The Art of Selling: How to Become a Topnotch Salesperson

The Art of Selling: How to Become a Topnotch Salesperson

by Anthony Ekanem


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The Art of Selling: How to Become a Topnotch Salesperson by Anthony Ekanem

On an average, a person encounters about three salespersons in a day. Your phone will ring one sunny morning; a jovial salesperson is on the other end of the line selling you cruise vacation tickets. As you condition yourself for a good relaxing nap, somebody begins knocking on your door and when you open it, an insurance salesman is right at your face smiling his heart out. You try to sort out your mails before going to bed and you noticed that half of them are promotional newsletters.

You might be tired of salespeople yourself. In fact, you might have hated the mere sight of one. But do you know that it is one of the most rewarding jobs around? Well, not unless you can become the next President of the United States; but then, I could be wrong.

Salespeople are the very individuals who move the company. Their job is to market the products and make the company flourish in the process. If a salesperson is not able to do his job well, then the rest of the company will fall. The CEO, down to the rank-and-file employees, will soon be out of their jobs.

Do you see now how powerful salespeople can be? And because of this alone, they are quite indispensable in any organization.

For a salesperson, every sale merits a commission. And for their every good performance, income spiffs and special bonuses, who then would not want to be a salesperson and become rich and successful?

Do you now want to be involved in sales? If you still don't feel up for it, take this. It is in selling where money really lies. You do not even have to invest too much, nor would you need any capital upfront. All you needed is the right skills and the correct attitude for the job. That is exactly what this book is going to give you. After you've gone through this book in whole, you will become a topnotch salesperson - a salesperson who can sell anything and everything under the sun, from a shiny new car to a multi-colored checkered coat and tie collection.

Whatever product you are selling won't matter at all. Your merchandise, service, or goods will all be sold in a matter of minutes, hours, or days, depending upon its complexity and worth. And you will achieve your first million sooner than you have ever expected.

Almost no one is born to become a topnotch salesperson, although some may have "natural" talents in selling. They are all trained to become one. And there are no tough pre-requisites for that. All you need is the willingness and the desire to succeed. Once you have that, you will get a good focus on your goal. You will notice that everything simply falls into place. You will become a master when it comes to selling.

Expect that selling is something that you can do well. Everybody can become successful in the field of sales. People go to the market each day. They shop for the food that they will eat and the things they will use. You see, almost every place is a marketplace. Selling is simply a part of our lives. Most of the time, you are in the buying end. But this time around, you are in the selling end. The bottom line is that we are usually involved in a selling deal. And because of that, you must have seen good salespeople at work, right? Try to observe how they can make people buy their stuffs or even ideas. They have a certain ability that makes them good at their job.

As you read this book, that outstanding salesperson can be you. The things written here will help you, if not transform you into becoming an excellent salesperson in just a very short period of time. This book is for everyone, no matter whether it is your first time to sell or you have any experience in selling before. And for those who had tried their hands at selling and didn't do well, it really doesn't matter what your sales record is before. You could have been your company's most terrible salesperson. But as what Gene Fowler, a famous writer and actor had said, "I am the world's worst salesperson; therefore, I must make it easy for people to buy."

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Publication date: 09/26/2016
Pages: 78
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Anthony Ekanem is a researcher and professional writer. He has researched and written many print and e-Books on different subject areas including business, finance, family and relationship, etc. His published books, which are also available in audio format, are available online in major online bookstores worldwide. His educational background in Management has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics.

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