The Art of Stewardship: Book 1: The Resilient Prophet

The Art of Stewardship: Book 1: The Resilient Prophet

by Melvin A. Joell


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The Resilient Prophet…

I did not set out on the course of my journey through life planning to one day reach the age of sixty-nine and living alone with only my thoughts, memories, frustrations and disappointments to keep me company…

I did not get involved in the entertainment and promotions business, insurance, construction, real estate, property development and transportation businesses along the way because I was planning to spend my senior years holding my hand out.

I did not plan to be broke and have to live on Government welfare and financial assistance…

I did not plan to have a series of medical problems that require my having to live life on a 30-day revolving flow of medications…

I did not set out planning to create any enemies, but even at this stage of my life I seem to have a knack for assembling quite a collection for one reason or another…

I did not set out planning to cheat anyone out of anything, but there are those who firmly believe that I did so and many times over…

I did not set out with the expectation that the day would come when I would sit down and try to figure out why all these things happened and what if anything I could do to find a way to change my circumstances.

This day I have set out to discover if I have the inherent desire, diligence and discipline to boldly stand up and do something about changing my circumstances.

My Quest…The Art of Stewardship…the ultimate responsibility of man!

1 Peter 4:10

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ISBN-13: 9781490866192
Publisher: Westbow Press
Publication date: 01/30/2015
Pages: 256
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