The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens

The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens



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ISBN-13: 9781597140164
Publisher: Heyday Books
Publication date: 09/20/2005
Series: A California Legacy Book Ser.
Pages: 882
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.62(h) x 1.87(d)

Table of Contents

Part IA Boy on Horseback
IWhen I Was an Angel3
IIMy Savage Stage11
IIIA Miserable, Merry Christmas17
IVA Boy on Horseback24
VThe Sporting Age34
VIA Painter and a Page42
VIIThe Neely Farm51
VIIIA Prince and a Cowboy59
IXI Get Religion68
XI Become a Hero, Save a Life77
XII Get a Colt to Break In86
XIII Become a Drunkard94
XIVAll Through with Heroism106
XVPreparing for College111
XVII Go to College117
XVIII Become a Student124
XVIIIBerlin: Philosophy and Music129
XIXHeidelberg: There Is No Ethics134
XXMunich: There Are No Artists140
XXILeipzig: Music, Science, Love146
XXIIOver the Alps to Paris153
XXIIIParis, London-Home159
Part IISeeing New York First
II Become a Reporter169
IIWall Street179
IIIBulls and Bears187
IVThe Police197
VClubs, Clubbers, and Clubbed208
VIDr. Parkhurst's Vice Crusade215
VIIThe Underworld221
VIIIBosses: Political and Financial231
IXThe Ghetto239
XThe Lexow Police Investigation247
XIRoosevelt and Reform255
XIISchmittberger: An Honest Policeman266
XIIISaving Schmittberger274
XIVI Make a Crime Wave285
XVI Inherit a Fortune292
XVII Become a Capitalist302
XVIIRemaking a Newspaper311
XVIIIA Happy Newspaper Staff320
XIXGetting Old Bill Devery327
XXThe Cuban War and T.R.338
XXIColonel Roosevelt as Governer344
Part IIIMuckraking
IFrom Newspaper to Magazine357
IISt. Louis, a City Inside Out365
IIIThe Shame of Minneapolis374
IVI Achieve Fame and Something Better385
VThe Shamelessness of St. Louis392
VIPittsburgh: Hell with the Lid Lifted399
VIIPhiladelphia: A Defeated People407
VIIIThe Dying Boss416
IXChicago: An Example of Reform422
XNew York: Good Government430
XICos Cob: An Art Colony436
XIIThe Shame of the States: Missouri443
XIIIIllinois: The Progressive Movement450
XIVWisconsin and Bob La Follette454
XVRhode Island: The Good Old American Stock464
XVIOhio: A Tale of Two Cities470
XVIIThe City On a Hill477
XVIIICincinnati and Boss Cox482
XIXSome Theories: Big Business and Privileged Business489
XXNew Jersey: A Trust Factory495
XXIT.R. as President502
XXIIThe President Is Shaved509
XXIIIBen Lindsey: The Kids' Judge516
XXIVMuckraking Myself-A Little521
XXVLife Insurance527
XXVIMaking the "American Magazine"535
XXVIITimber Frauds in Oregon544
XXVIIISan Francisco: A Labor Government552
XXIXHow Hard It Is to Keep Things Wrong561
XXXLos Angeles and the Apple570
XXXIFree-Lancing in Washington, D.C.575
XXXIIWall Street Again583
XXXIIICubs: Walter Lippmann, for Example592
XXXIVA Successful Failure598
XXXVThe Muck I Raked in Boston604
XXXVI"Boston 1915"612
XXXVIIPrincipals and Heelers621
Part IVRevolution
IPlaying with Reds and Liberals in New York631
IIExperimenting with Philanthropy and Education641
IIISeeing Europe with Business Men-Greenwich Village648
VSettling with Dynamiters' Case. An Experiment with "Big, Bad Men"670
VIThe Churches Decide Against Christianity679
VIII Become a Goat690
VIIIEurope: A Procession of Nations Marching to War702
IXMexico: The First Revolution712
XCarranza and Madero722
XIWilson and Mexico733
XIITo Russia: A Second Revolution741
XIIIThe Russian Revolution747
XVKerenski to Wilson764
XVIPreparing for Peace773
XVIIThe Peacemaker778
XVIIIThe Bullitt Mission to Moscow790
XIXThe Peace that Was No Peace803
XXIExperimental Europe821
XXIIA European View of America830
Part VSeeing America at Last
IThe Dynamiters Again841
IIThe New United States849
IIIProhibition: A Hang-Over858
VFalling Out of Bed872

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