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The Art & Science of Meditation: How to Deepen and Personalize Your Practice

The Art & Science of Meditation: How to Deepen and Personalize Your Practice

by Lisa Erickson
The Art & Science of Meditation: How to Deepen and Personalize Your Practice

The Art & Science of Meditation: How to Deepen and Personalize Your Practice

by Lisa Erickson




Refine and Inspire Your Meditation Practice

Featuring hands-on exercises to make your meditation more effective as well as science-based advice for using it in your daily life, The Art & Science of Meditation takes your practice to the next level. This vital resource provides ways to overcome common obstacles, easy-to-understand explanations of classic spiritual texts, guidance on choosing meditation teachers and retreats, and much more. Lisa Erickson presents practical, in-depth information drawn from both historical sources and contemporary scientific research. Explore ways to enhance your journey through each chapter's integration tools and contemplation methods. Discover how to achieve mystic states, meditate on the sacred feminine, and find the best modality for you. Easy to personalize to your own needs, this book helps you truly unite your life and meditation practice.

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ISBN-13: 9780738761398
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 08/08/2020
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.00(d)

About the Author

Lisa Erickson is an energy worker, writer, and teacher. She has meditated for over thirty years in multiple traditions and is certified in mindfulness meditation instruction, trauma sensitivity, and several healing modalities. She has taught meditation in corporate settings, schools, community centers, rape crises centers, and online. She is also the author of Chakra Empowerment for Women and aids women in feminine life transits and sexual trauma healing.

Table of Contents

List of Practices xiii

List of Figures xv

Disclaimer xvii

Introduction 1

How to Use This Book 3

Enjoy the Journey 4

Part I Practice For Life

1 Why Do You Practice? 9

Relaxation and Resilience 12

Mental Wellness and Personal Growth 16

Spiritual Realization 19

Contemplations 21

2 Common Challenges 23

Stabilizing or Upping Your Routine 24

Busy vs. Drowsy Mind 27

Physical Pain or Illness 32

Life Happens 37

Contemplations 39

3 The Science of Meditation 41

Changing Our Default 45

Trauma Sensitivity 49

Compassion and Brain Changes 53

Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics 55

What Science Can't Measure (Yet!) 59

Contemplations 61

Part II Meditation for the Spiritual Seeker

4 The Yoga of Awakening 65

First and Second Limbs-Ethics and Character 68

Third and Fourth Limbs-Postures and Breathing 71

Fifth and Sixth Limbs-Drawing Inward and Concentration 74

Seventh Limb-Meditation 78

Eighth Limb-The Samadhis 80

Contemplations 86

5 The Buddhist Jhanas 89

The First and Second Jhanas-Pleasure and Joy 93

The Third and Fourth Jhanas-Contentment and Stillness 95

The Fifth and Sixth Jhanas-Limitless Space and Consciousness 97

The Seventh and Eighth Jhanas-Voidness and Beyond Perception 100

Contemplations 104

6 Other Maps of the Seeker's Journey 105

Kundalini Rising 106

Ancient Egyptian Book of Coming Forth by Day 113

Sefirot of Kabbalah 116

St. Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle 120

Sufi Maqamat 122

Contemplations 124

Part III The Path

7 Subtler Challenges 129

Emotional Sensitivity 132

Energy Bursts and Sensitivity 136

Disturbing Thoughts or Images 139

Dry Spells 142

Contemplations 144

8 Mystic States and Common Meditation Traps 147

Siddhis and Powers 152

Attachment to Attainment 155

Spiritual Bypassing and Disassociation 159

Intellectualization and Conceptualization 164

Contemplations 166

9 Retreat and Pilgrimage 169

Group vs. Solo Retreat 172

Retreat Essentials 174

Pilgrimage Considerations 178

Contemplations 182

Part IV Meditation in the World

10 Teachers and Guides 185

Finding a Teacher 188

Relating to a Spiritual Teacher 192

Abuse 195

Contemplations 197

11 The Sacred Feminine and Inclusivity 199

Meditating on the Feminine 201

Play and Direct Experience 204

Inclusivity and Changing the World 207

Contemplations 209

12 Your Life as Practice 211

Integration and Post-Meditation Support 214

Sharing Your Practice 216

Transformation 218

Contemplations 219

Conclusion 221

Recommended Book List 225

Index 233

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