The Atheist and the Afterlife - an Autobiography: A True Story of Inspiration, Transformation, and the Pursuit of Enlightenment

The Atheist and the Afterlife - an Autobiography: A True Story of Inspiration, Transformation, and the Pursuit of Enlightenment

by Ray Catania
The Atheist and the Afterlife - an Autobiography: A True Story of Inspiration, Transformation, and the Pursuit of Enlightenment

The Atheist and the Afterlife - an Autobiography: A True Story of Inspiration, Transformation, and the Pursuit of Enlightenment

by Ray Catania


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This is a true story that could change your life, ... and death. What would happen if an atheist visited the afterlife? A spiritual awakening like no other.

*Winner of 1st Place in the NYC Big Book Awards 2022/2023 (Spirituality)

*Winner of 1st Place/Gold Medal in Dan Poynter's Global E-book Awards 2022/2023 (Spirituality/Metaphysics)

*Winner of the Gold Medal in Readers' Views, Reader Choice Awards 2022/2023 (Best Classics-Spirituality)

*Winner of the Bronze Medal in Readers' Favorite, Int. Book Awards 2022 (Best Non-Fiction-Spirituality/Supernatural)

*Named to the Top 100 Best Notable Indie Books of 2022 by Shelf Media Group's, Shelf Unbound Publication

*Named a Finalist in the Book Excellence Awards 2022 (Spirituality)

*Named a Semi-Finalist in Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize Awards 2022 (Spirituality)

*Named a Finalist in the 17th National Indie Excellence Book Awards 2022 (Spirituality)

Once an atheist, now an Intuitive, Clairvoyant, developing Medium, follow one man's lifelong, extreme, transformation in this multifaceted memoir, which brings you through a life filled with trauma, death, denial, personal development, paranormal experiences, spiritual gifts, true love, and triumph, in his search for peace and happiness.

Embark on a journey as he transforms from an unswerving atheist into one who is certain of an afterlife. The book includes the details of his experiencing death firsthand (NDE) in which he describes his death as the best day of his life. This event sparked a journey spanning many years of researching the science of life, death, the afterlife, energy, consciousness, quantum physics, metaphysics, and pursuing the development of his intuitive abilities. Skills that he says anyone can develop and utilize for their own personal wellbeing.

As each paranormal event unfolds, you will be able to follow them in real time. Each story is taken directly from Ray's personal journal and written with humility, sarcasm, and some humor. Although the subject matter may be quite serious and a little gritty at times, it is the author's wish that, those who can relate to having similar types of traumatic experiences, learn that regardless of your past, nothing can stop you from achieving your future goals and ultimately finding love and peace.

This book takes you from the very beginning of this realization and through the events that transpired, for him to learn and accept the laws of the universe, and the fact that they were undeniably real.

Although the book discusses metaphysical and paranormal activity, this story at its core is about the pursuit of happiness, love, and enlightenment when the odds are significantly stacked against one of having any of that.

  • These books deal with adult subject matter and language that may not be suitable for all readers.
  • They are not intended to be Religious in any way, nor do they support or denounce any forms of organized religion, overall.

  • Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781737009504
    Publisher: Limitless Publications LLC
    Publication date: 12/31/2020
    Series: Ray Catania's Awakening Series , #1
    Pages: 216
    Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

    About the Author

    An award-winning author-bridging science and spirituality for the modern human. In addition to being an author, Ray Catania is an intuitive/medium, who also teaches spiritualityand metaphysics with clients in his private practice. He is an NDE survivor, an ordainedminister, with master certifications in life coaching, Usui Reiki, and meditation, and is workingtowards his doctorate degree in Metaphysical Parapsychology. In addition to his formal trainingexperiences, Ray has also had the privilege of studying under, and training with, some of thegreatest forward-looking minds in the world, including Intuitives, Mediums, Shaman, andEnergy Healers.

    Table of Contents




    Content Warning





    Part I The Experience-"My Life"

    Chapter 1: Let's Go Yankees!

    Chapter 2: I Think, Therefore I Am

    Chapter 3: The Crayon Incident

    Chapter 4: What Is Your Why?

    Chapter 5: Trauma; It's What's for Dinner

    Chapter 6: The Beginning of the Light

    Chapter 7: Why Me?

    Chapter 8: The Day of the Dawn

    Chapter 9: The Journal

    Part II Seventh Heaven-"Our Lives"

    Chapter 10: Boy Meets Girl

    Chapter 11: Rapture of Romance

    Chapter 12: Jessica and John

    Chapter 13: The Transformation of an Atheist

    Chapter 14: Meeting the Real Deal

    Chapter 15: Aversion of Death

    Chapter 16: Doolittle I'm Not

    Chapter 17: Clear Cut

    Chapter 18: Head Like a Hole

    Chapter 19: Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet the Clairs!

    Chapter 20: A Spiritual Resort to Refresh and Revitalize

    Chapter 21: Breakthroughs in Arkansas

    Part III The Science-"The Afterlife"

    Chapter 22: Quantum Consciousness

    Chapter 23: Scientific Proof That There Is Energy Everywhere-What Does This Mean?

    Chapter 24: My Theory

    Chapter 25: What's on the Other Side?

    Chapter 26: Spooky Action at a Distance-Albert Einstein

    Chapter 27: Why We Don't Have a Clear Conscience When It Comes to Consciousness

    Chapter 28: The Separation of Church and Science

    Chapter 29: Energy Healing and Medicine-Let's Not Get Too Crazy

    Chapter 30: Actions Speak Louder Than Thoughts

    Chapter 31: The Language of Light

    Chapter 32: Light and Death

    Chapter 33: Super Powers?

    Chapter 34: Video on Demand

    Chapter 35: Becoming Limitless

    Chapter 36: Divine Intervention

    Chapter 37: To Share and to Show

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