The Art of Healthcare Innovation: Interviews and Industry Insights from 35 Game-Changing Pioneers

The Art of Healthcare Innovation: Interviews and Industry Insights from 35 Game-Changing Pioneers

by Christina D. Warner


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What if you had a crystal ball that revealed the future of the healthcare landscape?Wouldn’t you want that ball?

Think of how that information could boost your success and impact your future. You could be on the cutting-edge of change and reap the rewards. Accept that change is inescapable. Discover how healthcare changes will impact you, your family, and your career. Listen to pioneers who share their secrets and predictions.

A few of these pioneers include:

1. Shaden Marzouk MD, Ph.D. Managing Director, Health, AXA, former Chief Medical Officer of Cardinal Health

2. Brian Caveney, MD, JD, MPH. Enterprise-Wide Chief Medical Officer of LabCorp

3. Ruth Williams-Brinkley, President, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals of the Northwest

4. Bertalan Mesko, MD. Ph.D. Director of The Medical Futurist Institute

5. Barbara Casey, Global Health Leader at Cisco, Inc

6. Deborah C. Beidel, Ph.D., ABPP, Director of UCF RESTORES®

What these leaders share:

· Current innovative trends

· How trends will change the world

· Five things they wish they knew

· Disruptive practices and products you haven’t heard of

· Advice for how to future-proof your career

· Success habits and life philosophy

Who this book is for:

. Entrepreneurs, healthcare workers and consumers who understand the need for strategic agility.

. Those who want to plan a future in the healthcare industry.

. Those who want to avoid failed businesses.

. Those who want to prepare for new trends and reap the reward of a competitive advantage.

What you will learn:

· What the future of the healthcare industry looks like

· How to recession-proof your career

· Where to find healthcare business and career opportunities

· How to pitch venture capitalists and where to find them

· How to ask the right questions

· How to prepare for environmental uncertainties

Successful leaders need to anticipate where the markets are going. Disruption is a wealth creation opportunity. Leaders who are open to innovative ideas, and to learning how and where to look for ideas, will thrive.

Don’t get locked out of this market because you lack the knowledge on how and where to find solutions. Expand your view and increase the odds that you will see important trends before your competition.

Disruptive innovation theory should be a key component in all strategist’s toolkits.

Grab a copy of The Art of Healthcare Innovation: Interviews and Industry Insights from 36 Pioneers today before change renders your position obsolete.

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ISBN-13: 9781733149617
Publisher: Christina D. Warner
Publication date: 10/20/2019
Pages: 230
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About the Author

Christina D. Warner is a healthcare innovator, marketing strategist, and global connector. Christina joined a top Fortune 100 in 2018, and plays a critical role in tactical marketing with disease states such as neurology, multiple sclerosis, gastroenterology, pulmonary and bleeding disorders. Prior to the Fortune 100 company, Christina joined Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and worked in partnership with Michael J. Fox Foundation on clinical trial initiatives for Parkinson's disease. Christina also worked in an international trading firm, splitting her time equally between Taiwan and China.

Christina is a regular columnist for Authority Magazine and Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global. Her writing has been featured in Apple News and Buzzfeed, and she has been quoted in many national publications, including Forbes, U.S. News & World Report and Ivy Exec.

Christina received her MBA at The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, where she earned a concentration on healthcare sector management (HSM).

Twitter: @ChristinDWarner
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The Art of Healthcare Innovation: Interviews and Industry Insights from 35 Game-Changing Pioneers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
IsabellaZ 8 months ago
This book is highly overdue for the healthcare market because it doesn't simply triage the symptoms of growing expenses, antiquated systems and lack of resources. It is a step by step guide to inspecting the foundation, diagnosing the impact of disease, data and decisions and - as the cherry on top - pulls it all together with the integration of insurance payers, providers, and patients. Without any doubt, innovation is a highly complex topic and not solved nor introduced overnight BUT this book clearly shows a path of solution and implementation. I received a free copy of the book but, quite frankly, this book should be MANDATORY for everyone - even remotely - working in the healthcare industry and who has the passion and power to introduce change and foster innovation. Please note that I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 8 months ago
The Art of Healthcare Innovation is an inspiring read for healthcare professionals and anyone interested in where the future of care leads. From preventative care to diagnosing illnesses to end-of-life care, the physicians and healthcare professionals interviewed show a shift in focus to whole patient care. No one wants to be just another diagnosis. They want to know they matter, and the healthcare innovators featured in the book illustrate how technology and improved emotional intelligence are combining to provide a bright future for patient care.
LErinna 7 months ago
I received an advanced copy as an early reader. This is a comprehensive book that covers many broad topics in healthcare. Experts from their respective fields of study provide insight in a meaningful way.
Anonymous 8 months ago
This book offers fresh insights about ways to look differently at the future of health care and innovation. It highlights the importance of the intersection of technology, science and business. High-performing organizations are more likely to think about ways to improve, develop and grow. Each of the case studies/profiles are thoughtful, well-developed and well-conceived essays that offer the reader a solid understanding of ways to think differently about implementing and measuring the future of health care innovation in daily practice. Well-done, Christina. -- Gail S. Thornton, Founder, Worldview Communications
Anonymous 8 months ago
The Art of Healthcare Innovation was really eye-opening in showing the change of direction in healthcare. No doubt our current American healthcare system is broken and desperately needs change. The Art of Healthcare Innovation does a fantastic job at breaking down the journey of the patient navigating our healthcare system currently and what exciting changes are coming ahead to improve the system for all of us.
Dr-Bob-Rich 8 months ago
This book is a series of interviews with people I have never heard of, but am glad to find out about. They all work in some medical-related field, and all do so because they want to be of benefit. The expertise of each is, as the title suggests, innovative and even revolutionary. They are pioneers, here to change the way we look after people in some form of ill health. Each contribution starts with a brief essay, followed by responses to a few questions from Christina. As with any collection of contributions from multiple authors, the language varies widely. Some essays are very human and readable, while others are academese. However, even then, the decency, idealism and generosity of the author shines through. The common theme among contributors is a wish to make a difference, to reduce suffering, and in many cases to make health affordable even to poor people. Some of them may well make a great deal of money from their work, and good luck to them, but that’s a side benefit. A typical example is Aneela Indani: “My philosophy is that what I put out into the world with my thoughts and actions, I will receive” (p 127). There are several others I just wanted to hug. Many of the contributions intrigue me, but leave me wanting more information. Responses cover what the person is aiming to do, and what has been achieved, but the how is left as a mystery. While, clearly, a book for the lay reader cannot cover technical details in a whole collection of fields, at least some common-language description would have added to the book. For example, Charlie Silver has developed a technology that simultaneously examines the DNA in up to 50,000 cells in the body, and provides a single-cell analysis. Amazing. How on earth is this possible? I’d like to know without needing to do further research, at a level of explanation that doesn’t assume knowledge of molecular biology. Who is this book for? I think it will benefit two kinds of people. One is someone looking for a vocation, rather than just a job: a new direction in life that will give long term satisfaction. Second is people caught by the myth that money buys happiness, who slave away, submerged in a meaningless life. Both will be inspired by the stories of the remarkable contributors to this book.
Anonymous 8 months ago
An interesting array of topics by experts in their fields that puts forth insightful and meaningful discussion on healthcare innovation in a manner that the reader can understand and appreciate. Christina Warner assembled innovators who shared their inspiration and thought processes on impacting healthcare. An important read for healthcare professionals, patients, business leaders and everyone in between. I was lucky enough to receive an advance in exchange for an honest review.
ReadersFavorite 8 months ago
Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite The Art of Healthcare Innovation: Interviews and Industry Insights from 35 Game-Changing Pioneers by Christina D. Warner is designed to revolutionize the healthcare experience for patients, articulating on the different points in the journey, including awareness, diagnosis, treatment, lifestyle change, and ongoing care. The book also provides critical advice to healthcare professionals, advice that will definitely accompany them through entrepreneurship, career development, and the technology that enables them to be on par with contemporary healthcare challenges. This book features interviews and input from icons in the medical field, each of them bringing a strong and unique perspective, offering innovative methods in diagnosing and treating a variety of health issues. Dr. Sina Habibi, an expert in cognitive neuroscience, brilliantly talks about “the integrated cognitive assessment (ICA) tool (that) looks for the earliest signs of impairment by testing the performance of large areas of the brain.” Dennis Grishin shares their company’s mission to “drive the adoption of personal genome sequencing and the sharing of genomic data.” Dr. Hitesh Tolani comes across as an innovative thinker when it comes to population health, understanding the challenges and perils of our inter-connectedness, and offering solutions that make for convenience for patients. There are many experts in different healthcare fields that contribute to this book, offering insight, advice, and paths that will change the way readers approach healthcare. It is an understatement to say that this book is well-researched and beautifully written. In The Art of Healthcare Innovation: Interviews and Industry Insights from 35 Game-Changing Pioneers, Christina D. Warner delivers 'need to know' complex concepts and tools in a language that is widely accessible and a tone that is confident and assuring.
Hansen 8 months ago
Even if you only are interested in what the future will bring this is an interesting view, if you furthermore are working with the future of healthcare, this book is a must-read. Christina Warner has managed to gather 35 of the world's most original healthcare thinkers and innovators and has gotten them to reveal their visions for the future and what they are contributing in practically all the areas of healthcare. The result is a plethora of new ideas, inventions and new ways of doing things. You may say that the book is a catalog for inspiration in the area of healthcare, but it is not tedious as a catalog, it's a book full of case stories that inspire. If you have only a limited idea of how many areas within healthcare that can be innovated within, this is a book that will open your eyes. (I received an advanced copy as an early reader)