The Art Of Music Production 3rd Edition

The Art Of Music Production 3rd Edition

by Richard Burgess


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The Art Of Music Production 3rd Edition by Richard Burgess

This highly entertaining book is packed with insights from the most successful music producers and full of revealing anecdotes about the business and the stars. now in its third edition and used as a teaching tool in major colleges, it has become the definitive guide to the art - and the business - of music and record production.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781844494316
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Publication date: 12/19/2006
Edition description: REV
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

1What Kind Of Producer Do You Want To Be?1
d)Merlin The Magician9
e)Other Ways Of Categorising Producers13
2How Do You Get Started?15
a)What Are The Ways In?15
iThe Musician Or Artist?15
iiThe Audio Engineer...20
iiiThe Songwriter26
ivThe DJ Producers...28
vThe Self Taught Home Studio Hobbyist31
viThe Finding A New Act Routine33
viiThe Who-The-Hell-Knows-How-They-Got-Started Route35
b)OK - So You Want To Be A Record Producer - What Next?35
c)Are Qualifications A Help Or A Hindrance?38
d)So Exactly How Much Technical Knowledge Do You Need?43
e)How Much Musical Knowledge Do You Need?47
f)What If You Have Neither Musical Nor Technical Skills?49
g)The Door's Open, The Foot's In, Now What?50
3What's The Job Description?52
a)We Are Not Worthy60
b)Who Takes Care Of The Administration And Paperwork?68
c)Managing The Session From Day To Day69
iiRecording The Live Band72
iiiRecording An Orchestra Or Big Band75
ivOverdubbing Live Musicians76
vThe Computer-Based Session77
viThe Vocals78
viiWhich Method Makes A Better Record - Live, Overdubbed Or Computer?83
d)What Are 'They' Going To Expect Of You?86
iThe Artist?86
iiThe Record Company?89
iiiThe Artist's Manager?90
4Will They Still Love You Tomorrow?91
a)What Is Your Working Life Expectancy?91
b)How's Your Health?92
c)What Keeps A&R People Coming Right Back To You?94
iIf You're Hot94
iiIf You're Not Quite There Yet95
iiiIf You Were Recently Hot96
ivWhen The Night's Closing In96
vWhat Prevents Them From Coming Back To You?99
viHow Else Can You Get Work?100
viiWhat's The Best Way To Handle The Show Reel/Resume/CV Tap Dance?100
5Producer Managers103
a)To Have A Manager Or Not To Have A Manager?103
b)Do They Earn Their Percentage?105
iIs She Just Fielding Calls Or Is She Out There Pitching For You?105
iiHow Do You Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Your Manager?107
iiiDoes He Siphon Off Some Of Your Work To Other Producers In The Stable?107
d)How Do You Define 'Best Manager' For You?113
e)How Can You Find Such A Person - If They Even Exist?114
f)How Do You Persuade Them To Take You On?114
6How Do You Deal With The Artist, The Record Company And The Artist's Manager?117
a)What Should Your Relationship With The Artist Be?117
iBest Friends?117
iiAble To Fit In?118
iiiHang After Hours, Between Albums, Party-Hearty and Laugh At The Jokes?118
ivSomewhat Aloof?119
viHow Do You Tell Them Something Is Not Working?119
b)Where Does Your Responsibility Lie?120
iTo The Artist?120
iiTo The Record Company?123
iiiTo Yourself?124
ivTo The Project?125
c)What About The Drug And Alcohol Connection?126
iShould You Be Bathroom Buddies?126
iiIs It OK If It Is Outside Of Working Hours?128
iiiWhat Do You Do If The Artist Does And You Don't?128
d)What Do You Do When The Artist Freaks?129
e)What Do You Do When The Record Company Freaks?130
f)What Do You Do When The Artist's Manager Is A Freak?134
a)How Much Will They Cost You?136
b)How Much Should You Depend On Them?137
c)How Much Do You Really Need Them?138
d)What Happens When They Get It Wrong?138
e)What Tricks Do They Get Up To?139
f)And That's Just Your Lawyer. How Much Damage Can The Other Guy Do?140
8Difficulties And Pitfalls143
a)Studio Nightmares143
b)Serious Differences Of Opinion143
c)The Endless Album144
d)Lack Of Vision144
f)Panic Stations146
iThe Singer Can't Sing In Tune/Time146
iiThe Band Can't Play In Tune/Time147
iiiOne Of The Musicians Is Screwing Up Every Take150
ivYou're Calmly Cruising Up To The End Of The Album, Bang On Budget, And The Artist Decides Half Of It Is Crap152
vThe A&R Person Hates The Mixes: Stay Calm And Survive153
g)What Makes It Seem Like Hard Work?155
h)How Much Loyalty Can You Expect Within The Business?156
iFrom The Artist?156
iiFrom The A&R Person?158
iiiFinal Word On Loyalty159
i)First Girlfriend Syndrome160
9Success And Money162
a)How Much Can You Make?162
b)Where Else Does The Money Come From?165
c)Do Producers Earn Their Percentage?168
d)How Can You Increase Your Chances Of Success?173
e)What Is The Secret Of Longevity?174
f)Hitting The Jackpot175
10What Are The Timeless Ingredients In A Hit Record?180
a)The Label180
b)The Song181
c)The Vocal182
d)The Arrangement182
e)The Performance185
f)The Engineering186
g)How Important Is The Mix Really?187
i)The Heart187
j)Are These Rules To Which There Are Exceptions?189
11Frequently Asked Questions191
a)How Much Can You Learn, How Much Is Natural Ability?191
b)How Do You Pick The Right Project?192
c)Do Producers Have Their Own Sound?192
d)Should You Get Involved In The Song Writing?193
e)New Versus Established Artists?195
f)What About The All-Important Credits?196
iExecutive Producer196
iiAlbum Producer197
vAssociate Producer198
viAdditional Production By198
viiMultiple Producer Credits199
viiiRecorded By200
ixEngineered By200
xMixed By200
xiRemixed By Or Remix Produced By200
xiiProgrammed By201
xiiiEdits By201
g)What Are The Best Moments?202
h)Why Are There So Few Female Record Producers?202
i)Can You Successfully Genre Hop?207
iAdvantages And Disadvantages207
iiWho Has Done It?209
j)How Do You Deal With...209
iPost-Purchase Dissonance More Commonly Known As 'Buyer's Remorse'?209
iiPost-Partum Depression?210
k)What Happens When The Fat Lady Sings?211
iHow Do You Know When It's Over?211
iiWhere Do Old Producers Go?212
iiiShould You Start Making Plans And When?213
l)Why Do People Want To Produce Records?214
m)Why Do People Want To Make Records At All?214
n)Do You Know When You Have Produced A Smash?215
o)What Is Demo-Itis?216
p)What Kind Of Person Becomes A Producer?219
q)How Do Producers Feel About Remixers?221
r)What's The Remixer's Point Of View?223
s)What's The A&R Person's Point Of View?224
t)What Is The 'Sophomore Slump'?225
12Working Outside The Mainstream?228
d)Traditional, Folk, Roots And World Music233
e)Children's Music241
f)Regional Producers246
13Technology Rules: Will the Internet Kill the Video Star?248
a)Has Technology Made Studio Life Easier?248
b)The Revolution Will Be Digitised: Where Is It All Going?252
c)What Does This Mean To The Professional Record Producer?256
d)Why Will We Even Need Labels In The Future?268
f)Will Record Producers Survive The Revolution?274
14The Final Cut277
15Featured interview with legendary producer Arif Mardin279

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