The Art of Consciously Healing Our Addictions

The Art of Consciously Healing Our Addictions

by M.D. Raul Llanos


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ISBN-13: 9781504359115
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/30/2016
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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The Art of Consciously Healing Our Addictions

By Raul Llanos

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Raul Llanos, M.D.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-5911-5


Who We Are

We become complacent, and we forget that we are more.

During our existence, we function as children, adolescents, adults, and as spiritual, more mature beings. In other words, those parts of us are continuously looking to express themselves when the opportunity arises.

If we pay attention to our behaviors and our experiences, we can observe our child in that stage, acting in a self-centered, narcissist way or in an innocent way, exploring new realities, just to mention a few of the characteristics that define our child.

Other times, the adolescent, with all of his or her dreams and adventures, comes in and plays his or her realities, including the times of panic, control, and worry.

Regardless of who is trying to take possession of the self, it is important to remember that we always have the capacity to be more conscious of who we are. We always have the capacity to make decisions to be different, more comfortable, and in accord with our evolution to be more mature beings.

We are more than the living image we have of our child, adolescent, or more mature spiritual being. We are the co-creators of our realities. We are the searchers; we are the seekers.

Within each of these four self-realities, we disguise ourselves in a physical, mental, emotional, metaphysical, and spiritual body. The conjunction and the dynamic interaction of these bodies during our journeys in time and space is what we call the human being.

We are very complex beings, and it is difficult to give a definition of who we are because we are continuously changing. However, at the core, our awareness is always present to give meaning and significance to our realities.

Our pasts, our present, and our futures are illusions or commodities in the reality of linear time and tridimensional space. The present moment's reality is the only true reality; the past and the future are important but are unreal memories or ideas unless we change their value.

We continuously change memories; in other words, we are continuously changing the past. We can reinvent our pasts by reinventing our memories, our rules, our lyrical rituals, and more. The mature parts of ourselves remind us that we can recreate our pasts in accord with our own choices and desires just as we can imagine our futures. In fact, if we do not let go of our pasts, we will place those memories in our futures and again create the same pasts.

We are continuously in evolution. We are continuously changing, and by projecting ourselves in a better future, we become different and more in agreement with our will, our imagination, and our love.

Although we are equal, we are unique and different at the same time. In the true reality, everything is already created. Life is like a movie in a tape cassette, DVD, or in a virtual space. We are living it, experiencing it, rediscovering it. A new movie always begins; we are more than a new movie; we are the co-creators of our movies.

It is a continuous cycle of beginning and ending, but it is always up to us to be in charge. It is up to us to mature and become different so the experiences of our lives, as well as our beings, become fresh and more productive.

Let us go further and experience life as a continuous beginning. Let us be all that we can be.

We are beyond time and space. We choose this reality of time and space for our growth, for our success, and for our joy. In the true reality, there is no time and space. Our true reality goes beyond what we call matter. It is more subtle, ethereal, infinite, indestructible, and continuously co-creating itself. There is always hope for new experiences; it is our right. We are in this world of time and space, but we are from beyond this confine dream.

To answer the question of who we are, we also can say that we are the image of something that we call the higher power, which becomes higher and higher.

We are dreamers. Life is like a dream. While we are dreaming, reality is happening and only becomes a dream when we wake up. We can become more conscious of our dreams, and in those dreams, we can realize that we are dreaming the reality of the dream. Our possibilities are infinite, and we can identify, be, become, and experience any possibilities.

We are the moviemakers. We are the creators of our dreams, and we can do it more consciously. The movies and the dreams of our lives can help us to comprehend, understand, and make conclusions about our growth and the creation of new perceptions more in agreement with our freer, self-predetermined destinies.

Our consciousness and our awareness develop and enhance our perceptions, and at the same time, our perceptions enrich our consciousness and our awareness. Our perceptions are modified by the way we measure our realities. We can say that we are continuously in motion, and all the innumerable parts of ourselves, although unique, are in synchronicity and working for the best without losing their identities.

As an example, the human body has organs, cells, atoms, protons, and more working in plenitude in the best interest and well-being of themselves individually and the body as a whole.

To continue the understanding of who we are, let me state that we are searchers. We are always growing, always becoming different and better. In other words, we are continuously changing and waking up to better realities.

We have been doing this without much awareness, but now more than ever, we are consciously witnessing the evolution of consciousness and beyond.

Let us center ourselves. Let us be at the core of our being and have a glimpse of our totality and beyond.

We are self-perpetuating beings. We are spiritual beings in disguise having human experiences. It is through our consciousness that we are able to appreciate the drama or the dreams of our existences. We can always be in charge of the last judgment or opinion in our consciousness. We, within ourselves, are the plaintiff, the defender, the jury, the judge, and the experience of the process.

These are just a few concepts that have been helping us and will continue to aid us more in the understanding that we are in charge, that if we close a door, many more doors will be open. Although we are alienated within the webs of our realities, we always have the possibility of establishing ourselves in new webs or realities thanks to our capacities for discovering ourselves.

The possibilities and the probabilities are all at our disposal. Depending on our choices and decisions, we can explore and live any possibility where we are able to experience more freedom, joy, and abundance.

The child dreams of the future, but he or she is unable to realize it; the dream becomes just an innocent fantasy. It is a self-centered dream. The adolescent dreams of the future, but his or her dreams are in disarray and arrogant because of his or her chaos and limitations and the absolutes within the person. It is a dream of self-importance.

The adult's dreams of the future are more mature. His or her dreams become more in balance and in accordance with his or her needs, realities, and those of others. The dreams of the future of the spiritual being are more elegant and in accordance with our essence of joy, success, and in general of the love that is at the deepest part of our essences.

Beyond our childhood and our adolescence, the mature spiritual being is looking for more realization throughout the experiences of life. No matter whom we have been or who we are, we always can take advantage of our experiences to recreate ourselves. We are the duality — the saint and the Devil, the more and the lesser, and the positive and the negative webs.

Within us, there is the masculine and the feminine energy. We are the soul and the spirit. We experience the illusion of the material as real, but truly, we are ethereal. Our more real selves are always available to be discovered. We are divine we are part of a higher power, or whatever you want to call it, which is the divinity.

We are in a catch-22 reality, but in self-reflection, we can allow ourselves to be lift to something different and lighter. We are in the imagination, but we are real in the solidity of our imaginations.

Just for a moment, if we look into ourselves, we will realize that the past and the future are in our imaginations, and the present instant that is more real is part of the imagination. The more alive our imaginations are, the richer our realities.

In the imagination, our creativity is at our disposal for the continuous co-creating of ourselves. We can say we are the imagination within a larger reality that is also in the imagination. We are also more than anything we can imagine.

These and any other statements help us understand that we have power, and we can create easier experiences away from our addictions. We can hurt ourselves. We punish ourselves, but at the same time, we could love, care, and embrace ourselves.

We are everything, including our self-destructive behaviors, but all of that is part of what we are and need to pursue and find that we are more. The senses of our bodies are limited, but the senses of our more true realities — our spirituality, including the imagination, creativity, and beyond — have fewer boundaries. Regardless, remember that the totality is unlimited.

We are the perceivers. Our perception and our conception are continuously changing. We only perceive a small spectrum of light. If our inner and outer senses expand, we will perceive the tangible and the intangible properties of the light differently. Then we will realize that we are different, and we can become even more different by changing our perceptions.

Just for a moment, think about what kind of reality the dog experiences with its refined sense of smell, or the bat with its refined sense of hearing, or the snake with its refine sense of sight. Just meditate for a moment how our realities will change if we enhance our physical senses, our feelings, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our choices.

So who are we? The answer to this question is very complex, more complex than what we can perceive at the present moment. We are complex selves continuously searching for more happiness and freedom. We are seekers of more self-realization, of more self-identification with the divine, where we can find more self-actualization.

Traditionally, we speak about addictions in the form of alcohol, drugs, food, nicotine, and other destructive substances. We forget about the addiction to our emotions and to our destructive, repetitive patterns of being. Our socially accepted behaviors, rituals, memories can also eventually become boring, addictive, and destructive unless we take responsibility to update them. For example, if we do not take responsibility for the acceptance, the expression, and the updating of our emotions, they become addictive and destructive. If we do not take responsibility for our ways of being and properly process them, they also could become very boring and destructive. Just think for a moment how addicted we are to fear, worry, blame, pain, guilt, self-punishment, and the unhappier behaviors and patterns of being in general. We are the ones who can be more in charge of our lighter and higher ways of being, where the flexibility and the love becomes a more visible part of our existences.

The list is open for us to complete and remember how much more freedom we can have from the expression and updating of any emotion and behavior. How much freedom can we obtain by expressing and updating our way of serving, caring, loving, being grateful, joyful, and so forth? How much freedom we can achieve from taking responsibility and processing our repetitive patterns, thoughts, emotions, memories, and behaviors that no longer provide any benefit for us? How much freedom we can have from releasing the no longer appropriate and addictive ways that we learn as children, as adolescents, or as growing adults to protect ourselves? How much freedom we can find by changing ourselves?

Let us clean our path from the thorns and old narrow paths into the lush green pastures and the white and fresh sandy fields.


Where We Are Coming From

If we situated ourselves in any point of our realities, we will find out that we are at the center and that center has always existed.

In the reality of the human being, consciousness is primary. We, as conscious beings, are never born, we never end, we are indestructible, and we are self-propelling beings in the process of finding more awareness. In our present living experience, we have a past, a present, and a future. The past are memories, and the future is not here. We are a truly never ending, never born, self-present experience. Although we live the illusion of continuously changing, of continuously beginning and ending, the true reality is that we the experiencer or co-creator of these transformations, has always existed and is experiencing new beginnings.

In the drama of our existences, we dream of the future, we dwell on the past, we experience the present, but in a more true reality, we are part of an eternal essence where everything has already been created, where everything is possible at the same time. We are consciousness, and our nature is to find more of ourselves. We have always been a conscious being in evolution. We are lucky that we exist in this present moment of our history where we are more conscious of our evolution.

In the path of our linear existences, we have past experiences, and within these past experiences we planted seeds, we planted treasures and gifts to enrich our present perceptions. All these seeds, gifts, and treasures are part of all of our possibilities that we co-created to find and to be more conscious of ourselves. In any moment of the rediscovering of ourselves, we will find more about where we are coming from, who we are, and where we are going. We as unique beings have our own special ways to help us to understand and have greater knowledge of ourselves. We have always enjoyed playing hide and seek.

In the conception of linear time, we see a beginning and we foresee an end. Fortunately, because of our capacity for self-awareness and through our attention and our intentions, we can make the past and the future a present experience. We can bring the experiences of the past and the experiences of our future into our present awareness, and then we will become more aware that we have always been in existence.

The past and the future are just memories. Let our imaginations help us understand that the experiences of the past and the experiences of the future can be updated at our own volition. Each one of us has at our own disposal, a unique and special memory and experience of what our pasts were and what our futures will be. Let our imaginations help us understand that these memories or experiences are always ready for change. When we change our memories, we change ourselves, and then we can have more understanding of who we are and where are we coming from.

Although our present linear reality establishes a beginning and an end, in true reality there is a continuous, never-ending present transformation at our disposal. We are continuously creating ourselves, we are continuously becoming different, we continuously cocreating a new beginning and ending through our own will. Although in God's reality, everything is not only possible but also already done, we have the privilege of the never-ending creation of ourselves. It is a mysterious and magical self-created reality that was never born, that is indestructible, and will never end.

In our linear realities, we have been in many places and in different times. We thought that we were limited and destructible, but in the light of our new awareness, we can change that perception, and we can always co-create more pleasant, unlimited, and comfortable realities. We can become different and have the understanding that our capacities to change are forever. We were never born, we will never die, we are self-created, and our journeys continue to find more self-understanding, love, joy, and success. In our present evolution, we are at a place and within a reality where our self-fulfilled present is no further away than within the reach of our hands.

Our consciousness is primary to our physical, mental, emotional, and metaphysical bodies. We are spiritual beings in disguise. Our perceptions create our realities. Our creation is a product of our consciousness. We always have had the capacity to recreate ourselves, but now we do it more consciously. Our capacities to create new experiences are richer, more abundant, and more open to enjoyment.

We live in duality — the evil and the good are part of the coin. We give the value and the meaning to each side of the coin because we are the ones who create the coin. We forgot that not only we are the creators of the coin, but we are also the ones who flip the coin. In the past, we have been playing with the same coin and dealing with the stubbornness of the side that we play. Fortunately, now we are in charge of a different coin and more aware that we can flip it at our own will to find more of our capacities to co-create new beginnings. During this process of more consciously recreating and experiencing ourselves, let us be more aware that we cannot experience a new reality unless we become part of the new reality.


Excerpted from The Art of Consciously Healing Our Addictions by Raul Llanos. Copyright © 2016 Raul Llanos, M.D.. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Letter to the Reader, ix,
Preface, xi,
1. Who We Are, 1,
2. Where We Are Coming From, 7,
3. Where Are We Going?, 11,
4. Pleasure and Pain, 17,
5. Let Us Reflect More on the Spirituality of the Twelve Steps, 25,
• Points to Remember, 65,
6. The Field Is Infinite, Forever, and Within Ourselves, 69,
7. Valuable Techniques to Help Us Release Our Addictions and Find More Well-Being, 81,
Insights, 101,
About the Author, 107,
Resources, 113,

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