The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide: How to Understand and Support Your Unsettled Baby and Yourself

The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide: How to Understand and Support Your Unsettled Baby and Yourself

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The Baby Reflux Lady’s Survival Guide Second Edition addresses the desperate need in the parent community for more easily accessible and accurate information about infant reflux, its causes and management. It is the essential book for any family with an unsettled baby who has colic, reflux, and food intolerances or allergies including CMPA.

The Baby Reflux Lady’s Survival Guide offers information on the causes of reflux, strategies for management of each, and support for parents and carers in resolving the constant pain and discomfort experienced by babies. It includes recommendations and advice on managing sleep, relationships and conversations with GPs to ensure the best support for each child can be achieved easily and quickly. If goes into detail on food and milks, including strategies for breastfeeding mums to give baby a more comfortable start in life.

Having a reflux baby reduces confidence in parenting, introduces stress into relationships and can be isolating for mums and dads, as well as potentially life-threatening to the child. This guide offers tips and support for families to improve sleep quality and then quantity.

The Baby Reflux Lady’s Survival Guide covers what to do when introducing food to a reflux baby for the first time. The approach to solids detailed in the book takes parents by the hand and leads them through the introduction of solids in a gentle and controlled manner to minimise the likelihood of reflux flare-ups. Make this a joyful and fun time for you and your child.

Caring for a baby and toddler with reflux is all-encompassing. This guidebook allows you to pick and choose the most relevant sections at any stage of the infant reflux journey. With an easy-to-use reference guide to steer readers to the place that’s right for them. You can begin tackling your baby’s reflux right where you are and start experiencing more rest and settledness sooner.


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ISBN-13: 9781999957469
Publisher: The Baby Reflux Lady Ltd
Publication date: 08/10/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Aine is a mum of two girls, and has first-hand experience of reflux (misdiagnosed and missed) and CMPA in both her daughters. Close to being formally diagnosed with PND, she realised that there was no supportive help coming, no-one was going to listen to her story with care and affection. The love for her daughters was such that she would do anything to protect the health and happiness of her children first, foremost, and forever. And so, with nothing left to do but take matters into her own hands, Aine did what she knew best - pattern analysis. After graduating with a first-class honours degree in Engineering and Maths from Trinity College, Dublin, Aine had worked in blue-chip companies as an engineer and project manager; and became known in the world of complex programmes as a programme fixer. Finding out the cause of major programmes going wrong was her forte. The skills she honed over 14 years of professional problem-fixing were the keys to her own children's health and happiness. Aine delved into her reserves and applied 14 years of professional pattern recognition into an acute awareness of unsettled patterns in young babies. Her drive has always been about finding the cause of a problem and addressing it at source. This is no different for reflux, colic, CMPA, and other allergies and intolerances in infants. Aine works with private clients in understanding the cause of their baby's struggles, and coaches parents through the minefield of solids, understanding intolerances and allergies; giving parents the confidence that the food their babies eat is not making things worse, but is the right food to support their developing digestive systems.

Table of Contents


Where Do I Start?

Part 1 The Common Experience of Reflux

  1. First Steps
    1. Expectations Of Yourself
    2. Expectations Of Baby
    3. What Was Your Baby’s Birth Like?
    4. Is Baby Tired?
    5. How is Baby Feeding?
    6. How Much is Baby Feeding?
    7. Is There Something In Baby’s Food?
  2. You’ve Had a Baby! Now What?
    1. What If Baby Just Won’t Settle?
    2. Where Do I Get Advice?
  3. Colic, Reflux, Allergy or Intolerance?
    1. Symptoms: What To Look For
    2. Red Flag Symptoms
    3. Colic
    4. Reflux & Silent Reflux
    5. Allergies & Intolerances
  4. Managing Reflux, Silent Reflux and Colic
    1. When Reflux Is a Problem
    2. Cause Or Effect?
    3. Tongue-tie & Reflux
    4. Breast-feeding & Reflux
    5. Tummy Action & Reflux
    6. Missed & Misdiagnosis of Reflux
    7. The Basics of Helping Baby
    8. Non-Medical Solutions for Reflux
    9. Medical Solutions & Where To Find Them
    10. Associated Conditions & Symptoms
    11. Summary

Part 2 Understanding Reflux Babies

  1. Anatomy That Impacts Life
    1. Give Baby a Chance…
    2. Baby’s Digestive System
    3. Breast-feeding
  2. What’s In Baby’s Milk?
    1. Formula Milks
    2. Nutritional Macros of Infant Formula
    3. Macros & Intolerance Ingredients: An Overview
  3. All You Need To Know About Food
    1. Intolerances & Allergies: Differences & Commonalities
    2. Minimising Allergen Response
    3. Reflux Flares With Solids

Part 3 Food for Reflux Babies

  1. Food for Babies
    1. Baby Food, The Aine Way
    2. Balancing Nutrition & Calories
    3. The Macros
    4. The Micros
    5. Foods to Avoid
    6. Foods to Never Give Baby
    7. Foods to Eat
    8. Common Allergenic Foods
  2. Figuring Out What’s Going On
    1. Place of Great
    2. Elimination Diets
    3. Journaling Promotes Success
    4. The Baby Reflux Lady’s Breastfeeding Elimination Diet
    5. The Breast-feeding Mum’s Elimination Diet
  3. Introducing Solid Food
    1. Starting Solids: My Story
    2. Weaning/Complementary Feeding
    3. Introducing Food

Part 4 Reflux Repercussions & Relationships

  1. Sleep For Unsettleable Babies & Their Parents
    1. Your Sleep: Quality, Then Quantity
    2. Baby Sleep Routine
    3. Sleep Environment
  2. Relationships and Reflux
    1. Relationship With Myself
    2. Partners & Husbands
    3. Relationship With Your Baby
    4. Relationship With Extended Family
    5. Relationship With Friends
  3. Reflux Through the Eyes of a Dad
    1. In The Beginning
    2. From Memory
  4. A Letter to Partners

Part 5 You Are Not Alone

  1. Real Stories from Real Mums
    1. Jessica & Baby
    2. Lucie & Joseph
    3. Rebecca & Tom
    4. Jen & Chloe
    5. Anna & Lucien
    6. Leanne, Malachy & Lorcan
    7. Shauna* & baby
    8. Sarah & Baby


Where To From Here?


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