The Art of Lighting: An International Profile of Home Lighting

The Art of Lighting: An International Profile of Home Lighting

by Randall Whitehead


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ISBN-13: 9781564967077
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Publication date: 09/01/1900
Pages: 192
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Introduction: Nothing has a greater impact on a home than lighting, because illumination affects us on so many levels. Lighting influences the appearance, tone, and impression of every single object or space in a house through how it is lighted. It can make or break the overall ambiance of a residential interior. Yet all too often, people add it as an afterthought - "Oh yes, let's also do some lighting" - after the architecture has been laid out and construction has begun. This is a huge mistake. Along with all the other design components, lighting needs to be considered at the beginning of the design process. Homeowners, especially, need to learn at least the basics about lighting design so they can contribute to important decisions about lighting their residences. Unfortunately, too many architects, interior designers, and contractors have had little training in this specialty. Many new technologies have emerged during the past decade, space to space. New entertainment centers and control systems also have changed the way people use their house. Well-done lighting design takes into account all of these needs and styles of living.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Incredible Impact of Lighting8
Entrances: Portals to the Heart of a Home10
Living Rooms: Blending Drama with Versatility30
Dining Rooms: The Moveable Feast66
Kitchens: Today's Gathering Place96
Bedrooms: A Quiet Retreat116
Bathrooms: The Great Escape128
Specialty Areas: Breaking Through the Boundaries148
Exterior Spaces: Bringing the Outdoors Inside166
Lighting Q and A: Answers to Frequently Asked Lighting Questions178
Directory of Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, and Photographers186

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