The art of military: Mindset in sales

The art of military: Mindset in sales


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A man whose job involves selling or promoting commercial products, either in a store or visiting locations to get orders is usually referred to as a salesman. While a soldier is someone who serves in the army, he protects the interest and constitution of his country.
These are two different occupations and one might not see any correlation between them. However, for a soldier, someone who has gone through military training, I see the two occupations differently,
I see their similarities. There are certain skills or techniques known in the 'military world', that can be of great importance in the 'civilian world', especially in becoming a successful salesman.
This book outlines how you can become technically and tactically proficient in sales. The sales techniques and training are based on experiences, knowledge, and skills that I developed during my active duty with the United States military. While serving on combat operations with the Army in Iraq for two years I learned physical and mental toughness that made me a strong and effective soldier. Upon returning from combat with the Army I realized that many of the skills I learned could be applied to salesmanship in the civilian world.
This book is all about transferring those skills discovered in the
Army, which I like to call 'the military mindset,' to the civilian setting of sales.
You do not need to have prior military experience to utilize these sales training techniques and develop the skills that are elaborated;
however, if you have served in the military, the training and techniques will be even easier to learn. Developing new skills will sharpen your ability to perform productively in the sales world,
enabling you to sell any product or service to anyone anywhere. You will learn how to adopt the military mindset and apply it on the job as a salesman. Best of all, the cognitive processes involved in the sales technique will enable you to complete your top mission: the sale.

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