The attitude of Serb minority towards the institutions of the Republic of Kosova

The attitude of Serb minority towards the institutions of the Republic of Kosova

by Naser Sopjani

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The attitude of Serb minority towards the institutions of the Republic of Kosova by Naser Sopjani

Scientific Study from the year 2012 in the subject Law - European and International Law, Intellectual Properties, , language: English, abstract: The Republic of Kosova as the youngest country in the world, established after many years of its existence, with its ancient Illyrian origin, includes minorities as well. Although its current territory is small, the diversity of its population is great. It consists of Turks, Gorani, Ashkali, Serbs, Egyptians, Croats, etc.., with the Serb minority being the largest one. This population has settled in Kosova at different period of times, mainly and mostly after the withdrawal of the Ottoman Empire, following the declaration of the independence of Albania in 1912, then in the following years 1913, 1914 and onwards, while on the basis of the international treaties, when the Albanian lands, in this case Kosova, were annexed. These long periods of settling of the Albanian lands with Serbs had changed the demographic picture of Kosova. Nowadays, with the declaration of independence of Kosova in 2008, the Serb minority have been granted all of the maximum rights that a minority in the world might have. Their rights are as large as to some extent the majority population, the Albanians, let alone other minorities which are almost same in the number as Serbs are, feel discriminated. Kosova institutions have opened their doors and reserved seats in every institutional aspect. However, this is not satisfying the Serb minority, where the desire of being the first is making them blind, their involvement within the institutions is very much a formal one, as to get double benefits, whereas their contribution to the institutions of the Republic of Kosova is very minimal. The reason for choosing this subject for study is the one that, despite the fact that Serb minority has been given all the opportunities for a better life in Kosova, they still lack the willingness to contribute as any other minority in the world. Every country in the world in itself has got minorities, Kosova has minorities as well and the fact that Serbs may also be a minority in a country is not properly understood by them. In fact, the entire world understands this situation, but their unfair attitude towards the Republic of Kosova, behaving like its masters, thinking that one should always serve them, by thanking them day and night, is immensely damaging Kosova. Everyone knows and we know it as well that the Serb minority is exaggeratedly spoiled and that the Serbian politics is very active in Europe, while the Serb minority in Kosova is only a tool used by them.

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