The Art Show Gypsy: The Art Show Gypsy

The Art Show Gypsy: The Art Show Gypsy

by Ms Judi Forney


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ISBN-13: 9781493670611
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/13/2013
Pages: 62
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.13(d)

About the Author

My entire 40 year career was spent in accounting and office management and the last position I filled was as a Corporate Controller for an assisted living company. I ended that challenging job because it was having an adverse impact on my health and this job ending motivated me to pursue a long delayed career in art.
At 60 I decided to re-invent myself and to finally embrace my creative self. I moved away from the Bay Area and settled in Cottonwood, CA. in a pristine natural place, away from crowds and noise. Initially I focused totally on creating and marketing my art but unfortunately I found it didn't generate the income I required and going back to day job in accounting was no longer feasible. Once again I tried to push the envelope further and develop my latent skills in public speaking. Initially I spoke to art groups about the topic "The Art Spirit," sharing the ideas of artists and teachers, such as Robert Henri, Kandinski, etc.
Through the years I continued to watch over my elderly father, Richard, who lived in the Bay Area. I spent many years travelling to the Bay Area to ensure he was taken care of properly, while he continued to descend further into Dementia. I was finally able to move dad from San Mateo to Red Bluff in 2010, which was in closer proximity to my new location. Having spent many years focused on my father, I found I had enough material to literally write a book, so I wrote a memoir titled, "Dance with Dementia" which has been published. Now I give talks in the North State about my father and my book about him to groups and associations of people who are also dealing with a loved one with dementia.
I seem to have come full circle from working in an Assisted Living Company to sharing my memoir about my dad with others. I still paint but now I recognize that art wasn't the driving force of my life, discovering instead my life was really all about the relationships I have had with people I've met along the way.

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