The Assignment: Piercing The Darkness

The Assignment: Piercing The Darkness

by August Greyhawk


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THE ASSIGNMENT: Piercing The Darkness is a book filled with codes and triggering mechanisms designed to awaken all who read it to the exalted forces of Light. It contains information available no where else.

Below and above humanity's daily mundane existence, a great battle is being waged for the destiny of Earth. An unknown world of genuine Cosmic and Earth magick, Cosmic spells, friendly aliens, unbelievable technology, and humans fighting for Earth's liberation really does exist. The war against the heinous strategies and tactics of evil darkness is being fought bravely and lovingly by the forces of Light.

The transition to my leadership over The Realm of The Magi is now complete. Luna's and my extended training by The Masters of The Brotherhood of Light has been completed. Phase two of my life is in full swing.

The Elders' Council of The Ancients had given me a huge assignment: To pierce the darkness that deceives, smothers, and hinders the progress of Earth's humanity. We were given Cosmic limitations forbidding the use of dark magick or other means of forcing or controlling humanity's exercise of free will.

Even with our limitations, we were provided plans, strategies, tactics, exalted tools of Earth energy magick and Cosmic magick, and even unbelievable alien technology with which to combat the forces of evil darkness.

I am leading our worldwide teams of wizarding shamans, high magicians, and witches who are merged in full cooperation with the special forces armies of two extraordinary shielded planets located across the galaxy. Together we are slowing the downward plunge of humanity's consciousness and igniting important changes. Some of those changes you are now witnessing around the world.

If you read this book, you will be changed in positive ways unique to your own higher purpose. You have been brought to this book for reasons you will not discover unless you read it.

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