The Art of the Advantage: 36 Strategies to Seize the Competitive Edge

The Art of the Advantage: 36 Strategies to Seize the Competitive Edge

by Kaihan Krippendorff



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ISBN-13: 9780976582342
Publisher: Gazelles Publishing
Publication date: 06/28/2007
Pages: 234
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Kaihan Krippendorf, for the past two years, has worked at McKinsey & Co. as an engagement manager for strategy and marketing with an industry focus on media and retail. Previous to McKinsey, Kaihan held various senior management positions at Deloitte Consulting, Matsumoto Group and Calhoun Baker. Mr. Krippendorf received his MBA from Columbia University and his BSE in Finance and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and Wharton Business School.

Table of Contents

Part One Yin Yang: Polarity Strategem
1: To catch something. first let it go Stratagem
2: Exchange a brick for jade Stratagem
3: Invite your enemy onto the roof. then remove the ladder Stratagem
4: Lure the tiger down from the mountain Stratagem
5: Befriend the distant enemy to attack one nearby Stratagem
6: Kill with a borrowed knife Stratagem
7: Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao Stratagem
8: The stratagem of sowing discord Stratagem
9: Trouble the water to catch the fish
Part Two Wu Wei: Go with the Grain Stratagem
10: Remove the firewood from under the pot Stratagem
11: Shut the door to capture the thief Stratagem
12: Replace the beams with rotten timbers Stratagem
13: The stratagem of the beautiful woman Stratagem
14: Beat the grass to startle the snake Stratagem
15: Loot a burning house Stratagem
16: Sometimes running away is the best strategy Stratagem
17: Seize the opportunity to lead the sheep away Stratagem
18: Feign madness but keep your balance
Part Three Wu Chang: Continuos Change Stratagem
19: Watch the fire on the other shore Stratagem
20: Let the plum tree wither in place of the peach Stratagem
21: The Stratagem of the open city gates Stratagem
22: Await the exhausted enemy at your ease Stratagem
23: Exchange the role of guest for that of host Stratagem
24: Borrow the road to conquer Gao Stratagem
25: She your skin like the golden secada Stratagem
26: The stratagem of injuring yourself Stratagem
27: Borrow a corpse for the soul's return
PartFour Shang bing Wu Bing: Indirect Action Stratagem
28: Point at the mulberry but curse the locust Stratagem
29: clamor in the east; attack to the west Stratagem
30: Openly repair the walkway, secretly arch to Chen Cang Stratagem
31: Fool the emperor and cross the sea Stratagem
32: Create something out of nothing Stratagem
33: Hide a dagger behind a smile Stratagem
34: Deck the tree with bogus blossoms Stratagem
35: To catch the badits, capture their leader Stratagem
36: The stratagem of linking stratagems
Appendix A: Using the 36 Stratagems as Brainstorming Tools
Appendix B: Complete list of cases Bibliography Index

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