The Awakened Being: Living in Liberation, Abundance & Bliss Right Now

The Awakened Being: Living in Liberation, Abundance & Bliss Right Now

by Marci Lock
The Awakened Being: Living in Liberation, Abundance & Bliss Right Now

The Awakened Being: Living in Liberation, Abundance & Bliss Right Now

by Marci Lock


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Are You Ready to Live in Liberation, Abundance & Bliss Right Now?

What is an Awakened Being? A Being who is awake to ALL the joy, bliss, abundance, love and pleasure that is available. Very few are living in a life they absolutely love. Instead, the “norm” is living in a state of settling, and sacrificing in at least one or often many areas of life. We’re taught that success requires hard work and compromise when the truth is that success is our birthright and our natural state of being.

The Awakened Being is your guide to creating the light, love, liberation, peace, and flow of life as your natural state and result in every area of life. It gives you the framework, action steps, and upgraded understandings along with the exact “how to” tools to take you from where you are at, to an even greater Awakened life of Bliss.

The Awakened Being will guide you through the depths of your own transformation by dissolving the illusions and bringing light codes, context and greater understanding that bridges the gap to each step of your path to your own Liberation. This is a map to shift, restructure, and reprogram your consciousness and way of operating that creates the alignment to a life you absolutely love. It leads you on a journey to your wholeness, where there are no longer limitations, parameters, judgments, or stories holding you back from everything you want and who you are meant to be. Upgrading how you operate moment-by-moment consciously instead of unconsciously reacting out of old programs you didn’t even know were running.

We are the source of our own experience and our reality aligns to what we choose. We can choose love, bliss, pleasure, play and even the luxury available to be fully supported by life.

Liberation is available to us all, yet we haven’t been given the reference point for it and how to align to it because we are operating out of the limitations we were taught. The teachings of personal development center on mindset and motivation, yet such tools only offer surface-level results and surface self empowerment. It’s just the tip of the iceberg for what’s really available to all of us when we awaken to all of our abilities and natural state to create our best lives.

The Awakened Being quite literally awakens readers to their ultimate life of freedom and how to manifest moment by moment their greatest joy. It is the complete guide on your journey from broken to bliss, sacrifice to serenity and from wherever you are at now to infinite possibilities of creating and receiving a life you absolutely love.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781950367177
Publisher: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press
Publication date: 09/01/2020
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Marci Lock Mentor, also known as SunDari, The Alchemist of Light and Liberation, is a Global Change Agent for rapid transformation. She guides us beyond the surface-level education of thought leaders and reveals the truth of transformation to exist in heart consciousness as a Feel Leader, activating Divine Remembrance, Liberation, Abundance, and Wholeness Codes for all of humankind. Her genius is taking you past information and teaching you how to integrate it into your daily life to create the change. It isn’t education that changes your life; it’s embodiment.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

What Can You Expect from This Book? 3

Chapter 1 My Story of Normal 9

Chapter 2 I Changed My "Normal," and You Can Too 16

How'd I Do It? 21

Commit to Something Different 22

Give Yourself Permission 24

What is True Freedom? 25

What is Normal for your "True Self"? 26

Your "True Self" Normal Is Acting as an Effortless Creator 27

Seek Accountability 28

Discovery Opportunity #1: Assess the Results You've Created 29

Chapter 3 Everything Is Energy 31

Fear and Faith-Based Energy 33

The Importance of Living in the Moment 37

Radical Responsibility 38

Chapter 4 Your Mental Programming Is Creating Your World 40

Operating System #1: Your Thoughts and Beliefs 40

Your Perceptions are the Result of Your Beliefs 44

Operating System #2 :Your Perceptions 44

You Traded It Ail for Love 48

The Act of Noticing 51

Chapter 5 What Are You Really Saying? 52

Operating System #3: Your Language 52

Chapter 6 The Emotional Feeling Body 71

Operating System #4: Your Emotions 71

Matching the Physical Symptom with the Emotional Issue 72

My Body Taught Me How to Overcome Breast Cancer 75

Your Body Is Getting Younger Every Day 80

Have You Cut Yourself Off from Your Emotions? 83

You Get to Look Back to Move Forward 87

Sky Guy's Story 89

This Gift Isn't Just for You 94

Discovery Opportunity #2: Feel Your Feelings 96

Your Shifting Essentials 98

The Foundational Pre-Steps to Effectively Utilize the 5 Steps 98

Chapter 7 Pre-Step 1: You Can Always Start with a Breath 99

Working with and through Your Emotions 99

Integrate Movement 101

Chapter 8 Pre-Step 2: Give Yourself Permission to Get Curious 103

The Power of Quality Questions to Guide Your Life 103

The Gift Is in the Shit 108

Pain Without Drama or Suffering 111

Chapter 9 Pre-Step 3: Acceptance of All Things Is the Key 113

Comparison Is the Thief of All Joy 118

ALL Things Have a Right to Exist 119

The Sacred Contract and Purpose of You 126

The New Model Is the Embodiment of Being 133

5 Steps to Freedom: Quick Reference Guide 140

Chapter 10 When, How & What to Expect with the 5 Steps to Freedom 143

Chapter 11 Step #1: What Am I Feeling Right Now? 150

Creating Awareness in Your Body 150

The Hack to Open Up to Your Emotions 152

Discovery Opportunity #3: Explore the Unconscious 161

Chapter 12 Step #2: Asking Why? 163

Know Why You're Feeling It 163

What Is a Trigger 8t Why Is It Important? 164

The Conscious Response to your Unconscious Reaction 170

Get Off the Merry-Go-Round 173

The CONTAINER of Unconditional Love, Support & Acceptance 194

The Power of Becoming Conscious 196

Discovery Opportunity #4: Get to the Root of Your Core Beliefs 199

Chapter 13 Step #3: What Do I Really Want? (In the Future and in This Moment) 201

Calling Yourself on Your Bullshit 202

"You Never Get What You Don't Ask For" 215

Trust & Assume Only the Very Best to Be What's Really True 217

Be Specific and Go Deeper if You're Struggling 219

If You're Not Defining What You Want, You're Also Making a Choice 220

Your Results Are Your Truths 221

Discovery Opportunity #5: Discover What You Really Want and What's in the Way 222

Chapter 14 Step #4: Align to New Beliefs and Perceptions 224

Choose Freedom 224

Check in on Your New Belief 230

Your Inner Child Knows the Way 236

Break Down Will Always Lead to a Break Through 240

My Association to It Is SHIT 242

You Can Completely DESIGN a Brand-New Story 248

Chapter 15 Step #5: What Is the Action I Get to Take to Give Me What I Want? 252

Create Your Solution 253

Bring It to This Moment 254

Alignment Comes from Inside 261

Be Proactive About Your Action 264

I'm Just Practicing 265

Discovery Opportunity #6: Act Accordingly & Create the Support to Achieve 269

Chapter 16 The Power of Checking In 272

Tying It All Together: The 60-Second Shift to Awesome and Check-In Tool 273

Consciously Choose to Feel Even MORE 280

Specific Check-Ins 285

Check in with Your Inner Child: 285

Discovery Opportunity #7: Create Joy 290

Conclusion 291

Parting Thoughts as You Continue Your Journey into MORE 302

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