The Attic of Sand and Secrets

The Attic of Sand and Secrets

by Medeia Sharif



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ISBN-13: 9781608209521
Publisher: MLR Press
Publication date: 11/14/2014
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.32(d)

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The Attic of Sand and Secrets 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ChrysFey More than 1 year ago
The Attic of Sand and Secrets starts with Lily’s mother missing, and there’s no better way to start a book than with a mystery. Hoping to find secrets to her mother’s Egyptian past and her disappearance, Lily opens a closed cabinet door in her closet. She finds a staircase coated in sand. Following the stairs to what she thinks is the attic she comes out into a desert. The next morning, she believes it a dream even though sand is still piled in front of her door from her night journey. Lily is described as a learning disabled girl. I would have liked to know the exact name of the learning disability. I believe she was dyslexic, but that’s not actually stated. I liked that we were able to see Lily at school and in her LD classes, though, because it gave insight into her character and life. Plus, it felt real which is a plus for fiction. Witnessing her growth as she acts as a detective was neat. I also liked how we were able to follow the disappearance of Lily’s mother as we would if someone we knew was missing, by watching the news and hearing updates.  I’ve always been enchanted by Egypt so this story was a treat. I figured out who the kidnapper was in the very beginning, but other readers will have fun unraveling the mystery with Lily.
Marcus_Evernight-Teen More than 1 year ago
“The biggest dangers are here in this world.” Meaning that they are not in Lily’s attic. At least, she doesn’t think they are. And she’s going to go in there, whether her father wants her to or not. THE ATTIC OF SANDS AND SECRETS, by Medeia Sharif, escorts the reader through a magical, dreamlike mystery. Lily is a learning disabled junior high school student. She struggles in school, especially in reading. She’s the daughter of wealthy, loving parents. Her dad is the vastly successful owner of a chain of Florida bakeries, her mom an Egyptian-born socialite who stores her family heirlooms—and a world full of secrets—in the attic of their expansive, beachside home. And one day, Lily’s mother is kidnapped. The suspects are manifold: the creepy writer-neighbor-guy across the street, Dad’s jealous brother and his wife, everyone who knows the family and their movements … and they all have alibis. Dad is only too willing to pay the exorbitant ransom demands, but the police inadvertently botch the transfer, ratcheting up the suspense and leaving Mom’s fate in the hands of Lily herself. Because Lily has unlocked help from another world—a world to which her mother apparently belonged, at least at one time—and in the second half of the book, it’s the proverbial race against time as Lily works out clue after clue in a frantic rush to save her mother’s life. Her “coach” on the other side is an ancient, flute-playing wise woman named Khadijah. She directs Lily to visit various locations in a nighttime Egypt frozen in time: into a pyramid, through a bustling bizarre, onto a strange riverboat with a strange conductor, all to piece together what happened in the “real” world before it’s too late. And Lily has to research. Lily has to read. She has to overcome her own shortcomings to become the “smart” girl the reader has always known that she is. In other words, in order to save her mother, Lily must first, in effect, save herself. I’ll say no more, other than to encourage readers of this review to check out THE ATTIC OF SANDS AND SECRETS, and to embark on a road of trials that is both harrowing and … oddly beautiful …
Kelly_Hashway More than 1 year ago
Lily has a learning disability and because of that she never really considered herself to be smart. But when her mother goes missing, Lily will stop at nothing to figure out what happened to her. Following clues leads Lily to her attic where something magical happens. She meets a relative from Egypt, who helps Lily in her search for her mother. How? The attic transforms at night, and Lily is able to travel to Egypt and speak to people who only exist in this magical world she can access. Unraveling clues will lead Lily to a discovery she didn't see coming and prove that Lily is much smarter than she ever gave herself credit for. I loved this book. The magical elements were fantastic. The idea of finding another world in the attic and discovering more about her heritage was incredible. Between the mystery and magic, I couldn't put the book down. I highly recommend it!
GinasCozyLibrary More than 1 year ago
Not only was this book mysterious and interesting but it also unraveled a great message regarding the dedication of a young girl who is viewed by others as not-so-smart. Lily, the main character, is determined to find out what happened to her mother when she disappears. Even though Lily does have a learning disability, she is steadfast to find out what happened... no matter what. When Lily discovers another world in her attic, the magic and mysterious journey begin. As the story progresses, I was impressed by how relatable Lily is, even though she has a learning disability. The author has created a beautiful world using Egypt and Lily's character. I highly recommend this book to middle school readers and teens. It is quickly paced and the magical elements will keep young minds engaged. I'm passing The Attic of Sand and Secrets off to both of my nieces.
SherryE More than 1 year ago
Lily's mom has been kidnapped. The search to find the kidnapper leads Lily to a mysterious desert world in her attic, where she meets a stranger who gives her clues as to her mother's whereabouts in the real world. The Attic of Sand and Secrets is a fast-paced mystery that jumps right into the action within the first few paragraphs. Author, Medeia Sharif, does an excellent job world building with descriptions that utilize all the senses. This is a quick, easy read that middle grade readers interested in mystery, magic, and action would enjoy
StacyDavidsPhD More than 1 year ago
A fast, easy to read, very well-written mystery for kids and teens. Lily is learning disabled and is made fun of for being dumb, but her perseverance and intellect shine through after her mother is abducted. The novel length is short, the story pacing is quick; and the mystery and paranormal elements will keep readers turning the pages. Even kids who don’t like reading novels will love this one. Very highly recommended.