken to White River, Arkansas 1980. Both Ian and Charles are suddenly having horrendous nightmares where the body from 30 years ago and Abram Solomon are the center attractions. Solomon Industries, now GEM-Tech is hidden under ground in the middle of the Bible belt, the most advanced research facility in the world. Something terrible is happening there, Project Phoenix, girls are impregnated and then disposed of if the desired results are not found, then came Mary. Her baby has very unusual traits, horrifying traits. Dr. Deborah Holland, a trusted friend of Dr. Charles and an acclaimed research scientist at GEM-Tech will see what Mary’s baby, still in the womb, can do. Mysteries abound as well as the most horrendous evil ever known to man, God has plans for Ian and Deborah in the coming fight; through a horrible delivery a baby is born in the presence of demons. What is released on the world and what will be the results? Fast-forward to 2019 and the coming fight between good and evil. Deborah receives warnings of his coming, and he is coming to White River. She enlists the help of her long last love Glenn Boyd and his number one investigative reporter, Dean Cohen. God is lining up his soldiers for the coming battle; they will be many and varied. Entering the fray will be newly elected Mayor Joshua Austin of White River; angels are watching and protecting God’s Chosen. Many will be lost during this novel, many will be deceived, and many will find the strength of God. What a wild ride this is. From White River where Dean Cohen finds Ann Holland daughter to Deborah and the beginnings of the take over by evil forces and the deception of the masses, the United Nations issuing money less cards and chip implants with DNA links to bank accounts, the halls of corrupt politics, one world order, and to the Middle East, you will not be sorry you took the ride. The author did a wonderful job of maintaining the tension, horror, presence of evil, and plot pacing of the book. I could almost feel the evil pouring from the pages; becoming lost in the emotions of the book is what makes a great book in my opinion. It does not lag in any way and did not ask you to believe in the End Times, the story did not feel preachy or pushy. Even if you do not believe in the End Times, you will still enjoy this fast paced book. Strap on your seat belt and get ready for the ride, this is a nonstop action novel taken from the pages of the Bible; it will make you stop and think, it actually made the hair on my arms stand up. The ending leaves the story at a point where a series can develop. I loved this book, Mr. Brazier and highly I recommend this book to anyone that likes End Times stories or just an action story. It is a clean read. I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest opinion.
brf1948 More than 1 year ago
I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway on July 10, 2015 from J. W. Brazier. Thank you so much for sharing your work with me. I look forward to a good read. I had a hard time getting into this novel - had to set it aside for a while. And start it again. I found this story very frightening. This novel is every nightmare an educated liberal adult has every lost sleep over. The story is tightly woven and keeps you on your feet. Admirers of The Last Ship and The Dome will love this book. I highly recommend it to everyone with an interest in politics as usual in today's world.
Blessings_N_Bloggings More than 1 year ago
The Arrival is a Christian fiction book that combines both politics and biblical prophecy and I really enjoyed the story that J W Brazier created. This story begins with a discovery in 1948 at the exact time that Israel becomes a nation. This discovery unleashes an evil that will play a major role in the end times. J W takes you from 1948 through the 1980's and into the near future with an American government that is hostile toward Christians and trampling over our citizen's constitutionally protected rights. The scenario he creates is very plausible as many of the pieces are currently already in play such as the Jade Helm martial law exercises currently getting ready to begin. This is the first book in a series that really has the potential to be great; I love the fact that the Black Robe Regiment is incorporated as part of the force for good. The characters that are being developed are ones you can really enjoy getting to know, however there are quite a few so take your time while getting to know each of them. My only criticism of the book is there are a few swear words that really could be omitted. If you are a politically savvy Christian, up on current events you will love this book, for all others, you will be by the end of the book.