The Aztec Eagles: The Forgotten Allies of the Second World War

The Aztec Eagles: The Forgotten Allies of the Second World War

by Walter Zapotoczny


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Very few people would include Mexico in the list of U.S. World War II Allies. Sadly, Mexico's aid to the United States and the Allies has been largely ignored by historians and is mostly absent from American history books. When the Mexican aviators had the opportunity to show their courage in battle, they did so with valor. Allied theater commander General Douglas MacArthur commended the pilots and 150 support personnel. The 31 pilots of Mexican Expeditionary Force 201st Fighter Squadron flew missions supporting ground troops in the Philippines and long-range sorties over Formosa. The Aztec Eagles helped the Allies defeat Japan. They helped end the isolationism of Mexico. They paved the way for important agreements between the United States and Mexico. They helped modernize the Mexican Air Force and demonstrated that Mexico could mount a successful expeditionary force. Significant as these achievements are, perhaps the unit's most important legacy is that the Aztec Eagles fought for honor and for Mexico as Allies in WWII, creating national pride throughout their homeland. That pride endures and is evident today as the story of the Aztec Eagles can be heard in towns and villages across the nation.

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About the Author

Walter S. Zapotoczny Jr. is an award-winning writer/editor with over thirty years’ experience and is the author of over 150 published articles and six books. Zapotoczny is a former historian with the U.S. Army, specialising in military history and Holocaust studies. A native of Pennsylvania, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in world military history and a Master of Arts with honours in global history from the American Public University. Zapotoczny is currently working on several books while teaching history at a local college.

Table of Contents

Preface; List of Abbreviations; Introduction; 1 The Mexican Air Force up to World War II; 2 The Road to War for Mexico; 3 The Joint Mexican-United States Defense Commission; 4 Creation of the 201st Fighter Squadron; 5 Organization and Personnel of the 201st Fighter Squadron; 6 Overcoming Discrimination; 7 Training in the United States; 8 Deployment to the Philippines; 9 Flight Training in the Philippines; 10 Life at Porac Airfield; 11 Missions over Luzon; 12 Missions over Formosa; 13 Returning Home to a Hero’s Welcome; Epilogue; Appendix I: Executive Order 9080 and Mexico-United States Agreement; Appendix II: P-47D Republic Thunderbolt; Appendix III: U.S. Training Facilities Used by the 201st Fighter Squadron; Appendix IV: 5th Air Force and 58th Fighter Group; Appendix V: Operational Data of the 201st Fighter Squadron; Appendix VI: Selected Biographies; Appendix VII: Awards Received by the Members of the 201st Fighter Squadron; Appendix VIII: 201st Fighter Squadron Personnel Losses; Appendix IX: The Bracero Program; Endnotes; Bibliography.

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